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Modules Parameters

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Name Module Path Module Name
accept_filter (string) modules uac_redirect
accept_pem_certs ([0|1]) modules auth_identity
acc_callid_column (string) modules acc
acc_db_table (string) modules uac_redirect
acc_extra (string) modules acc_json
acc_flag (integer) modules acc_json
acc_from_tag_column (string) modules acc
acc_function (string) modules uac_redirect
acc_log_facility (integer) modules acc_json
acc_log_level (integer) modules acc_json
acc_method_column (string) modules acc
acc_missed_flag (integer) modules acc_json
acc_output_mqueue (integer) modules acc_json
acc_output_syslog (integer) modules acc_json
acc_prepare_always (integer) modules acc
acc_prepare_flag (integer) modules acc
acc_sip_code_column (string) modules acc
acc_sip_reason_column (string) modules acc
acc_time_column (string) modules acc
acc_time_format (str) modules acc_json
acc_time_mode (integer) modules acc_json
acc_to_tag_column (string) modules acc
action_col (string) modules secfilter
active_lifetime (int) modules dlgs
active_watchers_table(str) modules presence
ac_extra_hdrs (string) modules tm
address_file (string) modules permissions
address_table (string) modules permissions
add_authinfo_hdr (boolean) modules auth
add_authinfo_hdr (integer) modules ims_auth
add_contact (int) modules msilo
add_date (int) modules msilo
add_p_served_user (integer) modules ims_isc
add_username (integer) modules rr
aggregate_challenges (integer) modules tm
aggressive_redetection (integer) modules rtpengine
algorithm (string) modules auth
alg_location (int) modules p_usrloc
alias_domain_column (str) modules alias_db
alias_subdomains (string) modules corex
alias_user_column (str) modules alias_db
allowed_timeouts (integer) modules ndb_redis
allow_dynamic_nodes (integer) modules ndb_redis
allow_suffix (string) modules permissions
amqp_connection(str) modules kazoo
amqp_consumer_ack_loop_count(int) modules kazoo
amqp_consumer_ack_timeout(str) modules kazoo
amqp_consumer_event_key(str) modules kazoo
amqp_consumer_event_subkey(str) modules kazoo
amqp_consumer_loop_count(int) modules kazoo
amqp_consumer_processes(int) modules kazoo
amqp_internal_loop_count(int) modules kazoo
amqp_interprocess_timeout(str) modules kazoo
amqp_max_channels(str) modules kazoo
amqp_query_timeout(str) modules kazoo
amqp_query_timeout_avp(str) modules kazoo
amqp_waitframe_timeout(str) modules kazoo
aor_avp (str) modules registrar
append_branch (int) modules dialplan
append_branches (int) modules alias_db
append_branches (integer) modules ims_registrar_scscf
append_branches (integer) modules registrar
append_fromtag (integer) modules rr
append_realm_to_username (integer) modules auth_radius
append_sdp_oldmediaip (int) modules nathelper
app_provided_party_avp (avp string) modules ims_charging
array_size_suffix (str) modules htable
attribute_column (string) modules avpops
attrs_avp (str) modules drouting
attrs_col (string) modules dialplan
attrs_col (string) modules dispatcher
attrs_pvar (string) modules dialplan
attrs_pvname (str) modules dispatcher
attr_group (string) modules uid_avp_db
audio_default_bandwidth (integer) modules ims_qos
authmethod (int) modules http_client
authorize_video_flow (integer) modules ims_qos
auth_checks_in_dlg (flags) modules auth
auth_checks_no_dlg (flags) modules auth
auth_checks_register (flags) modules auth
auth_data_hash_size (integer) modules ims_auth
auth_data_timeout (int) modules ims_auth
auth_extra (string) modules auth_radius
auth_key (integer) modules siptrace
auth_max_expires (int) modules msrp
auth_min_expires (int) modules msrp
auth_password_avp (string) modules uac
auth_realm_avp (string) modules uac
auth_username_avp (string) modules uac
auth_validity_time (integer) modules auth_identity
auth_vector_timeout (integer) modules ims_auth
autoconversion (integer) modules ctl
autoconversion (string) modules xmlrpc
autodrop (integer) modules sanity
auto_inv_100 (integer) modules tm
auto_inv_100_reason (string) modules tm
auto_reconnect (int) modules db_unixodbc
auto_reconnect (integer) modules db_mysql
auto_reload (integer) modules db_berkeley
auto_unlock_extra_attrs (string) modules uid_avp_db
avoid_failed_destinations (integer) modules carrierroute
avp_aliases (string) modules pv
avp_table (string) modules avpops
av_check_only_impu (integer) modules ims_auth
av_request_at_once (integer) modules ims_auth
av_request_at_sync (integer) modules ims_auth


Name Module Path Module Name
backend (string) modules xmpp
basedir (string) modules cfgt
base_dn (string) modules h350
batch_msg_contacts (int) modules dmq_usrloc
batch_msg_size (int) modules dmq_usrloc
batch_size (int) modules dmq_usrloc
batch_usleep (int) modules dmq_usrloc
bflags (int) modules uac_redirect
bind_addr (str) modules evapi
bind_tm (int) modules sl
binrpc (string) modules ctl
binrpc_buffer_size (integer or string) modules ctl
binrpc_max_body_size (integer) modules ctl
binrpc_struct_max_body_size (integer) modules ctl
blst_503 (integer) modules tm
blst_503_def_timeout (integer) modules tm
blst_503_max_timeout (integer) modules tm
blst_503_min_timeout (integer) modules tm
blst_methods_add (unsigned integer) modules tm
blst_methods_lookup (unsigned integer) modules tm
bl_algorithm (string) modules enum
branchlabel (string) modules enum
branch_expire (int) modules topos
branch_flag (int) modules pua_usrloc
breakpoint (int) modules debugger
bridge_contact (string) modules dialog
bridge_controller (string) modules dialog
bridge_controller (string) modules ims_dialog
buf_size (int) modules xcap_server
buf_size (integer) modules xlog
buf_size (integer) modules xmlops
buf_size (integer) modules xprint
bytea_output_escape (integer) modules db_postgres


