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Kamailio SIP Server (SER) - New Features in Devel Version

Current devel version will be numbered 4.4.0 and it is planned to be released during 2015.

Previous devel version was 4.3.x (released on June, 2015), see what was new in that release at:

This is a draft of new features added in devel version, manually updated, thus not always synchronized with what is new in source code repository.

New Modules

New in Old Modules


* new acc_prepare_always parameter to allow preparation of the request no matter if the acc_prepare_flag is set at the moment of the transaction creation. See sr-user discussion


  • improved error message when loading from database


  • pv_var_to_xavp script function to copy $var values to $xavp


  • add contact and recieved values to xavp_rcd
  • set xavp_rcd on registered()


  • insert From URI domain, To URI domain and request URI domain to database


  • add refresher parameter in order to follow RFC 4028

New in Core


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