Kamailio Modules - v4.1.x (stable)

Module Description Status
ACC Accounting module released
ACC_RADIUS Accounting module for RADIUS backend released
ALIAS_DB Database aliases module released
APP_JAVA Execute embedded Java applications new
APP_LUA Execute embedded Lua scripts released
APP_MONO Execute embedded managed code (e.g., C#, VisualBasic.NET, Java, Java Script) released
APP_PERL Embed execution of Perl functions released
APP_PYTHON Execute embedded Python scripts released
ASYNC Asynchronous SIP request handling functions released
AUTH Authentication Interface module released
AUTH_EPHEMERAL User authentication with ephemeral credentials new
AUTH_IDENTITY Identity authentication module released
AUTH_DB Database-backend authentication module released
AUTH_DIAMETER DIAMETER-backend authentication module released
AUTH_RADIUS RADIUS-backend authentication module released
AVP Collection of functions for handling AVPs from-ser
AVPOPS AVP operations module released
BENCHMARK Config file benchmarking released
BLST Blacklisting API for config released
CALL_CONTROL Conector to call_control application released
CARRIERROUTE Routing extension suitable for carriers released
CDP C Diameter Peer - core communication engine released
CDP_AVP C Diameter Peer - application extensions released
CFG_DB Load core and module parameters from database released
CFG_RPC Update core and module parameters at runtime via RPC interface released
CFGUTILS Different config utilities released
CNXCC Credit control module - prepaid system new
COREX Core extensions via module interface released
COUNTERS Internal counter API for config released
CPL-C CPL interpreter module released
CTL Control connector for RPC interface (fifo, unixsock, tcp, udp) released
DB_BERKELEY Berkeley DB driver for DB API released
DB_CASSANDRA Cassandra database server connector released
DB_CLUSTER Generic database connectors clustering released
DB_FLATSTORE Fast writting-only text-backend for database module released
DB_MYSQL MYSQL-backend for database API module released
DB_ORACLE Oracle driver for DB API released
DB_PERLVDB Perl Virtual Database engine released
DB_POSTGRES POSTGRES-backend for database API module released
DB_SQLITE SQLITE-backend for database API module released
DB_TEXT Text-backend for database API module released
DB_UNIXODBC unixODBC driver module released
DB2_LDAP DB APIv2 connector to LDAP servers from-ser
DB2_OPS DB APIv2 config operations from-ser
DEBUGGER Interactive config debugger released
DIALOG Dialog support module released
DIALOG_NG Dialog tracking NG module released
DIALPLAN Dialplan translation module released
DISPATCHER Dispatcher (load-balancer) module released
DIVERSION Diversion header insertion module released
DMQ Distributed Message Queue System using SIP released
DNSSEC DNSSEC implementation for SIP routing new
DOMAIN Multi-domain support module released
DOMAINPOLICY Policies to connect federations released
DROUTING Yet another prefix routing module released
ENUM ENUM lookup module released
EXEC External exec module released
GEOIP GeoIP API to config file released
GROUP User-groups module with DB-backend released
GZCOMPRESS Compress and decompress SIP message body with zlib new
H350 H350 implementation released
HTABLE Generich Hash Table container in shared memory released
IMS_AUTH IMS authentication module released
IMS_CHARGING IMS charging component module new
IMS_ICSCF IMS ICSCF component module released
IMS_ISC IMS ICS component module released
IMS_QOS IMS Diameter Rx interface between PCSCF and PCRF functions released
IMS_REGISTRAR_PCSCF IMS PCSCF registrar module released
IMS_REGISTRAR_SCSCF IMS SCSCF registrar module released
IMS_USRLOC_PCSCF IMS PCSCF usrloc module released
IMS_USRLOC_SCSCF IMS SCSCF usrloc module released
IMC Instant Messaging Conferencing module released
IPOPS IP and DNS related operations for configuration file released
IPTRTPPROXY NAT traversal module using kernel for media relay released
JABBER JABBER IM and PRESENCE interconnection module obsoleted
JSON Access to JSON document attributes released
JSONRPC-C JSON-RPC client over netstrings protocol released
KEX Kamailio core extensions module released
LCR Least Cost Routing module released
LDAP LDAP connector released
MALLOC_TEST Functions for stress-testing memory manager from-ser
MANGLER SIP message mangling functions from-ser
MATRIX Matrix operations released
MAXFWD Max-Forward processor module released
MEDIAPROXY NAT traversal module using mediaproxy released
MEMCACHED Memcached connector module released
MISC_RADIUS Generic RADIUS functions, replaces avp_radius, uri_radius and group_radius released
MI_DATAGRAM DATAGRAM (unix and network) support for Management Interface released
MI_FIFO FIFO support for Management Interface released
MI_RPC RPC support for Management Interface released
MI_XMLRPC XMLRPC support for Management Interface released
