During the night of 26/27th of June, Central European Standard Time (GMT+1, with daylight saving time on), the server hosting kamailio.org and lists.sip-router.org services will be down for approx 1 hour. This is a planned maintenance work to upgrade the server to a new infrastructure.

Hopefully everything goes smooth and gets back online quickly, the work should start about 2:00am on the 27th of June, but don’t get nervous if takes longer or happens at different time.

Among the most important affected services:

  • the mailing lists (all mailed in this message)
  • main website and kamailio’s wiki systems
  • download folders
  • documentations (for modules and other html tutorials)

The sip-router.org server will NOT be affected, so next services will be available:

  • sip-router.org web site and its wiki
  • GIT repository
  • issue tracker system

If things are not going as expected, tomorrow we will post news about it on this server, at:

This is a good opportunity to thank again to voztele.com for sponsoring the server and taking care of the maintenance work.