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Modules RPC Commands

(A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (J) (K) (L) (M) (N) (O) (P) (Q) (R) (S) (T) (U) (V) (W) (X) (Y) (Z)


Name Module Path Module Name
app_jsrt.reload modules app_jsdt
app_lua.api_list modules app_lua
app_lua.list modules app_lua
app_lua.reload modules app_lua
app_perl.get_reset_cycles modules app_perl
app_perl.set_reset_cycles modules app_perl
autheph.add_secret modules auth_ephemeral
autheph.dump_secrets modules auth_ephemeral
autheph.rm_secret modules auth_ephemeral


Name Module Path Module Name
benchmark.enable_global modules benchmark
benchmark.enable_timer modules benchmark
benchmark.granularity modules benchmark
benchmark.loglevel modules benchmark


Name Module Path Module Name
cdp.disable_peer modules cdp
cdp.enable_peer modules cdp
cfgutils.check_config_hash modules cfgutils
cfgutils.get_config_hash modules cfgutils
cfgutils.get_gflags modules cfgutils
cfgutils.is_gflag modules cfgutils
cfgutils.rand_get_prob modules cfgutils
cfgutils.rand_reset_prob modules cfgutils
cfgutils.rand_set_prop modules cfgutils
cfgutils.reset_gflag modules cfgutils
cfgutils.set_gflag modules cfgutils
cnxcc.active_clients modules cnxcc
cnxcc.check_client modules cnxcc
cnxcc.kill_call modules cnxcc
cnxcc.stats modules cnxcc
core.arg modules kex
core.kill modules kex
core.pwd modules kex
core.uptime modules kex
corex.list_aliases modules corex
corex.list_sockets modules corex
corex.pkg_summary modules corex
corex.shm_status modules corex
corex.shm_summary modules corex
cpl.get modules cplc
cpl.load modules cplc
cpl.remove modules cplc


Name Module Path Module Name
dbg.bp modules debugger
dbg.get_mod_facility modules debugger
dbg.get_mod_level modules debugger modules debugger
dbg.mod_level modules debugger
dbg.reset_msgid modules debugger
dbg.set_mod_facility modules debugger
dbg.set_mod_level modules debugger
dbg.trace modules debugger
db_berkely.reload modules db_berkeley
dialplan.dump modules dialplan
dialplan.reload modules dialplan
dialplan.translate modules dialplan
dispatcher.list modules dispatcher
dispatcher.ping_active modules dispatcher
dispatcher.reload modules dispatcher
dispatcher.set_state modules dispatcher
dlg.bridge_dlg modules dialog
dlg.bridge_dlg modules ims_dialog
dlg.dlg_list modules dialog
dlg.dlg_list modules ims_dialog
dlg.dlg_list_ctx modules dialog
dlg.dlg_list_ctx modules ims_dialog
dlg.end_dlg modules dialog
dlg.end_dlg modules ims_dialog
dlg.list modules dialog
dlg.list modules ims_dialog
dlg.list_ctx modules dialog
dlg.list_ctx modules ims_dialog
dlg.profile_get_size modules dialog
dlg.profile_get_size modules ims_dialog
dlg.profile_list modules dialog
dlg.profile_list modules ims_dialog
dlg.terminate_dlg modules dialog
dmq.list_nodes modules dmq
domain.dump modules domain
domain.reload modules domain
drouting.reload modules drouting


Name Module Path Module Name


Name Module Path Module Name


Name Module Path Module Name


Name Module Path Module Name
htable.delete htable key modules htable
htable.dump htable modules htable
htable.get htable key modules htable
htable.listTables modules htable
htable.reload htable modules htable
htable.seti htable key value modules htable
htable.sets htable key value modules htable
htable.stats modules htable
httpclient.listcon modules http_client


Name Module Path Module Name
imc.list_members modules imc
imc.list_rooms modules imc


