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Kamailio SIP Server (SER) - New Features in Devel Version

Current devel version will be numbered 4.4.0 and it is planned to be released during first trimester of 2016.

Previous devel version was 4.3.x (released on June, 2015), see what was new in that release at:

This is a draft of new features added in devel version, manually updated, thus not always synchronized with what is new in source code repository.

New Modules









New in Old Modules


  • new acc_prepare_always parameter to allow preparation of the request no matter if the acc_prepare_flag is set at the moment of the transaction creation. See sr-user discussion


  • added radius time mode parameter: rad_time_mode - format can be set to seconds.microseconds


  • export registrar.lookup_to_dset to app_lua interface
  • export many sdpops functions to LUA


  • module timer processes based on workers parameter


  • addind db_load_description parameter
    • toggle on/off loading in memory the description column in the carrierroute/carrierfailureroute database tables. This reduces the shared memory used by the module


  • added class of auth session to know more info about auth session - for example: ims_qos can now report Rx session for Reg or for media
  • CER/CEA retry if send/receive FD disappeared
  • evaluate the supported_vendor_id-AVP during CER/CEA
  • load balancing timer has millisecond resolution


  • sleep() and usleep() accept vars as parameter


  • locks re-entrant for simplifying the upper layer APIs


  • added file_read() and file_write() functions
    • file_read(fpath, var) - read content of a text file into a variable
    • file_write(fpat, content) - write content of parameter to a text file
  • added corex.pkg_summary command
    • dump pkg usage summary to syslog for a specific pid or process index
    kamcmd corex.pkg_summary pid 12345
    kamcmd corex.pkg_summary idx 1


  • increased default buffers size for rpc responses
    • binrpc_max_body_size = 32
    • binrpc_struct_max_body_size = 8


  • support 'order by' in raw query


  • add support for static and dynamic, module specific, logging facility
  • new dbg_sip_msg() config function, which prints how the sip message would look like if it were to be sent out at that point in config


  • re-entrant mutex for dialogs hash table slots
  • run event_route[dialog:end] in case of dialog termination by interface commands
  • make dialog context available in event route tm:local-request
  • new parameter db_skip_load to skip loading dialogs on startup


  • relative weight distribution added - it is possible to assign “rweight” (relative weight) param to each host in destination group. rweight is in the integer range from 1 to 100
  • added new probing_mode=3 to always probe flagged gateways


  • implement deleted contact replication
  • new param sync - control sync'ing all contacts at startup
    • default 1 - require sync'ing of all contacts at startup, set to 0 to disable


  • allow 'type' field in domain_attrs to be a DB1_BIGINT, makes it work with MySQL views on 64bit systems


  • support for symbols “#*+” in drouting trees


  • implemented receive buffering per connected client


  • improved error message when loading from database
  • htable.dump - added the type of the value to the result


  • added option to set destination host for MAR requests
  • allow different qop setting for INVITE


  • added Multiple-Services Indicator
  • allow ro session id to be used from cfg file as avp


  • make Release-Reason from QoS configurable
  • option to add Extra-Header, in case QoS fails during a session
  • added Rx-Specific-Action AVPs to work with some PCRFs
  • new mod param terminate_dialog_on_rx_failure - terminate_dialog_on_rx_failure this parameter determines if a dialog is torn down if a media Rx session is terminated


  • added functionality to unREGISTER a contact, eg. based on a failed network ping
  • set received host, proto and port when searching for pcontact


  • added counters for reporting hashtable usage - collision slot count for contacts and subscriptions
  • implemented overwrite oldest contact behaviour


  • allow null json error property in rpc response


  • add max_conn_attempt parameter to control max number of reconnections


  • support alternative federated exchanges
  • allow multiple simultaneous servers
  • add async query feature - suspend the transaction on send and continue on return or timeout


  • support VERSION_NODATE and VERSION_DATE for reproducible builds
  • per module memory statistics when in debugging mode
    • return details about memory used by each module via rpc commands


  • added priority_ordering module parameter - allows ordering of matched gateways only by priority and weight


  • allow for larger (max 64) prefix values to be used (e.g., case of uuid, ipv6)


  • support filter contacts by server_id


  • added path and +instance support


  • new protocol between pdb_server and kama pdb module


  • match trusted rules considering priority and regexp over r-uri
    • two new columns to set priority of the rule as well as regular expression matching over r-uri


  • added optional param force_dummy_presence
    • module parameter to send empty presence notify body when there isn't any record in presentity


  • added support for custom params as contact parameters (e.g. <unknown-param name=“+g.oma.sip-im”></unknown-param>)