Name Module Path Module Name
cacert (string) modules http_client
cainfo_path (string) modules auth_identity
calculate_ha1 (integer) modules auth_db
calculate_ha1 (integer) modules uid_auth_db
callee_extra (string) modules misc_radius
callee_service_type (integer) modules misc_radius
callee_trying (int) modules pua_dialoginfo
caller_confirmed (int) modules pua_dialoginfo
caller_extra (string) modules misc_radius
caller_service_type (integer) modules misc_radius
callid_aleg_header (str) modules sipcapture
callid_cache_limit (integer) modules auth_identity
callid_column (string) modules usrloc
callid_matching (integer) modules tm
callid_prefix (str) modules topoh
callid_prefix (string) modules cfgt
call_id_column (string) modules dialog
call_info_max_expires (integer) modules sca
cancel_b_method (integer) modules tm
capture_bad_msgs (int) modules sipcapture
capture_mode (str) modules sipcapture
capture_node (str) modules sipcapture
capture_on (integer) modules sipcapture
case_sensitive (int) modules cplc
case_sensitive (integer) modules registrar
ca_file (str) modules mqtt
ca_list (string) modules tls
ca_path (str) modules mqtt
cdp_event_latency (integer) modules ims_qos
cdp_event_latency(integer) modules ims_charging
cdp_event_latency_log (integer) modules ims_qos
cdp_event_latency_log(integer) modules ims_charging
cdp_event_list_size_threshold (integer) modules ims_qos
cdp_event_threshold (integer) modules ims_qos
cdp_event_threshold(integer) modules ims_charging
cdrs_table (str) modules acc
cdr_duration_id (string) modules acc
cdr_enable (integer) modules acc
cdr_enable (str) modules acc_json
cdr_end_id (string) modules acc
cdr_expired_dlg_enable (integer) modules acc
cdr_expired_dlg_enable (str) modules acc_json
cdr_extra (str) modules acc_json
cdr_extra (string) modules acc
cdr_extra_nullable (integer) modules acc
cdr_facility (integer) modules acc
cdr_log_enable (int) modules acc
cdr_log_facility (integer) modules acc_json
cdr_log_level (integer) modules acc_json
cdr_on_failed (int) modules acc
cdr_output_mqueue (integer) modules acc_json
cdr_output_syslog (integer) modules acc_json
cdr_skip (string) modules acc
cdr_start_id (string) modules acc
cdr_start_on_confirmed (integer) modules acc
certificate (str) modules mqtt
certificate (string) modules tls
certificate_cache_limit (integer) modules auth_identity
certificate_path (string) modules auth_identity
certificate_url (string) modules auth_identity
cfgpkgcheck (int) modules debugger
cfgtest (int) modules debugger
cfgtrace (int) modules debugger
cflags_column (string) modules usrloc
char_list (string) modules mtree
char_list (string) modules pdt
check_all_branches (integer) modules permissions
check_content modules malloc_test
check_domain (integer) modules pdt
check_on_create (integer) modules imc
check_remote_contact (int) modules pua
check_time (int) modules msilo
child_init_method (string) modules app_java
child_init_method (string) modules app_python
child_init_method (string) modules app_python3
cipher_list (str) modules mqtt
cipher_list (string) modules tls
cipher_suites (string) modules http_client
class_name (string) modules app_java
clean_interval (int) modules topos
clean_period (int) modules msilo
clean_period (int) modules presence
clean_period (int) modules rls
clean_unused (int) modules pipelimit
client_cert (string) modules http_client
client_key (string) modules http_client
clone_msg (int) modules acc
closed_event (int) modules tcpops
close_expired_tcp (int) modules usrloc
cluster (integer) modules ndb_redis
cluster (str) modules db_cluster
cmap_size (int) modules msrp
cmd_timeout (int) modules ndb_redis
cnode_alivename (str) modules erlang
cnode_host (str) modules erlang
common_response (integer) modules misc_radius
config (string) modules tls
config_file (string) modules carrierroute
config_file (string) modules cdp
config_file (string) modules http_client
config_file (string) modules ldap
config_source (string) modules carrierroute
confirmed_qosrelease_headers (String) modules ims_qos
connection (str) modules db_cluster
connection_expires (int) modules p_usrloc
connection_id_column (string) modules usrloc
connection_timeout (int) modules http_client
connection_timeout (int) modules tls
connection_timeout (integer) modules http_async_client
connect_mode (int) modules sqlops
connect_timeout (int) modules ndb_redis
consumer_event_key(str) modules nsq
consumer_event_subkey(str) modules nsq
consumer_use_nsqd(int) modules nsq
consumer_workers(int) modules nsq
consume_messages_on_reconnect(int) modules kazoo
contacts_avp (string) modules tm
contacts_hash_size (integer) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
contact_column (string) modules usrloc
contact_delete_delay (int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
contact_flds_separator (string) modules mangler
contact_flds_separator (string) modules siputils
contact_flows_avp (string) modules tm
contact_hdr (string) modules msilo
contact_host (str) modules topos
contact_max_size (integer) modules registrar
content_type_hdr (string) modules msilo
control_cmd_tos (integer) modules rtpengine
con_ct_wq_max (integer) modules tls
cookie (str) modules erlang
cors_mode (integer) modules websocket
cpl_bin_column (string) modules cplc
cpl_dtd_file (string) modules cplc
cpl_xml_column (string) modules cplc
create_on_join (integer) modules imc
credential (string) modules uac
credit_check_period (integer) modules cnxcc
crl (string) modules tls
cseq_column (string) modules usrloc
cseq_delay (int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
cseq_delay (int) modules usrloc
cseq_offset (int) modules presence
ct_wq_blk_size (integer) modules tls
ct_wq_max (integer) modules tls
curl_verbose (integer) modules http_async_client
custom_tbl (string) := “cfg_custom” modules cfg_db
custom_user_avp (avp string) modules ims_charging
custom_user_avp (avp string) modules rr
cxdx_dest_host (string) modules ims_auth
cxdx_dest_realm (string) modules ims_auth
cxdx_dest_realm (string) modules ims_icscf
cxdx_dest_realm (string) modules ims_registrar_scscf
cxdx_forced_peer (string) modules ims_auth
cxdx_forced_peer (string) modules ims_icscf
cxdx_forced_peer (string) modules ims_registrar_scscf


Name Module Path Module Name
data_col (string) modules secfilter
db_check_update (int) modules usrloc
db_delim (string) modules db_text
db_err_threshold (int) modules p_usrloc
db_expires (integer) modules htable
db_extra (string) modules acc
db_fetch_rows (integer) modules dialog
db_fetch_rows (integer) modules ims_dialog
db_flag (integer) modules acc
db_insert_mode (integer) modules acc
db_insert_mode (integer) modules sipcapture
db_insert_null (int) modules usrloc
db_insert_update (int) modules usrloc
db_load (int) modules usrloc
db_load_description (integer) modules carrierroute
db_missed_flag (integer) modules acc
db_mode (int) modules ims_charging
db_mode (int) modules ims_usrloc_pcscf
db_mode (int) modules pua
db_mode (int) modules usrloc
db_mode (integer) modules db_text
db_mode (integer) modules dialog
db_mode (integer) modules ims_dialog
db_mode (integer) modules permissions
db_mode (integer) modules uid_domain
db_mode (string) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
db_mode(int) modules rls
db_ops_ruid (int) modules p_usrloc
db_ops_ruid (int) modules usrloc
db_qtable and db_ctable (str) modules mohqueue
db_raw_fetch_type (int) modules usrloc
db_retry_interval (int) modules p_usrloc
db_scheme (string) modules avpops
db_set_journal_mode (string) modules db_sqlite
db_set_readonly (string) modules db_sqlite
db_skip_load (integer) modules dialog
db_table (str) modules pua
db_table (string) modules cplc
db_table (string) modules msilo
db_table (string) modules mtree
db_table (string) modules pdt
db_table (string) modules prefix_route
db_table (string) modules uri_db
db_table_acc (string) modules acc
db_table_lock_type (integer) modules presence
db_table_lock_write (integer) modules pua
db_table_missed_calls (string) modules acc
db_timer_clean (int) modules usrloc
db_transaction_level (string) modules p_usrloc
db_update_as_insert (int) modules usrloc
db_update_as_insert (string) modules p_usrloc
db_update_interval (integer) modules sca
db_update_period (int) modules presence
db_update_period (integer) modules dialog
db_update_period (integer) modules ims_dialog
db_url (int) modules ims_usrloc_pcscf
db_url (str) modules alias_db
db_url (str) modules htable
db_url (str) modules imc
db_url (str) modules mohqueue
db_url (str) modules mqueue
db_url (str) modules pua
db_url (str) modules sca
db_url (str) modules sipcapture
db_url (str) modules siptrace
db_url (str) modules topos
db_url (string) modules acc
db_url (string) modules auth_db
db_url (string) modules avpops
db_url (string) modules cfg_db
db_url (string) modules cplc
db_url (string) modules dialog
db_url (string) modules dialplan
db_url (string) modules dispatcher
db_url (string) modules domain
db_url (string) modules domainpolicy
db_url (string) modules group
db_url (string) modules ims_charging
db_url (string) modules ims_dialog
db_url (string) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
db_url (string) modules lcr
db_url (string) modules matrix
db_url (string) modules msilo
db_url (string) modules mtree
db_url (string) modules pdt
db_url (string) modules permissions
db_url (string) modules pipelimit
db_url (string) modules prefix_route
db_url (string) modules rtpengine
db_url (string) modules rtpproxy
db_url (string) modules secfilter
db_url (string) modules speeddial
db_url (string) modules uid_auth_db
db_url (string) modules uid_avp_db
db_url (string) modules uid_domain
db_url (string) modules uid_uri_db
db_url (string) modules uri_db
db_url (String) modules userblacklist
db_url (string) modules usrloc
db_url (string) modules xcap_server
db_url(str) modules drouting
db_url(str) modules kazoo
db_url(str) modules presence
db_url(str) modules presence_xml
db_url(str) modules rls
db_url(str) modules xcap_client
db_use_transactions (int) modules p_usrloc
debug_heavy (int) modules cdp
default_allow_file (string) modules permissions
default_checks (integer) modules sanity
default_code (int) modules sl
default_code (integer) modules tm
default_connection (string) modules db_text
default_db_type(str) modules p_usrloc
default_db_url(str) modules p_usrloc
default_deny_file (string) modules permissions
default_domain (str) modules pua_usrloc
default_domain(str) modules pua_bla
default_domain(str) modules pua_reginfo
default_expires (int) modules ims_registrar_scscf
default_expires (int) modules pua
default_expires (integer) modules registrar
default_expires_range (int) modules ims_registrar_scscf
default_expires_range (integer) modules registrar
default_filter (string) modules uac_redirect
default_net (string) modules sms
default_q (integer) modules registrar
default_reason (str) modules sl
default_reason (string) modules tm
default_socket (str) modules uac
default_timeout (integer) modules dialog
default_timeout (integer) modules ims_dialog
default_tree (string) modules carrierroute
defunct_capability (integer) modules lcr
defunct_column (string) modules lcr
defunct_gw_avp (AVP string) modules lcr
delete_contact_on_rx_failure integer modules ims_qos
delete_same_subs (integer) modules presence
deny_filter (string) modules uac_redirect
deny_suffix (string) modules permissions
desc_time_order (int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
desc_time_order (int) modules usrloc
destination_col (string) modules dispatcher
destination_host(string) modules ims_charging
destination_realm(string) modules ims_charging
detect_direction (integer) modules acc
detect_spirals (integer) modules dialog
detect_spirals (integer) modules ims_dialog
device_ip modules osp
device_port modules osp
dgram_group (int) dgram_group (str) modules jsonrpcs
dgram_mode (int) modules jsonrpcs
dgram_socket (str) modules jsonrpcs
dgram_timeout (int) modules jsonrpcs
dgram_user (int) dgram_group (str) modules jsonrpcs
dgram_workers (str) modules jsonrpcs
dialog_expire (int) modules topos
diameter_client_host (string) modules acc_diameter
diameter_client_host (string) modules auth_diameter
diameter_client_port (int) modules acc_diameter
diameter_client_port (int) modules auth_diameter
diameter_extra (string) modules acc_diameter
diameter_flag (integer) modules acc_diameter
diameter_missed_flag (integer) modules acc_diameter
did_col (string) modules domain
did_col (string) modules uid_domain
did_column (string) modules uid_avp_db
directory_hostname (string) modules xcap_server
directory_scheme (int) modules xcap_server
direct_reply_to (int) modules rabbitmq
disable (int) modules mediaproxy
disabled_col (string) modules rtpengine
disable_6xx_block (integer) modules tm
disable_bla(int) modules presence_xml
disable_callee_publish_flag (int) modules pua_dialoginfo
disable_caller_publish_flag (int) modules pua_dialoginfo
disable_presence(int) modules presence_xml
disable_remote_presence (integer) modules rls
disable_time (integer) modules ndb_redis
disable_winfo(int) modules presence_xml
disable_xcapdiff(int) modules presence_xml
dlginfo_increase_version (int) modules pua
dlg_extra_hdrs (string) modules dialog
dlg_extra_hdrs (string) modules ims_dialog
dlg_flag (integer) modules dialog
dlg_flag (integer) modules ims_dialog
dlg_major_threshold (Integer) modules snmpstats
dlg_match_mode (integer) modules dialog
dlg_match_mode (integer) modules ims_dialog
dlg_minor_threshold (Integer) modules snmpstats
dmq_init_sync (integer) modules htable
dns_cache (string) modules corex
dns_reuse_rcv_socket (boolean) modules tm
domain (string) modules sms
domain_attrs_table (string) modules domain
domain_col (string) modules domain
domain_col (string) modules uid_domain
domain_column (str) modules alias_db
domain_column (string) modules auth_db
domain_column (string) modules avpops
domain_column (string) modules cplc
domain_column (string) modules group
domain_column (string) modules pdt
domain_column (string) modules speeddial
domain_column (string) modules uid_auth_db
domain_column (string) modules uri_db
domain_column (string) modules usrloc
domain_db(str) modules p_usrloc
domain_prefix (str) modules alias_db
domain_prefix (string) modules speeddial
domain_prefix_avp (string) modules domainpolicy
domain_replacement_avp (string) modules domainpolicy
domain_separator (string) modules xmpp
domain_suffix (string) modules enum
domain_suffix_avp (string) modules domainpolicy
domain_table (string) modules domain
domain_table (string) modules uid_domain
domattr_did (string) modules uid_domain
domattr_flags (string) modules uid_domain
domattr_name (string) modules uid_domain
domattr_table (string) modules uid_domain
domattr_type (string) modules uid_domain
domattr_value (string) modules uid_domain
dont_strip_or_prefix_flag (integer) modules lcr
double_lf_to_crlf (integer) modules xmlrpc
dpid_col (string) modules dialplan
dp_col_att (string) modules domainpolicy
dp_col_rule (string) modules domainpolicy
dp_col_type (string) modules domainpolicy
dp_col_val (string) modules domainpolicy
dp_table (string) modules domainpolicy
drd_table(str) modules drouting
drg_domain_col (str) modules drouting
drg_grpid_col (str) modules drouting
drg_table(str) modules drouting
drg_user_col (str) modules drouting
drl_table(str) modules drouting
drr_table(str) modules drouting
dst_exact_match (integer) modules secfilter
ds_attrs_none (int) modules dispatcher
ds_db_extra_attrs (str) modules dispatcher
ds_default_socket (str) modules dispatcher
ds_default_sockname (str) modules dispatcher
ds_hash_check_interval (int) modules dispatcher
ds_hash_expire (int) modules dispatcher
ds_hash_initexpire (int) modules dispatcher
ds_hash_size (int) modules dispatcher
ds_inactive_threshold (int) modules dispatcher
ds_latency_estimator_alpha (int) modules dispatcher
ds_load_mode (int) modules dispatcher
ds_ping_from (string) modules dispatcher
ds_ping_interval (int) modules dispatcher
ds_ping_latency_stats (int) modules dispatcher
ds_ping_method (string) modules dispatcher
ds_ping_reply_codes (string) modules dispatcher
ds_probing_mode (int) modules dispatcher
ds_probing_threshold (int) modules dispatcher
ds_timer_mode (int) modules dispatcher
duplicate_uri (str) modules siptrace


