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 +====== Roadmap to the 1.5 release ======
 +Code Frozen: Jan 29, 2009
 +Release 1.5.0: End Of Feb, 2009
 +New in 1.5.0: [http://www.kamailio.org/dokuwiki/doku.php/features:new-in-1.5.x]
 +Note: This roadmap is really incomplete and does not mirror entirely the actual progress. It is provided for informative purposes. If you want to propose a new feature, please use project's tracker:
 +Developers are encouraged to add here as soon as they start to work on new task or complete them.
 +# TLS support for server_name extension (aka SNI=server name indication)
 +** [color=green]status: done (klaus)[/color]
 +# Refurbishment of RADIUS modules
 +** several radius modules that share lot of code merged in [b]misc_radius[/b] module
 +** [color=green]status: done (juha)[/color]
 +# carrierroute module
 +** fetch support to load database records
 +** [color=green]status: done (henning)[/color]
 +# pv module
 +** new module to collect Pseudo-variables available in configuration file
 +** $branch(name) - provides access to branch attributes
 +** [color=green]status: done (miconda)[/color]
 +** migrate PVs from core to pv module
 +# daemontools support
 +** added support for running kamailio (openser) with daemon tools (new core parameter for “no-daemon” mode)
 +** [color=green]status: done[/color]
 +# Presence Server: Dialog-Info support
 +** two new modules: presence_dialoginfo and pua_dialoginfo
 +** implementation of RFC4235
 +** [color=green]status: done (klaus)[/color]
 +# memory management
 +** better startup performance for FAST MALLOC memory manager
 +** [color=green]status: done (henning)[/color]
 +** better debug mechanisms
 +** de-fragmentation of memory
 +** [color=orange]status: work in progress (miconda)[/color]
 +# continue the cleanup of fixup functions used by modules
 +** the functions that are duplicated in several modules must be migrated to core in mod_fix.{c,h}
 +** the naming format of fixup functions must have a suggestive pattern
 +** [color=orange]status: work in progress (miconda)[/color]
 +# continue cleanup of PV handler functions
 +** add helper functions to be used by PV handlers for better consistency and duplicates removal
 +** [color=green]status: done (miconda)[/color]
 +# generic shared hash table system
 +** shared container for config file: new module htable
 +** [color=green]status: done (ramona)[/color]
 +** MI commands to get/set items in HT
 +** ability to save/load in/from database
 +** ability to init items at startup
 +** auto-expire time for items
 +** [color=green]status: done (ramona)[/color]
 +# testing suite
 +** add regression test capabilities to existing testing suite, new tests
 +** [color=orange]status: work in progress (henning)[/color]
 +# doxygen documentation in code
 +** migrate existing comments to doxygen format to be easy to browse
 +** add documentation for important API functions
 +** check it at [[http://devel.kamailio.org/doxygen/]]
 +** [color=orange]status: work in progress (all)[/color]
 +# consolidation of modules
 +** migration of gflags functionality into cfgutils
 +** [color=green]status: done (henning)[/color]
 +** migration of options and uri module to siputils
 +** [color=green]status: done (henning)[/color]
 +** evaluate further integration of small modules, e.g. xlog, benchmark, maxfwd..
 +** [color=orange]status: work in progress (henning)[/color]
 +# abstraction of common datastructures in userblacklist and carrierroute
 +** move trie like structure to core, change userblacklist to use this
 +** [color=green]status: done (henning)[/color]
 +** change carrierroute to use this
 +** [color=green]status: done (henning)[/color]
 +# usage of a regular expression library across the modules
 +** there are couple of modules that need regexp with shared memory manager (lcr, dialplan)
 +** options
 +*** trex library (used by dialplan) moved to core
 +*** PCRE (http://www.pcre.org/)
 +** [color=green]status: done - dialplan and lcr modules have been converted to use PCRE (juha)[/color]
 +# enhancements to registrar server
 +** function to unregister all contacts for an AoR - unregister() in registrar module
 +** save() with flags 0x04 stores and maintain single contact per AoR
 +** fetch contacts and export them via pseudo-variables
 +** [color=green]status: done (miconda)[/color]
 +** unregister() to be enhanced to unregister a specific contact address
 +** [color=orange]status: work in progress (miconda)[/color]
 +# enhancements to textops module
 +** insert_body("text", "content-type") - add body to a SIP message
 +** [color=green]status: done (miconda)[/color]
 +** allow dynamic values in parameters
 +# case sensitive operations
 +** some parts in SIP messages are case sensitive, some are not
 +** special functions are required to handle these cases properly
 +** see [http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=2047019&group_id=139143&atid=743023]
 +# AVPs
 +** allow named-field values
 +** [color=orange]status: proposed (miconda)[/color]
 +** [[http://cvresumewritingservices.org/|resume writing service]]