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 +How to use Attribute Value Pairs (AVP'​s) to determine if both the caller and the callee are in the same group.
 +A real world example would be to limit friends to only calling friends that are in the same group of friends.
 +1) Create two entries in the usr_preferences table.\\
 +One entry is associated with the caller and the other is associated with the callee.\\
 +Both entries use "​friend"​ as the attribute and "​groupa"​ as the value.
 +2) Add the following AVP alias definition:
 +modparam("​avpops","​avp_aliases",​ "​temp=i:​59;​......)
 +3) Add the following code to the INVITE section of your configuration:​
 +avp_db_load("​$from/​username",​ "​s:​friend"​);​\\
 +avp_copy("​s:​friend",​ "​$temp"​);​\\
 +avp_db_load("​$ruri/​username",​ "​s:​friend"​);​\\
 +# xlog("​L_NOTICE",​ "​friend avp: ($avp(s:​friend))\n"​);​\\
 +# xlog("​L_NOTICE",​ "temp avp: ($avp(i:​59))\n"​);​\\
 +if (avp_check("​s:​friend",​ "​eq/​$temp"​) ) {\\
 +xlog("​L_NOTICE",​ "​friend avp: ($avp(s:​friend))\n"​);​\\
 +xlog("​L_NOTICE",​ "temp avp: ($avp(i:​59))\n"​);​\\