mtree Module

Daniel-Constantin Mierla

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Daniel-Constantin Mierla

Juha Heinanen

Juha Heinanen

Table of Contents

1. Admin Guide
1. Overview
2. Dependencies
2.1. Kamailio Modules
2.2. External Libraries or Applications
3. Parameters
3.1. db_url (string)
3.2. db_table (string)
3.3. mtree (string)
3.4. tname_column (string)
3.5. tprefix_column (string)
3.6. tvalue_column (string)
3.7. fetch_rows (integer)
3.8. char_list (string)
3.9. pv_value (string)
3.10. pv_values (string)
3.11. pv_dstid (string)
3.12. pv_weight (string)
3.13. pv_count (string)
3.14. mt_tree_type (integer)
3.15. mt_ignore_duplicates (integer)
3.16. mt_allow_duplicates (integer)
4. Functions
4.1. mt_match(mtree, pv, mode)
5. RPC Commands
5.1. mtree.list
5.2. mtree.summary
5.3. mtree.reload
5.4. mtree.match
2. Developer Guide
1. Available Functions
1.1. mt_load_api(api)
1.2. mt_match(msg, mtree, value, mode)

List of Examples

1.1. Set db_url parameter
1.2. Set db_table parameter
1.3. Set mtree parameter
1.4. Set tname_column parameter
1.5. Set tprefix_column parameter
1.6. Set tvalue_column parameter
1.7. Set fetch_rows parameter
1.8. Set char_list parameter
1.9. Set pv_value parameter
1.10. Set pv_values parameter
1.11. Set pv_dstid parameter
1.12. Set pv_weight parameter
1.13. Set pv_count parameter
1.14. Set mt_tree_type parameter
1.15. Set mt_ignore_duplicates parameter
1.16. Set mt_allow_duplicates parameter
1.17. mt_match usage
1.18. mtree.list rpc usage

Chapter 1. Admin Guide

1. Overview

This module loads (prefix, value) records from database and indexes them in a named memory tree. Name of the tree is specified for each record or as module parameter.

It exports to configuration file functions to match against in-memory trees and return the values (raw or precompiled) associated with matched prefixes.

The maximum size of the prefix is limited internally to 63, database table definition may enforce lower maximum size.

2. Dependencies

2.1. Kamailio Modules

The following modules must be loaded before this module:

  • A Kamailio database module (e.g., mysql).

2.2. External Libraries or Applications

The following libraries or applications must be installed before running Kamailio with this module loaded:

  • None.

3. Parameters

3.1. db_url (string)

URL of the database server to be used.

Default value is mysql://kamailio:kamailiorw@localhost/kamailio.

Example 1.1. Set db_url parameter

modparam("mtree", "db_url", "dbdriver://username:password@dbhost/dbname")

3.2. db_table (string)

Name of database table where data for many trees is stored. It is ignored if a 'mtree' parameter is defined. The SQL scripts creates a table named 'mtrees' that can be used for this parameter.

Default value is (no table name).

Example 1.2. Set db_table parameter

modparam("mtree", "db_table", "mtrees")

3.3. mtree (string)

Definition of memory tree with using a parameters format string. The parameter names can be:

  • name - the name of the tree to be used for referencing inside configuration file.

  • dbtable - the name of the database table from where to load the records stored in the tree.

  • cols - the column names of the database table. They must be enclosed in quotes in order to form a valid SIP parameter value and be separated by comma. The first column corresponds to tprefix. When specified, there must be at least two columns. If this attribute is not specified, then the global module parameters for tprefix and tvalue are used. If more than one value columns are specified, the tree will pack the column values in a comma separated string, which will be associated with the prefix (string transformation {,...) can be used in configuration file to extract a specific column value).

  • type - the type of tree elements (0 = string, 1 = d:w, 2 = integer). None-zero is valid only when the (tprefix, tvalue) pairs are loaded (not for multi-column values).

    When the type is 1, the value in database has to be two integers separated by colon, the first one (d - dstid) will be stored in pv_dstid AVP and the second (w - weight) will be stored in pv_weight AVP. If in the matching records are many with the same dstid, it will keep only the one with the longest prefix. Then the records are ordered by the weight and stored in the specified AVPs. The number of stored records is saved in pv_count variable.

  • multi - tells if dbtable can contain more than one tree (0 = one tree, 1 = more than one tree identified by tname column). It is valid only when the (tprefix, tvalue) pairs are loaded (not for multi-column values).

This parameter can be set many times to add more trees in memory.

Default value is none.

Example 1.3. Set mtree parameter

modparam("mtree", "mtree", "name=mytree1;dbtable=routes1;type=0")
modparam("mtree", "mtree", "name=mytree2;dbtable=routes2;type=0;multi=1")
modparam("mtree", "mtree",

3.4. tname_column (string)

Name of 'tname' column.

