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 See: See:
 +=== presence ===
 +A new column 'ruid' has been added to the **presentity** table (used for distributing presence documents via dmq). This table holds the records corresponding to the PUBLISH requests sent by UAs.
 +The cleanest way to upgrade is:
 +  * stop kamailio 5.1
 +  * delete records from presentity table
 +  * update the structure of presentity table
 +  * start kamailio 5.2
 +The UAs will send new PUBLISH periodically, so the table will get populated again. If you want to shorten the interval for PUBLISH requests, set max_expire parameter for presence module, then restart and wait some time until all UAs send another PUBLISH. Do the upgrade as described above, and then set back the max_expire to the older value.
 ==== Removed Modules ==== ==== Removed Modules ====
Line 82: Line 94:
 <code sql> <code sql>
 +-- location table - optional update
 +ALTER TABLE location_attrs CHANGE COLUMN avalue avalue varchar(512) NOT NULL DEFAULT '';
 +-- presentity table
 +ALTER TABLE presentity CHANGE COLUMN etag etag varchar(128) NOT NULL;
 ALTER TABLE presentity ADD COLUMN ruid VARCHAR(64); ALTER TABLE presentity ADD COLUMN ruid VARCHAR(64);
 CREATE UNIQUE INDEX ruid_idx ON presentity (ruid); CREATE UNIQUE INDEX ruid_idx ON presentity (ruid);
 UPDATE version SET table_version=5 WHERE table_name='presentity'; UPDATE version SET table_version=5 WHERE table_name='presentity';
 +-- pua table - optional update
 +ALTER TABLE pua CHANGE COLUMN etag etag varchar(128) NOT NULL;
 +-- subscriber table - optional update
 +ALTER TABLE subscriber DROP COLUMN rpid;
 +ALTER TABLE subscriber DROP COLUMN email_address;
 +-- xcap table - optional update
 +ALTER TABLE xcap CHANGE COLUMN etag etag varchar(128) NOT NULL;
 </code> </code>
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