Name Module Path Module Name
e2e_cancel_reason (boolean) modules tm
early_media (integer) modules acc
early_qosrelease_reason (String) modules ims_qos
early_timeout (integer) modules dialog
emptystring (integer) modules db_text
enable (int) modules benchmark
enable (int) modules dmq_usrloc
enable (int) modules sipdump
enabled_column (string) modules lcr
enable_crypto_hardware_support modules osp
enable_dmq (int) modules dialog
enable_dmq (integer) modules htable
enable_dmq (integer) modules presence
enable_double_rr (integer) modules rr
enable_full_lr (integer) modules rr
enable_keepalive (int) modules drouting
enable_r2 (int) modules path
enable_socket_mismatch_warning (integer) modules rr
enable_sphere_check (int) modules presence
enable_stats (integer) modules dialog
enable_stats (integer) modules ims_dialog
enable_stats (integer) modules sst
encode_delimiter (integer) modules db_flatstore
end (integer) modules call_obj
end_timeout (integer) modules dialog
engine (string) modules tls
engine_algorithms (string) modules tls
engine_config (string) modules tls
entity_prefix (str) modules pua_usrloc
erlang_nodename (str) modules erlang
error_column (string) modules p_usrloc
error_reply_code (int) modules ims_registrar_scscf
escape_cr (integer) modules xmlrpc
evcb_msg (str) modules siptrace
evcb_reply_out (string) modules corex
event_callback (str) modules dialog
event_callback (str) modules dispatcher
event_callback (str) modules evapi
event_callback (str) modules htable
event_callback (str) modules mqtt
event_callback (str) modules msrp
event_callback (str) modules registrar
event_callback (str) modules sipcapture
event_callback (str) modules sipdump
event_callback (str) modules tcpops
event_callback (str) modules tls
event_callback (str) modules tm
event_callback (str) modules topoh
event_callback (str) modules topos
event_callback (str) modules websocket
event_callback (str) modules xhttp
event_callback (string) modules xmlrpc
event_callback(str) modules kazoo
event_callback_fl_ack (str) modules sl
event_callback_lres_sent (str) modules sl
event_callback_lres_sent (str) modules tm
event_callback_mode (int) modules htable
event_mode (int) modules topos
exact_type (int) modules lost
exec (str) modules evrexec
exec (str) modules rtimer
exec_time_check (int) modules tm
exit (int) modules prefix_route
expire (int) modules secsipid
expire (integer) modules memcached
expires_column (str) modules htable
expires_column (string) modules usrloc
expires_grace (integer) modules ims_isc
expires_offset (int) modules presence
expires_offset (int) modules rls
expires_range (integer) modules registrar
expires_type (int) modules usrloc
expire_time (int) modules msilo
expire_time (int) modules p_usrloc
export_registrar (int) modules snmpstats
extra_hdrs (str) modules imc
extra_hdrs (string) modules msilo
extra_hdrs_avp (str) modules msilo
extra_id_pv (string) modules rtpengine
extra_id_pv (string) modules rtpproxy


Name Module Path Module Name
failed_filter (string) modules acc
failed_transaction_flag (integer) modules acc
failover_level (int) modules p_usrloc
failover_time_column (string) modules p_usrloc
failure_exec_mode (boolean) modules tm
failure_reply_mode (integer) modules tm
faked_reply_prio (integer) modules tm
fallback_default (int) modules carrierroute
fetch_rows (int) modules dialplan
fetch_rows (int) modules drouting
fetch_rows (int) modules usrloc
fetch_rows (integer) modules carrierroute
fetch_rows (integer) modules htable
fetch_rows (integer) modules lcr
fetch_rows (integer) modules mtree
fetch_rows (integer) modules pdt
fetch_rows (integer) modules presence
fetch_rows (integer) modules pua
fetch_rows (integer) modules rls
fetch_rows(int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
fifo (integer) modules ctl
fifo_group (int or str) modules jsonrpcs
fifo_mode (int) modules jsonrpcs
fifo_name (str) modules jsonrpcs
fifo_reply_dir (str) modules jsonrpcs
fifo_user (int or str) modules jsonrpcs
file (string) modules regex
filename (string) modules app_perl
file_buffer_size (integer) modules db_text
filter_server_id (int) modules nathelper
finish_lifetime (int) modules dlgs
flags (int) modules dispatcher
flags_avp (AVP string) modules lcr
flags_col (string) modules dispatcher
flags_col (string) modules uid_domain
flags_column (string) modules lcr
flags_column (string) modules uid_avp_db
flags_column (string) modules usrloc
flags_hdr_mode (int) modules uac_redirect
flow_timer (integer) modules registrar
flush (integer) modules db_flatstore
flush_on_reconnect (integer) modules ndb_redis
folder (str) modules sipdump
force_active (int) modules presence_xml
force_cmd_exec (int) modules app_java
force_color (integer) modules xlog
force_delete (int) modules presence
force_dns (int) modules drouting
force_dst (int) modules dispatcher
force_dummy_dialog (int) modules presence_dialoginfo
force_dummy_presence(int) modules presence_xml
force_generate_avps (integer) modules auth_db
force_icscf_uri (string) modules ims_registrar_pcscf
force_no_outbound_flag (integer) modules outbound
force_outbound_flag (integer) modules outbound
force_presence_single_body(int) modules presence_xml
force_send_interface (string) modules rtpengine
force_send_sock (str) modules siptrace
force_send_socket (int) modules rr
force_single_dialog (int) modules presence_dialoginfo
force_socket (string) modules nathelper
force_stateless_reply (boolean) modules auth
forward_active (int) modules utils
fprefix (str) modules sipdump
framework (string) modules xhttp_pi
from_address (string) modules msilo
from_col (string) modules permissions
from_contact_column (string) modules dialog
from_cseq_column (string) modules dialog
from_route_column (string) modules dialog
from_sock_column (string) modules dialog
from_tag_column (string) modules dialog
from_uri_column (string) modules dialog
from_uri_column (string) modules lcr
fr_inv_timer (integer) modules tm
fr_inv_timer_avp (string) modules tm
fr_timer (integer) modules tm
fr_timer_avp (string) modules tm


