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 ====== Mini How-To Guides for Development ====== ====== Mini How-To Guides for Development ======
 +This page collects a series of mini How-To guides that can be handy for new developers or people working with installations from source code.
 ===== Table of Content ===== ===== Table of Content =====
   * [[devel:how-to:internal-lib|How to Create and Use an Internal Library]]   * [[devel:how-to:internal-lib|How to Create and Use an Internal Library]]
 +  * [[devel:how-to:module-readme|How to Regenerate the Readme File for a Module]]
 +  * [[devel:how-to:source-tree-run|How to Run Kamailio from Source Tree Directory]]
 +  * [[devel:how-to:install-custom-path|How to Install Kamailio in a Custom Path]]
 +  * [[devel:how-to:troubleshoot-memory|How to troubleshoot out of memory issues]]
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