MOHQUEUE Music on hold queuing system new
MQUEUE Message queue system for config file released
MSILO SIP message silo module released
MSRP Embedded MSRP relay (RFC4975 and RFC4976) released
MTREE Generic memory caching system using tree indexes released
NATHELPER NAT traversal module - signaling functions released
NAT_TRAVERSAL NAT traversal module released
NDB_REDIS Connector to REDIS NoSQL Database engine released
OSP OSP peering module released
OUTBOUND SIP Outbound implementation released
P_USRLOC Partitioned and distributed user location services released
PATH Path support for SIP loadbalancer released
PDB Number portability module released
PDT Prefix-to-Domain translator module released
PEERING RADIUS peering module released
PERMISSIONS Permissions control module released
PIKE Flood detector module released
PIPELIMIT Traffic shaping policies released
PREFIX_ROUTE Execute config file route blocks based on prefix released
PRESENCE Presence server module - common API released
PRESENCE_CONFERENCE Extension to Presence server for conference events handling released
PRESENCE_DIALOGINFO Extension to Presence server for Dialog Info released
PRESENCE_MWI Extension to Presence server for Message Waiting Indication released
PRESENCE_PROFILE Presence server module - user profile extensions - RFC6080 released
PRESENCE_XML Presence server module - presence & watcher info and XCAP released
PRESENCE_REGINFO Extension to Presence server for registration info replication (RFC3680) released
PRINT Basic sample of a module (devel) from-ser
PRINT_LIB Basic sample of a module with internal lib dependency (devel) from-ser
PUA Common API for presence user agent client released
PUA_BLA BLA extension for PUA released
PUA_DIALOGINFO Dialog Info extension for PUA released
PUA_MI MI extension for PUA released
PUA_REGINFO Extension to PUA server for registration info replication (RFC3680) released
PUA_USRLOC USRLOC extension for PUA released
PUA_XMPP XMPP extension for PUA (SIMPLE-XMPP presence gateway) released
PURPLE Multi-protocol gateway using Purple library released
PV Module holding Pseudo-Variables released
QOS QOS control API released
RATELIMIT Traffic shaping module released
REGEX Regular expression matching using PCRE released
REGISTRAR SIP Registrar implementation module released
RLS Resource List Server implementation released
RTIMER Execute config route blocks on timer basis released
RR Record-Route and Route module released
RTPPROXY RTPProxy media relay control functions released
RTPPROXY-NG RTPProxy NG media relay control functions new
SANITY SIP message formatting sanity checks released
SCA Shared Call Appearances released
SCTP SCTP Transport Layer new
SDPOPS SDP operations released
SEAS Sip Express Application Server (interface module) released
SIPCAPTURE SIP capture server module, used in Homer project released
SIPT SIP-T and SIP-I operations new
SIPTRACE SIP traffic tracing module released
SIPUTILS SIP utilities released
SL Stateless replier module released
SMS SIP-to-SMS IM gateway module released
SNMPStats SNMP interface for statistics module released
SPEEDDIAL Per-user speed-dial controller module released
SQLOPS SQL operations released
SST SIP Session Timer support released
STATISTICS Script statistics support released
STUN STUN requirements for SIP outbound new
TEXTOPS Text operations module released
TEXTOPSX Extra text operations released
TIMER Execute routing blocks on core timers from-ser
TLS TLS operations module released
TM Transaction (stateful) module released
TMREC Match time recurrences defined based on RFC2445 released
TMX Transaction management extenstions module released
TOPOH Topology hiding module released
UAC UAC functionalies (FROM mangling and UAC auth) released
UAC_REDIRECT UAC redirection functionality released
UID_AUTH_DB Authentication module using unique ids from-ser
UID_AVP_DB AVP database operations using unique ids from-ser
UID_DOMAIN Domains management using unique ids from-ser
UID_GFLAGS Global attributes and flags using unique ids from-ser
UID_URI_DB Database URI operations using unique ids from-ser
URI_DB URI operations with database support module released
USERBLACKLIST User specific blacklists released
USRLOC User location implementation module released
UTILS A set of useful functions released
WEBSOCKET WebSocket transport layer released
XCAP_CLIENT XCAP client implementation released
XCAP_SERVER XCAP server implementation released
XHTTP Basic HTTP request handling server released
XHTTP_PI Embedded provisioning interface over HTTP released
XHTTP_RPC RPC commands handling over HTTP released
XLOG Advanced logger module released
XMLOPS XML operations in config file using XPATH released
XMLRPC XMLRPC connector for RPC interface released
XMPP SIP-to-XMPP Gateway (SIP to Jabber/Google Talk) released
XPRINT Functions for printing messages with specifiers from-ser