The git branch 5.4 has been created, to be used for releasing Kamailio v5.5.x series.

To check out this branch, the following commands can be used:

git clone kamailio-5.5
cd kamailio-5.5
git checkout -b 5.5 origin/5.5

Pushing commits in this branch:

git push origin 5.5:5.5

Note that 5.5 is an official stable branch, so only bug fixes, missing kemi exports (discuss on sr-dev if not sure) or improvements to documentation or helper tools can be pushed to this branch.

As usual, if there is a bug fixed, commit and push first to master branch and then cherry pick to 5.5 branch:

git cherry-pick -x COMMITID

In a few weeks, the first release from branch 5.5 will be out, respectively Kamailio v5.5.0.

Thanks for flying Kamailio! Stay safe!