  • pv_var_to_xavp script function to copy $var values to $xavp
  • transformation to remove all non-numeric parts of a string
  • add auth digest pseudo variables
    • $adn - auth nonce
    • $adc - auth cnonce
    • $adr - auth response
    • $ado - auth opaque
  • pv_var_to_xavp() - copy script variables values to xavps
  • added $utime and $utimef pv's to retrieve time in UTC
    • $utime is the UTC equivalent to $time for localtime
    • $utimef is the UTC equivalent to $timef for localtime


  • add contact and recieved values to xavp_rcd
  • set xavp_rcd on registered()
  • export lookup_to_dset with uri to config
  • allow registered() in any route


  • add enable_double_rr_always option


  • new fifo command, namely nh_ping_rtpp, which pings the given proxy or all proxies, and if a proxy does not respond, disable it temporarily
  • try the next media relay available if the limit reached reply is received
  • unset “don't fragment” ip header flag
  • new read_sdp_pv parameter - this parameter allows to specify a script var or AVP for rtpengine to get the SDP from, instead of the SIP message body
  • hash table to keep the selected nodes
  • added rtpengine_allow_op modparam - when the param is enabled, allow current sessions to finish and deny new sessions for manually deactivated rtpengine nodes via kamctl i.e. “disabled(permanent)” nodes


  • insert From URI domain, To URI domain and request URI domain to database
  • added homer5 functionality to sipcapture module
  • accept a list of headers for callid_aleg_header
  • added async support for storing in asynchronous mode if supported by database backend


  • add refresher parameter in order to follow RFC 4028


  • can use IPv6 as server address


  • keepalive functions enabled on BSD
  • add tcp_conid_state function to check connection state


  • if no param is given to keep_hf(re), then keep only mandatory headers


  • option to match TLS client config profile based on server_id
    • server_id can be any string that uniquely identifies a client config profile, overriding the attempt to match on ip:port (+sni). This makes it easier to select the desired config profile, because the port is hard to guess for stream connections
    • prameter xavp_cfg has to be enabled and inner xavp 'server_id' has to be set before relaying the sip message (before opening the client connection)


  • use xavps for t_load_contacts/t_next_contacts/t_next_contact_flow
  • execute the onsend_route for responses forwarded by tm module - not executed for local generated sip responses
  • enable drop in onsend_route for tm replies
  • support to add text in Reason header for local generated CANCEL


  • added $T(ruid) - return current branch ruid attribute


  • added module specific satistics
  • t_store(…) accepts uri as parameter
  • ts_append_to() can take uri as parameter
  • removed usrloc dependency
  • added use_domain parameter


  • uac.reg_dump returns an array rpc result


  • support filter by server_id at get_all_ucontacts
  • new module option to support preload using server_id as filter
  • new matching mode: CALLID_ONLY
  • new param to skip non-local location record - yf set, kamailio will skip record if socket value doesn't in listening socket list when loading record from database


  • added optional parameter for setting additional http headers
  • option to trim leading and trailing white spaces in http response - new parameter http_response_trim to control it; default is 0 - don't trim (backward compatible); set to 1 for enabling trimming
  • new parameter http_response_mode to control what response part is returned
    • if http_response_mode=0, only the first line is returned
    • if http_response_mode=1, all the response is returned


  • added support for SIP message fragmentation
    • websocket connections are created with a BUF_SIZE (64K) buffer used for concatenating frames
    • continuation frames (fragments) are supported for the SIP sub-protocol


  • convenience functions for various log levels
    • xinfo(), xnotice(), xwarn(), xerr(), xbug(), xcrit(), xalert()

New in Core


  • new feature to execute event_route[core:worker-one-init] - the event_route[core:worker-one-init] is executed if defined in kamailio.cfg after the first udp sip worker process executed the child_init() for all modules, before starting to process sip traffic
  • cast operator (int) converts hex strings as well - in addition to dec string
  • name of the structure exported by a module can be prefixed with module name
  • added framework to allow replacing logging to syslog
    • this enables a module to replace all logging to syslog with another logging mechanism
    • it is not enabled when log_stderror=yes or the system is detected as __SUNPRO_C


  • new parameter async_usleep - add option to do usleep() before processing async tasks
    • could help saving cpu usage on vms with immediate interruptions triggered to recvfrom()
  • added parameters log_engine_type and log_engine_data
    • can be used to specify what logging engine to be used and its initialization data
    • see readme of log_custom module for a same of usage


Memory Managers

  • display the 2 levels matrix in TLSF status
  • shared (shm) memory manager can be selected with -x command line parameter at startup
  • private (pkg) memory manager can be selected with -X command line parameter at startup. If this parameter is omitted, the value of -x is used


  • use flag 'r' for rtpproxy if ip in sdp is not private
    • skip learning mode, advertised media ip is routable



  • support VERSION_NODATE and VERSION_DATE for reproducible builds


  • added mongodb schema files
    • custom json format specifying structure of collections/tables
    • version-create.mongo - a script with mongo commands to fill the version collection/table
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