Name Module Path Module Name
gateway_domain (string) modules xmpp
general_query_flags (integer) modules dnssec
globalblacklist_description_col (string) modules userblacklist
globalblacklist_id_col (string) modules userblacklist
globalblacklist_prefix_col (string) modules userblacklist
globalblacklist_table (String) modules userblacklist
globalblacklist_whitelist_col (string) modules userblacklist
granularity (int) modules benchmark
group (integer or string) modules ctl
group_column (string) modules group
group_extra (string) modules misc_radius
group_max_size (int) modules regex
group_service_type (integer) modules misc_radius
grp_col (string) modules permissions
gruu_enabled (integer) modules registrar
gwmap (string) modules xmpp
gw_id_column (string) modules lcr
gw_name_column (string) modules lcr
gw_uri_avp (AVP string) modules lcr


Name Module Path Module Name
handle_lost_tcp (int) modules usrloc
handshake_timeout (int) modules tls
hash_algo (integer) modules rtpengine
hash_file (string) modules cfgutils
hash_pvar (str) modules dispatcher
hash_size (int) modules ims_usrloc_pcscf
hash_size (int) modules pipelimit
hash_size (int) modules pua
hash_size (int) modules rls
hash_size (int) modules usrloc
hash_size (integer) modules dialog
hash_size (integer) modules http_async_client
hash_size (integer) modules imc
hash_size (integer) modules ims_dialog
hash_size (integer) modules tsilo
hash_size (string) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
hash_size(int) modules ims_charging
hash_source (str) modules sipcapture
hash_table_size (integer) modules rtpengine
hash_table_size (integer) modules sca
hash_table_tout (integer) modules rtpengine
header_name (str) modules gzcompress
header_name(str) modules pua_bla
header_value (str) modules gzcompress
hep_capture_id (integer) modules siptrace
hep_capture_on (integer) modules sipcapture
hep_mode_on (integer) modules siptrace
hep_version (integer) modules siptrace
host (str) modules mqtt
host (str) modules ndb_cassandra
hostname_column (string) modules lcr
htable (str) modules htable
httpcon (string) modules http_client
httpproxy (string) modules http_client
httpproxyport (string) modules http_client
httpredirect (int) modules http_client
h_entry_column (string) modules dialog
h_id_column (string) modules dialog
h_id_start (int) modules dialog
h_id_step (int) modules dialog


Name Module Path Module Name
ice_candidate (string) modules mediaproxy
ice_candidate_avp (string) modules mediaproxy
ice_candidate_priority_avp (string) modules rtpproxy
id (str) modules mqtt
id_column (string) modules lcr
id_column (string) modules p_usrloc
ignore_contact_rxport_check (int) modules ims_registrar_pcscf
ignore_failed_auth (integer) modules ims_auth
ignore_reg_state (int) modules ims_registrar_pcscf
ignore_sips (int) modules rr
imc_cmd_start_char (str) modules imc
inactive_interval (int) modules db_cluster
include_callid (int) modules pua_dialoginfo
include_localremote (int) modules pua_dialoginfo
include_req_uri (int) modules pua_dialoginfo
include_rtcp_fd integer modules ims_qos
include_tags (int) modules pua_dialoginfo
initial (integer) modules uid_gflags
initial_cbs_inscript (int) modules dialog
initial_cbs_inscript (string) modules ims_dialog
initial_gflags (integer) modules cfgutils
initial_probability (string) modules cfgutils
init_lifetime (int) modules dlgs
init_without_redis (integer) modules ndb_redis
insert_delayed (integer) modules db_mysql
insert_retries (integer) modules sipcapture
insert_retry_timeout (integer) modules sipcapture
instance_column (string) modules usrloc
integrated_xcap_server (int) modules presence_xml
integrated_xcap_server (int) modules rls
interim_update_credits(int) modules ims_charging
interval (int) modules statsc
int_param (integer) modules print
ip(string) modules statsd
ipsec_client_port (int) modules ims_ipsec_pcscf
ipsec_listen_addr (string) modules ims_ipsec_pcscf
ipsec_listen_addr6 (string) modules ims_ipsec_pcscf
ipsec_max_connections (int) modules ims_ipsec_pcscf
ipsec_reuse_server_port (int) modules ims_ipsec_pcscf
ipsec_server_port (int) modules ims_ipsec_pcscf
ipsec_spi_id_range (int) modules ims_ipsec_pcscf
ipsec_spi_id_start (int) modules ims_ipsec_pcscf
ip_addr_col (string) modules permissions
ip_addr_column (string) modules lcr
isc_fr_inv_timeout (integer) modules ims_isc
isc_fr_timeout (integer) modules ims_isc
is_registered_fallback2ip (int) modules ims_registrar_pcscf
items (int) modules statsc
i_enum_suffix (string) modules enum


Name Module Path Module Name
java_options (string) modules app_java
journal_roll_interval (integer seconds) modules db_berkeley


Name Module Path Module Name
ka_domain (str) modules usrloc
ka_failed_limit (int) modules dialog
ka_filter (int) modules usrloc
ka_from (str) modules usrloc
ka_interval (int) modules dialog
ka_loglevel (int) modules usrloc
ka_logmsg (str) modules usrloc
ka_method (str) modules usrloc
ka_mode (int) modules usrloc
ka_timer (int) modules dialog
keepalive (int) modules mqtt
keepalive_column (string) modules usrloc
keepalive_interval (integer) modules websocket
keepalive_mechanism (integer) modules websocket
keepalive_processes (integer) modules websocket
keepalive_timeout (int) modules nathelper
keepalive_timeout (integer) modules websocket
keep_alive (integer) modules janssonrpcc
keep_connections (int) modules http_client
keep_proxy_rr (string) modules dialog
kevcb_netio (str) modules crypto
keys (string) modules db_redis
key_name_column (str) modules htable
key_type_column (str) modules htable
key_value_column (str) modules htable


Name Module Path Module Name
latency_threshold (int) modules cdp
lcr_count (integer) modules lcr
lcr_gw_count (integer) modules lcr
lcr_gw_table (string) modules lcr
lcr_id_avp (AVP string) modules lcr
lcr_id_column (string) modules lcr
lcr_rule_hash_size (integer) modules lcr
lcr_rule_table (string) modules lcr
lcr_rule_target_table (string) modules lcr
ldap_session (string) modules h350
line_seize_max_expires (integer) modules sca
links (string) modules sms
list_file (string) modules dispatcher
load (str) modules app_jsdt
load (str) modules app_ruby
load (str) modules app_sqlang
load (string) modules app_lua
load (string) modules app_mono
load (string) modules app_python
load (string) modules app_python3
load_backends (int) modules permissions
load_credentials (string) modules auth_db
load_domain_attrs (integer) modules uid_domain
load_fetch (integer) modules pipelimit
local_ack_mode (integer) modules tm
local_cancel_reason (boolean) modules tm
local_log_facility (int) modules presence
local_log_level (int) modules presence
location_type (string) modules lost
lockset (integer) modules db_postgres
lock_set_size (integer) modules cfgutils
loglevel (int) modules benchmark
log_assign (int) modules debugger
log_colors (string) modules xlog
log_dir (string) modules cplc
log_enable (integer) modules db_berkeley
log_extra (string) modules acc
log_facility (str) modules debugger
log_facility (string) modules acc
log_facility (string) modules xlog
log_file_name (string) modules rtp_media_server
log_flag (integer) modules acc
log_level (int) modules debugger
log_level (integer) modules acc
log_level_name (str) modules debugger
log_missed_flag (integer) modules acc
log_mode (int) modules app_lua
log_prefix (str) modules debugger
long_format (integer) modules xlog
lookupd_address(str) modules nsq
lookupd_port(int) modules nsq
lookup_append_branches (int) modules cplc
lookup_domain (string) modules cplc
lookup_filter_mode (int) modules registrar
low_mem_threshold1 (integer) modules tls
low_mem_threshold2 (integer) modules tls
lreq_callee_headers (string) modules dialog


