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 +===== New in v1.4.0 =====
 +Version **1.4.0** is the first released under name **Kamailio**. This is due to trademark issues with **openser** word. Older releases will still be maintained under openser name.
 +==== New in Kamailio (OpenSER) modules ====
 +* [b]acc module[/b]
 +** extension: it is possible to log accounting related output to a different log facility
 +* [b]cfgutils module[/b]
 +** new FIFO functions get_config_hash and check_config_hash for config file checks
 +** shared PV exported to configuration script
 +**debugging helpers usable from config script for abort, shm_status and pkg_status
 +* [b]mysql module[/b]
 +** extension: enable timeouts on connect, read and write to prevent blocking on errors
 +* [b]database modules[/b]
 +** renaming of all database modules, addition of the prefix 'db_', e.g. mysql is now db_mysql
 +* [b]ratelimit module[/b] (new module ported from ser with openims enhancements)
 +** suitable for traffic shaping control and server load control
 +*[b]carrierroute module[/b]
 +** extension: much more flexibility in routing and database supported failure routing, improved internal structure
 +*[b]dialog module[/b]
 +** internal API reworked for better flexibility
 +** direction of the message provided via the internal API
 +** new dialog callback types:
 +** new mi command: dlg_list_ctx
 +*[b]enum module[/b] 
 +** enum_fquery([...]) replaced by enum_pv_query("$fU"[,...])
 +*[b]db_oracle module[/b]
 +** new database module for native access of oracle databases
 +*[b]userblacklist module[/b]
 +** new module for user specific and global URI blacklists
 +* [b]msilo module[/b]
 +** notification system refurbished - message body, content-type, from address and contact header can be dynamically specified with pseudo-variables
 +* [b]pdt module[/b]
 +** accepts now same destination domain bound to different prefixes
 +** internal structures and logic optimized for memory and performance
 +* [b]lcr module[/b]
 +** refactor module functions
 +** add pseudo-variable support
 +** remove gw_grp table
 +* [b]peering module[/b]
 +** new module for radius setups
 +** allowing SIP providers to verify via a broker if source or destination request is from a trusted peer
 +* [b] new mediaproxy module[/b]
 +** update to version 2.0
 +** better performance and scalability as packets are forward in kernel space
 +==== New in Kamailio(OpenSER) core ====
 +* [b]Overhauled DB API[/b] -- uses now the 'str' datatype for more performance and safety, more common functionality integrated in the core
 +* [b]Extensive cleanups in database drivers[/b] -- integrate common functionality into the core for more stability and maintainability
 +* [b]SDP parser[/b] -- provides an internal API for parsing SDP
 +* [b]fixup functions[/b] -- provides an internal API for fixing module parameters
 +* [b]extended module interface[/b] -- its now possible to use up to 6 parameters in module functions
 +==== New in Kamailio(OpenSER) utilities ====
 +* [b]Removal of SERWEB[/b] -- the SERWEB specific parts were removed from the openserdbctl, openserctl and the database schemes
 +* [b]openserctl for dbtext[/b] -- add SQL support to dbtext using a python module and integrate it into openserctl to better support this database
 +==== New in Kamailio(OpenSER) documentation ====
 +* [b]Module documentation[/b] -- the module documentation was migrated to the docbook-xml infrastructure
 +* [b]Developer guide[/b] -- a developer guide has been added to repository
 +==== New in Kamailio(OpenSER) Testing Suite ====
 +* [b]Stability improvements[/b] -- better checks for available modules and necessary tools 
 +* [b]Extensions[/b] -- test more modules, tests for other databases beside MySQL