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 +====== How to Install Kamailio in a Custom Path ======
 +Working with multiple versions could get complex unless you use different paths for installation.
 +The command line variable PREFIX can be used to specify the root directory where all the files deployed by **make install** will be copied.
 +Assuming you want to install version 3.3. to /usr/local/kamailio-3.3 and you checked out branch 3.3, then run following commands:
 +make FLAVOUR=kamailio PREFIX=/usr/local/kamailio-3.3 cfg
 +make all
 +make install
 +All installed files will be located in sub-folders of /usr/local/kamailio-3.3, for example:
 +  * binaries in /usr/local/kamailio-3.3/sbin
 +  * config files in /usr/local/kamailio-3.3/etc
 +To delete this installation, simply remove /usr/local/kamailio-3.3 directory.
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