Name Module Path Module Name
mask (int) modules cfgt
mask_callid (int) modules topos
mask_callid (integer) modules topoh
mask_col (string) modules permissions
mask_ip (str) modules topoh
mask_key (str) modules topoh
matching_mode (int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
matching_mode (int) modules usrloc
matching_mode(int) modules p_usrloc
match_contact_host_port (int) modules ims_usrloc_pcscf
match_dynamic (int) modules dialplan
match_exp_col (string) modules dialplan
match_len_col (string) modules dialplan
match_mode (integer) modules carrierroute
match_mode (integer) modules userblacklist
match_op_col (string) modules dialplan
matrix_first_col (string) modules matrix
matrix_res_col (string) modules matrix
matrix_second_col (string) modules matrix
matrix_table (string) modules matrix
maxcontact (int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
maxcontact_3gpp (int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
maxcontact_behaviour (int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
maxdatasize (int) modules http_client
max_backend_subs (integer) modules rls
max_clients (int) modules evapi
max_conn_attempts (int) modules jsonrpcc
max_contacts (integer) modules registrar
max_destinations modules osp
max_expires (int) modules ims_registrar_scscf
max_expires (int) modules presence
max_expires (int) modules rls
max_expires (integer) modules registrar
max_groups (int) modules regex
max_inv_lifetime (integer) modules tm
max_in_flight(int) modules nsq
max_limit (integer) modules maxfwd
max_messages (int) modules msilo
max_nonce_reuse (integer) modules ims_auth
max_noninv_lifetime (integer) modules tm
max_notify_body_length (int) modules rls
max_query_length (int) modules db_cluster
max_result_rows (integer) modules db_text
max_sms_parts (integer) modules sms
max_subnets (int) modules permissions
max_subscribes(int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
mdb_availability_control(str) modules p_usrloc
mediaproxy_socket (string) modules mediaproxy
mediaproxy_timeout (int) modules mediaproxy
media_duration (string) modules rtpengine
media_relay_avp (string) modules mediaproxy
members_table (str) modules imc
memory (integer) modules memcached
memory_manager (string) modules http_async_client
methods_column (string) modules usrloc
methods_filter (int) modules xlog
method_filtering (integer) modules ims_registrar_scscf
method_filtering (integer) modules registrar
min_expires (int) modules ims_registrar_scscf
min_expires (int) modules presence
min_expires (int) modules pua
min_expires (integer) modules registrar
min_expires_action (int) modules presence
min_expires_mode (integer) modules registrar
min_se (integer) modules sst
min_srv_ttl (integer) modules janssonrpcc
mode (int) modules sipdump
mode (integer) modules ctl
mode (integer) modules memcached
mode (integer) modules xmlrpc
modems (string) modules sms
modpath (string) modules app_perl
mod_facility (str) modules debugger
mod_facility_mode (int) modules debugger
mod_hash_size (int) modules debugger
mod_init_function (string) modules app_python
mod_init_function (string) modules app_python3
mod_level (str) modules debugger
mod_level_mode (int) modules debugger
mohdir (str) modules mohqueue
moh_maxcalls (integer) modules mohqueue
mos_average_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_average_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_average_jitter_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_average_jitter_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_average_jitter_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_average_packetloss_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_average_packetloss_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_average_packetloss_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_average_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_average_roundtrip_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_average_roundtrip_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_average_roundtrip_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_average_samples_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_average_samples_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_average_samples_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_A_label_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_B_label_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_at_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_at_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_at_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_jitter_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_jitter_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_jitter_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_packetloss_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_packetloss_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_packetloss_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_roundtrip_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_roundtrip_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_max_roundtrip_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_at_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_at_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_at_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_jitter_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_jitter_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_jitter_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_packetloss_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_packetloss_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_packetloss_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_roundtrip_A_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_roundtrip_B_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mos_min_roundtrip_pv (string) modules rtpengine
mqueue (string) modules mqueue
MsgQueueMajorThreshold (Integer) modules snmpstats
MsgQueueMinorThreshold (Integer) modules snmpstats
msg_match (str) modules nosip
msg_skip (str) modules nosip
msg_timeout (integer) modules auth_identity
ms_timer (int) modules async
mtree (string) modules lcr
mtree (string) modules mtree
mt_allow_duplicates (integer) modules mtree
mt_ignore_duplicates (integer) modules mtree
mt_mode (str) modules sipcapture
mt_pv_values (AVP string) modules lcr
mt_tree_type (integer) modules mtree
mt_tvalue_column (string) modules lcr
multiple_gid (integer) modules group
multi_leg_info (string) modules acc
multi_notify(int) modules dmq
my_uri (string) modules ims_isc


Name Module Path Module Name
name (string) modules ims_auth
name (string) modules uid_avp_db
name_col (string) modules domain
natping_disable_bflag (integer) modules nathelper
natping_interval (integer) modules nathelper
natping_processes (integer) modules nathelper
natping_socket (string) modules nathelper
nat_addr_mode (int) modules nathelper
nat_bflag (int) modules usrloc
nat_bflag (integer) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
nc_array_order (integer) modules auth
nc_array_size (integer) modules auth
netinterface (string) modules http_client
netio_key (str) modules crypto
netstring_format (int) modules evapi
networks (string) modules sms
new_uri_column (string) modules speeddial
nid_pool_no (integer) modules auth
nio_intercept (int) modules corex
nio_min_msg_len (int) modules corex
nio_msg_avp (string) modules corex
noack_timeout (integer) modules dialog
node_hostname(str) modules kazoo
noisy_ctimer (integer) modules tm
nonce_auth_max_drift (integer) modules auth
nonce_count (boolean) modules auth
nonce_expire (integer) modules auth
nonsip_hook (int) modules sipcapture
noreply (int) modules sanity
nortpproxy_str (string) modules nathelper
nortpproxy_str (string) modules rtpproxy
notification_address(str) modules dmq
notifier_poll_rate (int) modules presence
notifier_poll_rate (int) modules rls
notifier_processes (int) modules presence
notifier_processes (int) modules rls
no_cnodes (int) modules erlang
nsqd_address(str) modules nsq
nsqd_port(int) modules nsq
num_column (string) modules p_usrloc
num_workers(int) modules dmq


Name Module Path Module Name
offline_message (string) modules msilo
one_time_nonce (boolean) modules auth
onhold_bflag (integer) modules sca
on_sl_reply (string) modules tm
options_accept (string) modules siputils
options_accept_encoding (string) modules siputils
options_accept_language (string) modules siputils
options_support (string) modules siputils
opt_ssl_mode (integer) modules db_mysql
origin_host(string) modules ims_charging
origin_realm(string) modules ims_charging
otn_in_flight_no (integer) modules auth
otn_in_flight_order (integer) modules auth
outbound_mode (integer) modules registrar
outbound_proxy (str) modules dispatcher
outbound_proxy (str) modules imc
outbound_proxy (str) modules pua
outbound_proxy (str) modules rls
outbound_proxy (string) modules msilo
outbound_proxy (string) modules xmpp
outbound_proxy(str) modules pua_bla
outbound_proxy(str) modules pua_reginfo
override_lifetime (int) modules pua_dialoginfo