Default value is tname.

Example 1.4. Set tname_column parameter

modparam("mtree", "tname_column", "name")

3.5. tprefix_column (string)

Name of 'tprefix' column.

Default value is tprefix.

Example 1.5. Set tprefix_column parameter

modparam("mtree", "tprefix_column", "prefix")

3.6. tvalue_column (string)

Name of 'tvalue' column.

Default value is tvalue.

Example 1.6. Set tvalue_column parameter

modparam("mtree", "tvalue_column", "ipaddr")

3.7. fetch_rows (integer)

Number of rows to be loaded in one step from database.

Default value is 1000.

Example 1.7. Set fetch_rows parameter

modparam("mtree", "fetch_rows", 4000)

3.8. char_list (string)

The list with characters allowed in prefix.

Default value is 0123456789.

Example 1.8. Set char_list parameter

modparam("mtree", "char_list", "0123456789*+")

3.9. pv_value (string)

The PV spec where to store the matched value. It can be any writable PV.

Default value is $avp(s:tvalue).

Example 1.9. Set pv_value parameter

modparam("mtree", "pv_value", "$var(mtval)")

3.10. pv_values (string)

The AVP where to store the matched values when mtree is of type 0 or 2 and mode of mt_match() call has value 2.

Default value is $avp(s:tvalues).

Example 1.10. Set pv_values parameter

modparam("mtree", "pv_values", "$avp(mtvals)")

3.11. pv_dstid (string)

The AVP name where to store the first integer value when tree type is 1.

Default value is $avp(tdstid).

Example 1.11. Set pv_dstid parameter

modparam("mtree", "pv_dstid", "$var(dstid)")

3.12. pv_weight (string)

The AVP name where to store the second integer value when tree type is 1.

Default value is $avp(tweight).

Example 1.12. Set pv_weight parameter

modparam("mtree", "pv_dstid", "$var(weight)")

3.13. pv_count (string)

The PV spec where to store the count of matched values when tree type is 1. It can be any writable PV.

Default value is $avp(tcount).

Example 1.13. Set pv_count parameter

modparam("mtree", "pv_count", "$var(count)")

3.14. mt_tree_type (integer)

Default payload type for trees data stored in 'db_table'. Documented values are 0 for string payloads and 2 for integer payloads.

Default value is 0.

Example 1.14. Set mt_tree_type parameter

modparam("mtree", "mt_tree_type", 2)

3.15. mt_ignore_duplicates (integer)

Ignore duplicated prefixes when loading data.

Default value is 0.

Example 1.15. Set mt_ignore_duplicates parameter

modparam("mtree", "mt_ignore_duplicates", 1)

3.16. mt_allow_duplicates (integer)

Allow duplicate prefixes when loading data.

Default value is 0.

Example 1.16. Set mt_allow_duplicates parameter

modparam("mtree", "mt_allow_duplicates", 1)

4. Functions

4.1.  mt_match(mtree, pv, mode)

Match 'pv' value against 'mtree'. If 'mtree' type is 0 or 2 and value of 'mode' is NOT 2, sets associated value of the longest matching prefix to pseudo variable specified by pv_value parameter. If 'mtree' type is 0 or 2 and value of 'mode' is 2, sets values of all matching prefixes to avp specified by pv_values parameter so that a value of longest matching prefix is in avp index 0. Parameter 'mode' can be an integer constant or a pseudo variable with integer value.

Returns 1 if match succeeded and -1 otherwise.

Example 1.17. mt_match usage

mt_match("mytree", "$rU", "0");

5. RPC Commands

5.1.  mtree.list

List content of one or all trees.

Name: mtree.list


  • _mtree_ : name of tree to list (optional).

Example 1.18. mtree.list rpc usage

kamcmd mtree.list
kamcmd mtree.list mytree

5.2.  mtree.summary

List usage summary for all trees or for the tree whose name is given as parameter.


  • _mtree_ - (optional) the name of the tree.

5.3.  mtree.reload

Reload mtree from database to memory.


  • _mtree_

    - name of mtree or empty string meaning all mtrees

5.4.  mtree.match

Match prefix value against mtree


  • _mtree_

    - name of mtree
  • _prefix_

    - match prefix
  • _mode_

    - matching mode

Chapter 2. Developer Guide

1. Available Functions

1.1.  mt_load_api(api)

The function imports all API functions that are exported by the mtree module (see sections below).

Meaning of the parameters is as follows:

  • mtree_api_t* api - mtree API

1.2.  mt_match(msg, mtree, value, mode)

Match 'value' against 'mtree' using 'mode' (see mt_match function Admin Guide documentation).

Meaning of the parameters is as follows:

  • sip_msg_t *msg - SIP Request

  • str *mtree - Name of mtree

  • str *value - Value to match

  • int mode - Match mode