Name Module Path Module Name


Name Module Path Module Name


Name Module Path Module Name
lcr.defunct_gw modules lcr
lcr.dump_gws modules lcr
lcr.dump_rules modules lcr
lcr.reload modules lcr


Name Module Path Module Name
matrix.reload modules matrix
mod.stats module_name/all pkg/shm/all modules kex
mohqueue.debug modules mohqueue
mohqueue.drop_call modules mohqueue
mqueue.get_size modules mqueue
msrp.cmaplist modules msrp
mtree.list modules mtree
mtree.match modules mtree
mtree.reload modules mtree
mtree.summary modules mtree


Name Module Path Module Name
nathelper.enable_ping modules nathelper


Name Module Path Module Name


Name Module Path Module Name
pdb.activate modules pdb
pdb.deactivate modules pdb
pdb.status modules pdb
pdt.list modules pdt
pdt.reload modules pdt
permissions.addressDump modules permissions
permissions.addressReload modules permissions
permissions.allowUri modules permissions
permissions.domainDump modules permissions
permissions.subnetDump modules permissions
permissions.testUri modules permissions
permissions.trustedDump modules permissions
permissions.trustedReload modules permissions modules pike
pkg.stats modules kex
pl.get_pid modules pipelimit
pl.get_pipes modules pipelimit
pl.push_load modules pipelimit
pl.set_pid modules pipelimit
pl.set_pipe modules pipelimit
pl.stats modules pipelimit
presence.cleanup modules presence
presence.refreshWatchers modules presence
pua.cleanup modules pua
pua.publish modules pua_rpc
pua.subscribe modules pua_rpc
pv.shvGet modules pv
pv.shvSet modules pv


Name Module Path Module Name


Name Module Path Module Name
regex.reload modules regex
regscscf.dereg_impu modules ims_registrar_scscf
rl.get_pid modules ratelimit
rl.get_pipes modules ratelimit
rl.get_queues modules ratelimit
rl.push_load modules ratelimit
rl.set_dbg modules ratelimit
rl.set_pid modules ratelimit
rl.set_pipe modules ratelimit
rl.set_queue modules ratelimit
rl.stats modules ratelimit
rls.cleanup modules rls
rtpengine.enable proxy_url/all 0/1 modules rtpengine
rtpengine.get_hash_total modules rtpengine proxy_url/all modules rtpengine
rtpengine.reload modules rtpengine proxy_url/all modules rtpengine
rtpproxy.enable modules rtpproxy
rtpproxy.list modules rtpproxy


Name Module Path Module Name modules sctp
sctp.options modules sctp
sipcapture.status param modules sipcapture
siptrace.status param modules siptrace
stats.clear_statistics modules kex
stats.get_statistics modules kex
stats.reset_statistics modules kex
statsc.exec modules statsc
system.listMethods modules kex


Name Module Path Module Name
ts.dump modules tsilo
ts.lookup modules tsilo


Name Module Path Module Name
uac.reg_disable modules uac
uac.reg_dump modules uac
uac.reg_enable modules uac
uac.reg_info modules uac
uac.reg_refresh modules uac
uac.reg_reload modules uac
ul.add modules usrloc
ul.db_contacts modules usrloc
ul.db_expired_contacts modules usrloc
ul.db_users modules usrloc
ul.dump modules usrloc
ul.flush modules usrloc
ul.lookup table AOR modules usrloc
ul.rm table AOR modules usrloc
ul.rm_contact table AOR contact modules usrloc
ulpcscf.status modules ims_usrloc_pcscf
userblacklist.reload_blacklist modules userblacklist


Name Module Path Module Name
version modules kex


Name Module Path Module Name
ws.close modules websocket
ws.disable modules websocket
ws.dump modules websocket
ws.enable modules websocket modules websocket
ws.pong modules websocket


Name Module Path Module Name
xcap_client.refreshXcapDoc modules xcap_client
xhttp_pi.reload modules xhttp_pi


Name Module Path Module Name


Name Module Path Module Name
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