There is a new wiki site, targeting to collect documentation for upcoming v3.2.0 and further releases. You can find it at:

Hopefully, it will make the process of updating/migrating the relevant documentation from old wiki ( straightforward and offer a clean reference for upcoming stable version. Old wiki is in place since 2005, collected a lot of pages, but many are for very old versions of kamailio, making difficult, at least for new comers, to sort out documentation for latest stable.

All of you are invited to help with this process of adding documentation for 3.2.0 on the new wiki. The old wiki will stay in place, it will not be removed. Both are based on Dokuwiki, using different themes. The new one is at the beginning, so no much content in there yet, but by the time of releasing 3.2.0, should contain sufficient documentation for get started with that version.

One very demanded thing was the alphabetic index for parameters, functions and mi commands from modules. This page contains new generated indexes for version 3.2.0:

If you have questions about the new wiki, don’t know where to place some tutorial, feel free to ask on mailing lists. Ultimately, pages can be relocated, but try to use namespaces for related topics.

Ending by repeating the invitation to all of you to port (update to upcoming v3.2.0) your favorite tutorial from old wiki system ( and add to the new wiki (

Enjoy 3.2.0!