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 +RTPProxy can be run on a different machine than OpenSER.
 +For example, if the remote machine has an IP Address of (which isn't the same machine that OpenSER is running on):
 +On the RTPProxy machine start rtpproxy with the following command:
 +/​usr/​local/​bin/​rtpproxy -l -s udp:*:12345
 +Note1: 12345 is the port that rtpproxy will listen on. The default, if not specified is 22222.
 +Note2: There is a -f option that will keep rtpproxy in for foreground. This will offer you the ability to watch the execution of rtpproxy in realtime.
 +On the OpenSER machine add the following line to your ser.cfg
 +modparam("​nathelper",​ "​rtpproxy_sock",​ "​udp:​​12345"​)
 +This is just a simple example. More complex configurations are possible by building on the above.