matrix Module

Hardy Kahl

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Henning Westerholt

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Table of Contents

1. Admin Guide
1. Overview
2. Dependencies
2.1. Kamailio Modules
2.2. External Libraries or Applications
3. Parameters
3.1. db_url (string)
3.2. matrix_table (string)
3.3. matrix_first_col (string)
3.4. matrix_second_col (string)
3.5. matrix_res_col (string)
4. Functions
4.1. matrix (string first, string second, string dstavp)
5. MI Commands
5.1. reload_matrix
6. Installation and Running
6.1. Database setup
2. Module parameter for database access.
1. db_url (String)
2. matrix_table (String)
3. matrix_first_col (string)
4. matrix_second_col (string)
5. matrix_res_col (string)

List of Examples

1.1. Set db_url parameter
1.2. Set matrix_table parameter
1.3. Set matrix_first_col parameter
1.4. Set matrix_second_col parameter
1.5. Set matrix_res_col parameter
1.6. matrix usage
1.7. reload_matrix usage
1.8. Example database content - matrix table
2.1. Set db_url parameter
2.2. Set matrix_table parameter
2.3. Set matrix_first_col parameter
2.4. Set matrix_second_col parameter
2.5. Set matrix_res_col parameter

Chapter 1. Admin Guide

1. Overview

The matrix module can be used to arbitrary lookup operations over an array. One possible usecase is to define which routing tree should be used depending on the preferred carrier of the source number and the carrier id of the destination number. The matrix cells are read from a database and can be reloaded using a FIFO command. You do not have to define all matrix cells. The matrix can be sparse. Currently, the implementation is designed for a small number of columns (they are stored in a linked list). This does not scale well and has to be replaced by more an efficient data data structure when needed.

2. Dependencies

2.1. Kamailio Modules

The module depends on the following modules (in the other words the listed modules must be loaded before this module):

  • none

2.2. External Libraries or Applications

The following libraries or applications must be installed before running Kamailio with this module loaded:

  • none

3. Parameters

3.1. db_url (string)

The URL for the database connection.

Default value is mysql://kamailioro:kamailioro@localhost/kamailio.

Example 1.1. Set db_url parameter

modparam("matrix", "db_url", "mysql://kamailioro:kamailioro@localhost/kamailio")

3.2. matrix_table (string)

The name of the table containing the matrix data.

Default value is matrix.

Example 1.2. Set matrix_table parameter

modparam("matrix", "matrix_table", "matrix")

3.3. matrix_first_col (string)

The name of the column containing the first row in the matrix.

Default value is first.

Example 1.3. Set matrix_first_col parameter

modparam("matrix", "matrix_first_col", "first")

3.4. matrix_second_col (string)

The name of the column containing the second row in the matrix.

Default value is second.

Example 1.4. Set matrix_second_col parameter

modparam("matrix", "matrix_second_col", "second")

3.5. matrix_res_col (string)

The name of the column containing the result ID to be used.

Default value is res.

Example 1.5. Set matrix_res_col parameter

modparam("matrix", "matrix_res_col", "res")

4. Functions

4.1.  matrix (string first, string second, string dstavp)

Looks up the desired result ID in the matrix for the given column and value and saves the result in dstavp. Returns false if the cell is not defined or when an error occured. Pseudo-variables or AVPs can be used for first and second.

Example 1.6. matrix usage

if (!matrix("$avp(first)", "$avp(second)", "$avp(route_tree)"))
  $avp(route_tree) = $avp(frst); # default routing as defined for source number
cr_route("$avp(route_tree)", "$rd", "$rU", "$rU", "call_id");

5. MI Commands

5.1.  reload_matrix

Reloads the internal matrix representation from the database. This is necessary after entries in the database have been changed.

Example 1.7. reload_matrix usage

kamctl fifo reload_matrix

6. Installation and Running

6.1. Database setup

Before running Kamailio with matrix, you have to setup the database table where the module will read the matrix data. For that, if the table was not created by the installation script or you choose to install everything by yourself you can use the matrix-create.sql SQL script in the database directories in the kamailio/scripts folder as template. Database, table, and column names can be set with module parameters so they can be changed. You can also find the complete database documentation on the project webpage,

Example 1.8. Example database content - matrix table

|  first  |    second    |   res   |
|       1 |            9 |       2 |
|       2 |           69 |       1 |
|       2 |           13 |       3 |

Chapter 2. Module parameter for database access.

1. db_url (String)

URL to the database containing the data.

Default value is mysql://kamailioro:kamailioro@localhost/kamailio.

Example 2.1. Set db_url parameter

modparam("matrix", "db_url", "dbdriver://username:password@dbhost/dbname")

2. matrix_table (String)

Name of the matrix table for the matrix module.

Default value is matrix.

Example 2.2. Set matrix_table parameter

modparam("matrix", "matrix_table", "matrix")

3. matrix_first_col (string)

The row index in the matrix

Example 2.3. Set matrix_first_col parameter

modparam("matrix", "matrix_first_col", "first")

4. matrix_second_col (string)

The column index in the matrix

Example 2.4. Set matrix_second_col parameter

modparam("matrix", "matrix_second_col", "second")

5. matrix_res_col (string)

The resource contained in the matrix

Example 2.5. Set matrix_res_col parameter

modparam("matrix", "matrix_res_col", "res")