Name Module Path Module Name
params_column (string) modules lcr
partition_column (string) modules usrloc
passive_mode(int) modules presence_xml
password (str) modules mqtt
password_column (string) modules auth_db
password_column (string) modules uid_auth_db
password_column_2 (string) modules auth_db
password_column_2 (string) modules uid_auth_db
pass_provisional_replies (integer) modules tm
path (string) modules geoip
path (string) modules geoip2
path_check_local (integer) modules registrar
path_column (string) modules usrloc
path_mode (integer) modules registrar
path_use_received (integer) modules registrar
pcre_caseless (int) modules regex
pcre_dotall (int) modules regex
pcre_extended (int) modules regex
pcre_multiline (int) modules regex
pcscf_uri (string) modules ims_registrar_pcscf
peer_tag_avp (AVP string) modules permissions
peer_tag_mode (integer) modules permissions
pending_reg_expires (int) modules ims_registrar_pcscf
periodical_query(int) modules xcap_client
perl_destroy_func (string) modules app_perl
persistence modules osp
pike_log_level (integer) modules pike
ping_application_data (string) modules websocket
ping_from (string) modules lcr
ping_inactivate_threshold (integer) modules lcr
ping_interval (int) modules db_unixodbc
ping_interval (integer) modules db_mysql
ping_interval (integer) modules lcr
ping_interval(int) modules dmq
ping_nated_only (integer) modules nathelper
ping_socket (string) modules lcr
ping_valid_reply_codes (string) modules lcr
pipe (integer:string:integer) modules ratelimit
plain_password_column (string) modules uid_auth_db
plp_algorithm_column (string) modules pipelimit
plp_limit_column (string) modules pipelimit
plp_pipeid_column (string) modules pipelimit
plp_table_name (string) modules pipelimit
port (int) modules mqtt
port(string) modules statsd
port_col (string) modules permissions
port_column (string) modules lcr
port_override_avp (string) modules domainpolicy
precheck_trans (int) modules tmx
preferred_scscf_uri (string) modules ims_icscf
prefix (str) modules xlog
prefix (string) modules pdt
prefix_column (string) modules lcr
prefix_column (string) modules pdt
preload (string) modules usrloc
presence_single_body_lookup_element(str) modules presence_xml
presence_single_body_priorities(str) modules presence_xml
presentity_table(str) modules kazoo
presentity_table(str) modules presence
pres_db_url (string) modules utils
pres_htable_size (int) modules presence
pres_subs_mode (integer) modules presence
pretty_format (int) modules jsonrpcs
priority_col (string) modules dispatcher
priority_col (string) modules permissions
priority_column (string) modules lcr
priority_ordering (integer) modules lcr
privatekey_path (string) modules auth_identity
private_key (str) modules mqtt
private_key (string) modules tls
private_key, local_certificate, ca_certificates modules osp
profiles_no_value (string) modules dialog
profiles_no_value (string) modules ims_dialog
profiles_with_value (string) modules dialog
profiles_with_value (string) modules ims_dialog
promiscuous_on (integer) modules sipcapture
prom_counter (str) modules xhttp_prom
prom_gauge (str) modules xhttp_prom
proto_col (string) modules permissions
proxy_recurse (int) modules cplc
proxy_require (string) modules sanity
proxy_route (string) modules cplc
pr_col (string) modules dialplan
pua_mode(int) modules kazoo
publish_reginfo (int) modules ims_registrar_pcscf
publish_reginfo(int) modules pua_reginfo
publ_cache (int) modules presence
pubruri_callee_avp (str) modules pua_dialoginfo
pubruri_callee_dlg_var (str) modules pua_dialoginfo
pubruri_caller_avp (str) modules pua_dialoginfo
pubruri_caller_dlg_var (str) modules pua_dialoginfo
purge_expired_interval (integer) modules sca
pv_value (string) modules mtree
pv_values (string) modules mtree


Name Module Path Module Name
qop (string) modules auth
qos_flag (integer) modules qos
queried_nodes_limit (integer) modules rtpengine
query_maxdatasize (int) modules http_client
query_period(int) modules xcap_client
query_result (int) modules http_client
queue (integer:string) modules ratelimit
quote_char (str) modules db_unixodbc
q_column (string) modules usrloc


Name Module Path Module Name
radius_avps_mode (integer) modules auth_radius
radius_config (string) modules acc_radius
radius_config (string) modules auth_radius
radius_config (string) modules misc_radius
radius_config (string) modules peering
radius_extra (string) modules acc_radius
radius_flag (integer) modules acc_radius
radius_missed_flag (integer) modules acc_radius
rad_time_mode(integer) modules acc_radius
rand_engine (str) modules tls
raw_interface (string) modules sipcapture
raw_ipip_capture_on (integer) modules sipcapture
raw_moni_bpf_on (integer) modules sipcapture
raw_moni_capture_on (integer) modules sipcapture
raw_socket_listen (string) modules sipcapture
raw_sock_children (integer) modules sipcapture
read_db_url (string) modules p_usrloc
read_sdp_pv (string) modules rtpengine
realm_prefix (string) modules auth
realm_prefix (string) modules cplc
realm_prefix (string) modules registrar
reason_from_hf (int) modules acc
received_avp (str) modules nathelper
received_avp (str) modules registrar
received_avp (string) modules ims_registrar_pcscf
received_column (string) modules usrloc
received_format (int) modules path
received_param (string) modules registrar
reconnect (fixedpoint) modules db_oracle
redirection_uri_format modules osp
redis (integer) modules cnxcc
regex_sdp_ip_prefix_to_maintain_in_fd (String) modules ims_qos
regid_mode (integer) modules registrar
reginfo_increase_version (int) modules pua
reginfo_queue_size_threshold (int) modules ims_registrar_pcscf
register (str) modules benchmark
register (string) modules app_lua_sr
register_callid (int) modules crypto
register_evcb (int) modules crypto
register_myself (integer) modules domain
registration_default_algorithm (string) modules ims_auth
registration_qop (string) modules ims_auth
reg_active (int) modules uac
reg_callid_avp (string) modules registrar
reg_contact_addr (string) modules uac
reg_db_table (string) modules p_usrloc
reg_db_table (string) modules uac
reg_db_url (string) modules uac
reg_gc_interval (int) modules uac
reg_id_column (string) modules usrloc
reg_keep_callid (int) modules uac
reg_random_delay (int) modules uac
reg_retry_interval (int) modules uac
reg_timer_interval (int) modules uac
reject_to_small (integer) modules sst
relay_100 (str) modules tm
reload (boolean) modules app_lua
reload_db_subs (integer) modules rls
reload_delta (int) modules dialplan
reload_delta (int) modules dispatcher
remap_503_500 (boolean) modules tm
reminder (string) modules msilo
remove_latency (integer) modules pike
renegotiation (boolean) modules tls
reparse_invite (integer) modules tm
reparse_on_dns_failover (integer) modules tm
replace_query (int) modules db_unixodbc
replicate_socket_info (int) modules dmq_usrloc
reply_code (integer) modules pipelimit
reply_reason (string) modules pipelimit
repl_exp_col (string) modules dialplan
report_ack (integer) modules acc
report_cancels (integer) modules acc
reqs_density_per_unit (integer) modules pike
request_uri_column (string) modules lcr
require_certificate (boolean) modules tls
reset_cycles (int) modules app_perl
reset_msgid (int) modules debugger
resid (str) modules phonenum
response_time (int) modules lost
restart_fr_on_each_reply (integer) modules tm
restore_dlg (int) modules uac
restore_from_avp (string) modules uac
restore_mode (string) modules uac
restore_passwd (string) modules uac
restore_to_avp (string) modules uac
result_pv (string) modules janssonrpcc
retries (integer) modules db_postgres
retrieve_order (int) modules presence
retrieve_order_by (str) modules presence
retry_after (integer) modules registrar
retry_codes (string) modules janssonrpcc
retry_delay modules osp
retry_limit modules osp
retr_timer1 (integer) modules tm
retr_timer2 (integer) modules tm
re_exp_column (string) modules group
re_gid_column (string) modules group
re_table (string) modules group
rich_redirect (int) modules sl
rich_redirect (int) modules tm
ring_timeout (int) modules siputils
risk_group_column (string) modules p_usrloc
rlpres_clean_period (int) modules rls
rlpres_db_url(str) modules rls
rlpres_table(str) modules rls
rlsubs_table(str) modules rls
rls_event (str) modules rls
rm_delay_interval (integer) modules websocket
rm_expired_delay (int) modules usrloc
rooms_table (str) modules imc
rotate (int) modules sipdump
route (string) modules xmlrpc
route_lir_user_unknown (string) modules ims_icscf
route_uar_user_unknown (string) modules ims_icscf
ro_auth_expiry(integer) modules ims_charging
ro_auth_expiry(integer) modules ims_charging
ro_forced_peer(string) modules ims_charging
rpc_reply_with_struct (int) modules erlang
rpid_avp (string) modules siputils
rpid_column (string) modules uid_auth_db
rpid_prefix (string) modules siputils
rpid_suffix (string) modules siputils
rr_from_store_param (string) modules uac
rr_param (string) modules dialog
rr_param (string) modules ims_dialog
rr_to_store_param (string) modules uac
rtpengine_allow_op (integer) modules rtpengine
rtpengine_disable_tout (integer) modules rtpengine
rtpengine_retr (integer) modules rtpengine
rtpengine_sock (string) modules rtpengine
rtpengine_tout_ms (integer) modules rtpengine
rtpproxy_disable_tout (integer) modules rtpproxy
rtpproxy_retr (integer) modules rtpproxy
rtpproxy_sock (string) modules rtpproxy
rtpproxy_tout (integer) modules rtpproxy
rtp_inst_pvar (string) modules rtpengine
rtp_inst_pvar (string) modules rtpproxy
ruid_column (string) modules usrloc
rule_id_avp (AVP string) modules lcr
rule_id_column (string) modules lcr
ruri_avp (str) modules drouting
ruri_col (string) modules permissions
ruri_matching (integer) modules tm
ruri_user_avp (AVP string) modules lcr
rx_auth_expiry (integer) modules ims_qos
rx_dest_realm (string) modules ims_qos
rx_forced_peer (string) modules ims_qos


