The autumn is full of RTC-related events where you can meet Kamailio developers and community members participating or speaking about the project. Should you want to meet other Kamailio folks at these events or it just happens to be in the same city even you do not participate to the respective events, just announce yourself via users mailing list or the social networking channels tagging the project.

Here is the list of events we are aware of:

Should you know other events where members of Kamailio project are participating and want them listed here, contact us, we will happily add them.

Furthermore, we encourage the members of our community to go to local events (e.g., meetups, open days of educational and academic entities) and talk about Kamailio, being it a presentation or just during open discussions. Should you need any kind of assistance for such activities, do not hesitate to open a conversation within the users mailing lists, there are many members that can give hints and help you prepare properly. Even it is going to be your first time, your willingness and efforts are really appreciated.

Thanks for flying Kamailio!