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IRC Devel Meeting - 2012-11-22


  • Proposed: 15:00 UTC, Thursday, November 22, 2012



  • #sip-router IRC channel on server


Kamailio related:

  • (dcm) outstanding issues at this time, if any
  • (dcm) roadmap to next major release
  • (dcm) timeline for a new minor release
  • (dcm) IMS extensions - anyone to provide an update?
  • (dcm) SIMPLE extensions - anything critical missing?
    • (pd) Presence: GEOPRIV
    • (pd) Presence: External references in org.openmobilealliance.pres-rules documents (need to handle org.oma.pres-rules and pres-rules as different document types)
    • (pd) Presence: Polled presence (out-of-dialog SUBSCRIBE with Expires: 0)
    • (pd) Presence: Watcher filtering (XML in SUBSCRIBE body describing what parts of a presentity should be notified)
    • (pd) Presence: Anonymous fetch
    • (pd) Presence: Capabilities and user discovery
    • (pd) Presence: Partial notification
    • (pd) RLS: External references in resource-list documents
    • (pd) RLS: Polled presence (out-of-dialog SUBSCRIBE with Expires: 0)
    • (pd) RLS: Watcher filtering (XML in SUBSCRIBE body describing what parts of a presentity should be notified)
    • (pd) RLS: Anonymous fetch
    • (pd) RLS: Capabilities and user discovery
    • (pd) RLS: Partial notification
    • (pd) XCAP client: does not use conditional requests (ETag:, If-Match:, If-Not-Match:)
    • (pd) XCAP client: does not support xcap-diff (could be implemented using PUA)
    • (pd) XCAP server: does not support xcap-diff
    • (pd) XCAP server: does not support XQuery
  • (oej) v4.0 vs. v3.4 - due to major additions (e.g., websockets, msrp, outbound…)
  • (pd) MSRP Relay - generation of failure reports
  • (pd) Improved RTP proxy/relay needed?
    • rtpproxy module: re-INVITE/UPDATE problems in failure cases
    • rtpproxy module: possible early media issues related to above
    • rtpproxy module: enable/disable rtpproxy instances (graceful, allow calls to end but don't send new ones)
    • rtpproxy module: add/remove instances live (perhaps from DB table?)
    • rtpproxy module: shouldn't block on connecting to rtpproxy instances during start-up - each unavailable instance can add 32 seconds to Kamailio start-up time
    • rtpproxy: can only bind to two networks - if you have lots of networks to bridge between you can end up with many rtpproxy instances
    • rtpproxy: support for failover between proxies (media session surviving server failure)
    • rtpproxy: RTP/SAVPF to RTP/AVP interworking support (for WebRTC)
    • rtpproxy: STUN and TURN server support (so can be used by client or server)
    • rtpproxy: Handle ICE candidate lines (for WebRTC)
  • (pd) OMA PAL (Presence Access Layer) module?
    • complements OMA presence SIMPLE (same internal data structures) but uses more efficient messaging based around “contextually aware perspective or view”
    • Push based architecture


Note that participation is open to anyone, just join the IRC channel if you want to participate.

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