Name Module Path Module Name
salt (str) modules crypto
sampling_time_unit (integer) modules pike
sanity_checks (int) modules topos
sanity_checks (integer) modules gzcompress
sanity_checks (integer) modules topoh
schema_path (string) modules db_cassandra
schema_path (string) modules db_redis
scheme_column (string) modules uid_avp_db
script_cnt_grp_name modules counters
script_counter modules counters
script_name (string) modules app_python
script_name (string) modules app_python3
scscf_entry_expiry (integer) modules ims_icscf
scscf_name (string) modules ims_registrar_scscf
sctp_asocmaxrxt (int) modules sctp
sctp_assoc_reuse (int) modules sctp
sctp_assoc_tracking (int) modules sctp
sctp_autoclose (int) modules sctp
sctp_hbinterval (int) modules sctp
sctp_init_max_attempts (int) modules sctp
sctp_init_max_timeo (int) modules sctp
sctp_max_assocs (int) modules sctp
sctp_max_burst (int) modules sctp
sctp_pathmaxrxt (int) modules sctp
sctp_sack_delay (int) modules sctp
sctp_sack_freq (int) modules sctp
sctp_send_retries (int) modules sctp
sctp_send_ttl (int) modules sctp
sctp_socket_rcvbuf (int) modules sctp
sctp_socket_sndbuf (int) modules sctp
sctp_srto_initial (int) modules sctp
sctp_srto_max (int) modules sctp
sctp_srto_min (int) modules sctp
sc_body (string) modules msilo
sc_ctype (string) modules msilo
sc_exp_time (string) modules msilo
sc_from (string) modules msilo
sc_inc_time (string) modules msilo
sc_mid (string) modules msilo
sc_snd_time (string) modules msilo
sc_stored_hdrs (string) modules msilo
sc_to (string) modules msilo
sc_uri_host (string) modules msilo
sc_uri_user (string) modules msilo
sdomain_column (string) modules pdt
sd_domain_column (string) modules speeddial
sd_user_column (string) modules speeddial
search_scope (string) modules h350
secret (string) modules auth
secret (string) modules auth_ephemeral
send_bye (int) modules dialog
send_close_notify (boolean) modules tls
send_fast_notify (int) modules presence
send_publish_flag (int) modules pua_dialoginfo
send_socket_avp (string) modules domainpolicy
send_sock_addr (str) modules siptrace
send_sock_name (str) modules siptrace
send_time (int) modules msilo
send_timeout (int) modules tls
separator (str) modules tmrec
server (str) modules ndb_mongodb
server (str) modules ndb_redis
server (string) modules janssonrpcc
server (string) modules pdb
serverid (str) modules topos_redis
servers (str) modules memcached
servers (string) modules jsonrpcc
server_address (str) modules presence
server_address (str) modules rls
server_address (string) modules sca
server_address(str) modules dmq
server_address(str) modules pua_bla
server_address(str) modules pua_reginfo
server_address(str) modules pua_xmpp
server_id_column (string) modules usrloc
server_id_filter (int) modules usrloc
server_name (string) modules tls
server_timezone (integer) modules db_mysql
service_context_id_ext(string) modules ims_charging
service_context_id_mcc(string) modules ims_charging
service_context_id_mnc(string) modules ims_charging
service_context_id_release(string) modules ims_charging
service_context_id_root(string) modules ims_charging
service_type (integer) modules acc_radius
service_type (integer) modules auth_radius
session_cache (boolean) modules tls
session_id (str) modules tls
setid_avp (string) modules rtpengine
setid_col (string) modules dispatcher
setid_col (string) modules rtpengine
setid_default (integer) modules rtpengine
setid_pvname (str) modules dispatcher
setvars (integer) modules exec
sflags_column (string) modules dialog
sha_algorithm (integer) modules auth_ephemeral
shvset (string) modules pv
signaling_ip_avp (string) modules mediaproxy
single_consumer_on_reconnect(int) modules kazoo
single_ro_session_per_dialog(integer) modules ims_charging
sipEntityType (String) modules snmpstats
sipmsg (int) modules msrp
sipping_bflag (integer) modules nathelper
sipping_from (string) modules nathelper
sipping_method (string) modules nathelper
sip_uri_match (int) modules presence
skip_notification_flag (int) modules msilo
skip_remote_socket (int) modules usrloc
smode (int) modules phonenum
sms_report_type (integer) modules sms
snd_time_avp (str) modules msilo
snmpCommunity (String) modules snmpstats
snmpgetPath (String) modules snmpstats
socket_column (string) modules usrloc
sockname_mode (int) modules path
sockname_mode (int) modules rr
sock_flag (integer) modules registrar
sock_hdr_name (string) modules registrar
sort_order (int) modules drouting
source_col (string) modules permissions
source_networkid_avp modules osp
sp1_uri, sp2_uri, …, sp16_uri modules osp
sp1_weight, sp2_weight, …, sp16_weight modules osp
spare_flag_column (string) modules p_usrloc
sqlcon (str) modules sqlops
sqlres (str) modules sqlops
ssl_freelist_max_len (integer) modules tls
ssl_lifetime modules osp
ssl_max_send_fragment (integer) modules tls
ssl_read_ahead (boolean) modules tls
ssl_release_buffers (integer) modules tls
sst_flag (integer) modules sst
start (integer) modules call_obj
startup_mode (int) modules presence
start_time_column (string) modules dialog
state_column (string) modules dialog
status_column (string) modules p_usrloc
step_loops (int) modules debugger
step_usleep (int) modules debugger
stopper_column (string) modules lcr
storage (str) modules topos
store_profile_dereg (int) modules ims_registrar_scscf
stringify (integer) modules memcached
strip_column (string) modules lcr
str_param (string) modules print
subscriber_carrier_col (string) modules carrierroute
subscriber_domain_col (string) modules carrierroute
subscriber_domain_column (string) modules uid_uri_db
subscriber_table (string) modules carrierroute
subscriber_table (string) modules uid_uri_db
subscriber_user_col (string) modules carrierroute
subscriber_user_column (string) modules uid_uri_db
subscribe_to_reginfo (int) modules ims_registrar_pcscf
subscription_default_expires (int) modules ims_registrar_scscf
subscription_expires (int) modules ims_registrar_pcscf
subscription_expires_range (int) modules ims_registrar_scscf
subscription_max_expires (int) modules ims_registrar_scscf
subscription_min_expires (int) modules ims_registrar_scscf
subst_exp_col (string) modules dialplan
subs_db_mode (int) modules presence
subs_hash_size (int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
subs_htable_size (int) modules presence
subs_remove_match (int) modules presence
subs_table (str) modules sca
sub_dialog_hash_size(int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
sub_protocols (integer) modules websocket
suffix (string) modules diversion
support_wildcardPSI (int) modules ims_registrar_scscf
support_wildcardPSI (int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
sync (int) modules dmq_usrloc


Name Module Path Module Name
table (str) modules siptrace
table (string) modules group
table_name (str) modules sipcapture
table_name (string) modules dialog
table_name (string) modules dialplan
table_name (string) modules dispatcher
table_name (string) modules ims_dialog
table_name (string) modules rtpengine
table_name (string) modules rtpproxy
table_name (string) modules secfilter
tag_avp (AVP string) modules lcr
tag_col (string) modules permissions
tag_column (string) modules lcr
tcp_ka_idle (integer) modules http_async_client
tcp_ka_interval (integer) modules http_async_client
tcp_keepalive (integer) modules db_postgres
tcp_keepalive (integer) modules http_async_client
tel_uri_params (string) modules enum
terminate_dialog_on_rx_failure integer modules ims_qos
timeout (fixedpoint) modules db_oracle
timeout (int) modules secsipid
timeout (integer) modules db_postgres
timeout (integer) modules memcached
timeout (integer) modules pdb
timeout modules osp
timeout_avp (string) modules dialog
timeout_avp (string) modules ims_dialog
timeout_avp (string) modules sst
timeout_column (string) modules dialog
timeout_interval (integer) modules db_mysql
timeout_noreset (int) modules dialog
timeout_rm_subs (int) modules presence
timeout_sec (int) modules rabbitmq
timeout_socket (string) modules rtpproxy
timeout_usec (int) modules rabbitmq
timer (str) modules rtimer
timer_avp (string) modules cplc
timer_buffer(int) modules ims_charging
timer_interval (int) modules dlgs
timer_interval (int) modules ims_usrloc_pcscf
timer_interval (int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
timer_interval (int) modules msrp
timer_interval (int) modules usrloc
timer_interval (integer) modules htable
timer_interval (integer) modules pipelimit
timer_interval (integer) modules ratelimit
timer_interval (integer) modules websocket
timer_mode (integer) modules pipelimit
timer_mode (integer) modules presence
timer_procs (int) modules dialog
timer_procs (int) modules usrloc
timer_procs (integer) modules htable
timer_procs(int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
time_attr (str) modules acc
time_exten (str) modules acc
time_format (str) modules acc
time_mode (int) modules acc
time_to_kill (integer) modules exec
tlsversion (int) modules http_client
tls_ca_path (string) modules http_async_client
tls_client_cert (string) modules http_async_client
tls_client_key (string) modules http_async_client
tls_debug (int) modules tls
tls_disable_compression (boolean) modules tls
tls_force_run (boolean) modules tls
tls_log (int) modules tls
tls_method (str) modules mqtt
tls_method (string) modules tls
tls_verify_host (integer) modules http_async_client
tls_verify_peer (integer) modules http_async_client
tls_version (integer) modules http_async_client
tname_column (string) modules mtree
token_format modules osp
topic_channel(str) modules nsq
topoh_unmask (int) modules sipcapture
toroute_name_column (string) modules dialog
to_contact_column (string) modules dialog
to_cseq_column (string) modules dialog
to_presence_code (int) modules rls
to_route_column (string) modules dialog
to_sock_column (string) modules dialog
to_tag_column (string) modules dialog
to_uri_column (string) modules dialog
tprefix_column (string) modules mtree
traced_user_avp (str) modules siptrace
trace_db_mode (integer) modules siptrace
trace_delayed (integer) modules siptrace
trace_flag (integer) modules siptrace
trace_init_mode (integer) modules siptrace
trace_level (int) modules erlang
trace_local_ip (str) modules siptrace
trace_mode (integer) modules siptrace
trace_on (integer) modules siptrace
trace_sl_acks (integer) modules siptrace
trace_table_avp (str) modules siptrace
trace_to_database (integer) modules siptrace
track (str) modules statsc
track_cseq_updates (int) modules dialog
transl_tbl (string) := “cfg_transl” modules cfg_db
transport (int) modules jsonrpcs
transport_column (string) modules lcr
transport_override_avp (string) modules domainpolicy
trusted_table (string) modules permissions
tr_buf_size (int) modules sqlops
tvalue_column (string) modules mtree
type_col (string) modules domain
type_col (string) modules secfilter
type_column (string) modules avpops
type_column (string) modules uid_avp_db


Name Module Path Module Name
udpping_from_path (int) modules nathelper
uid_column (string) modules uid_avp_db
unix_tx_timeout (integer) modules tm
unmatched_cancel (string) modules tm
unreg_validity (int) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
uparam_name (str) modules topoh
uparam_prefix (str) modules topoh
update_affected_found (integer) modules db_mysql
update_period (int) modules pua
uriuser_column (string) modules uri_db
uri_attrs_table (string) modules uid_avp_db
uri_checks (integer) modules sanity
uri_domain_column (string) modules uid_uri_db
uri_extra (string) modules misc_radius
uri_prefix_checks (integer) modules topoh
uri_scheme_column (string) modules lcr
uri_service_type (integer) modules misc_radius
uri_table (string) modules uid_uri_db
uri_uriuser_column (string) modules uid_uri_db
uri_user_column (string) modules uid_uri_db
url (string) modules rabbitmq
url_col (string) modules rtpengine
url_column (string) modules p_usrloc
url_match (str) modules xhttp
url_match (str) modules xmlrpc
url_skip (str) modules xhttp
url_skip (str) modules xmlrpc
user (integer or string) modules ctl
useragent (string) modules http_client
userblacklist_domain_col (string) modules userblacklist
userblacklist_id_col (string) modules userblacklist
userblacklist_prefix_col (string) modules userblacklist
userblacklist_table (String) modules userblacklist
userblacklist_username_col (string) modules userblacklist
userblacklist_whitelist_col (string) modules userblacklist
username (str) modules mqtt
username_column (string) modules avpops
username_column (string) modules cplc
username_column (string) modules uid_avp_db
username_format (integer) modules auth_ephemeral
user_agent_column (string) modules usrloc
user_attrs_table (string) modules uid_avp_db
user_column (str) modules alias_db
user_column (string) modules auth_db
user_column (string) modules group
user_column (string) modules speeddial
user_column (string) modules uid_auth_db
user_column (string) modules uri_db
user_column (string) modules usrloc
user_data_always (integer) modules ims_registrar_scscf
user_data_dtd (string) modules ims_registrar_scscf
user_data_xsd (string) modules ims_registrar_scscf
user_data_xsd (string) modules ims_usrloc_scscf
use_contact (int) modules msilo
use_contact (integer) modules sms
use_default (int) modules dispatcher
use_domain (boolean) modules auth
use_domain (int) modules alias_db
use_domain (int) modules auth_diameter
use_domain (int) modules carrierroute
use_domain (int) modules drouting
use_domain (int) modules speeddial
use_domain (int) modules usrloc
use_domain (integer) modules auth_db
use_domain (integer) modules avpops
use_domain (integer) modules cplc
use_domain (integer) modules group
use_domain (integer) modules tsilo
use_domain (integer) modules uri_db
use_domain (integer) modules userblacklist
use_escape_common (int) modules db_unixodbc
use_expired_contacts (int) modules registrar
use_partial_states (int) modules presence_conference
use_path (integer) modules registrar
use_path_addr (str) modules msrp
use_preferred_scscf_uri (int) modules ims_icscf
use_pubruri_avps (int) modules pua_dialoginfo
use_received (int) modules path
use_rpid (integer) modules uid_auth_db
use_rpid_for_calling_number modules osp
use_ruri_flag (integer) modules auth_radius
use_sip_uri_host (integer) modules misc_radius
use_uri_table (integer) modules uri_db
usrloc_delete (int) modules dmq_usrloc
usrloc_domain (string) modules dmq_usrloc
uuid_column (string) modules avpops


Name Module Path Module Name
validate_call_id modules osp
value_col (string) modules domain
value_column (string) modules avpops
value_column (string) modules uid_avp_db
value_type_column (str) modules htable
variable (string) modules statistics
varset (string) modules pv
vars_h_entry_column (string) modules dialog
vars_h_id_column (string) modules dialog
vars_key_column (string) modules dialog
vars_table_name (string) modules dialog
vars_value_column (string) modules dialog
vendor_specific_chargeinfo (int) modules ims_charging
vendor_specific_id (int) modules ims_charging
verbose_list (int) modules websocket
verbosity (int) modules db_redis
verify_certificate (boolean) modules tls
verify_certificate (str) modules mqtt
verify_client (string) modules tls
verify_depth (integer) modules tls
verify_destination_service_type (integer) modules peering
verify_host (int) modules http_client
verify_peer (int) modules http_client
verify_source_service_type (integer) modules peering
version_table (int) modules usrloc
version_table (integer) modules auth_db
via1_matching (integer) modules tm
video_default_bandwidth (integer) modules ims_qos
video_rating_group(string) modules ims_charging
video_service_identifier(string) modules ims_charging
voice_rating_group(string) modules ims_charging
voice_service_identifier(string) modules ims_charging
vparam_name (str) modules topoh
vparam_prefix (str) modules topoh


Name Module Path Module Name
wait (int) modules sipdump
waitn_time (int) modules presence
waitn_time (int) modules rls
wait_ack (int) modules dialog
watchers_table(str) modules presence
weight_col (string) modules rtpengine
weight_column (string) modules lcr
will (str) modules mqtt
will_topic (str) modules mqtt
workerq_latency_threshold (int) modules cdp
workerq_length_threshold_percentage (int) modules cdp
workers (int) modules async
workers (int) modules evapi
workers (integer) modules http_async_client
worker_usleep(int) modules dmq
write_db_url (string) modules p_usrloc
write_on_db (int) modules p_usrloc
write_on_master_db (int) modules p_usrloc
write_sdp_pv (string) modules rtpengine
wt_timer (integer) modules tm


Name Module Path Module Name
xavp_cfg (str) modules presence
xavp_cfg (str) modules rtjson
xavp_cfg (string) modules registrar
xavp_cfg (string) modules tls
xavp_contact (string) modules tm
xavp_contact (string) modules usrloc
xavp_ctx (str) modules dispatcher
xavp_ctx_mode (int) modules dispatcher
xavp_dst (str) modules dispatcher
xavp_dst_mode (int) modules dispatcher
xavp_rcd (string) modules registrar
xavp_rcd_mask (int) modules registrar
xcapauth_userdel_reason(str) modules presence_xml
xcap_db_url(str) modules rls
xcap_root (str) modules rls
xcap_root (str) modules xcap_server
xcap_server (str) modules presence_xml
xcap_table (string) modules utils
xcap_table (string) modules xcap_server
xcap_table(str) modules presence_xml
xcap_table(str) modules rls
xcap_table(str) modules xcap_client
xheaders_read (integer) modules siptrace
xheaders_write (integer) modules siptrace
xhttp_pi_buf_size (int) modules xhttp_pi
xhttp_pi_root (str) modules xhttp_pi
xhttp_prom_buf_size (integer) modules xhttp_prom
xhttp_prom_stats (str) modules xhttp_prom
xhttp_prom_timeout (integer) modules xhttp_prom
xhttp_rpc_buf_size (str) modules xhttp_rpc
xhttp_rpc_root (str) modules xhttp_rpc
xkey (str) modules auth_xkeys
xlbuf_size (integer) modules avp
xml_ns (str) modules xcap_server
xml_ns (str) modules xmlops
xmpp_domain (string) modules xmpp
xmpp_host (string) modules xmpp
xmpp_password (string) modules xmpp
xmpp_port (integer) modules xmpp
xval_mode (int) modules app_ruby


Name Module Path Module Name


Name Module Path Module Name
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