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-====== IRC Devel Meeting - 2014-05-14 ======+====== IRC Devel Meeting - 2015-02-11 ======
 Date: Date:
Line 6: Line 6:
     * Feb 12 (dcm)     * Feb 12 (dcm)
     * Feb 17 (dcm)     * Feb 17 (dcm)
 +    * 14:00 UTC (neuhaus)
 Time of the meeting across the world: Time of the meeting across the world:
Line 29: Line 30:
   * oej - Olle E. Johansson   * oej - Olle E. Johansson
   * vseva - Victor Seva   * vseva - Victor Seva
 +  * fisp - Fred Posner
Line 36: Line 38:
   * open issues (dcm)   * open issues (dcm)
 +    * /tmp in defaults (vseva)
   * new additions (dcm)   * new additions (dcm)
   * roadmap to next major release (dcm)   * roadmap to next major release (dcm)
 +  * more consistency on name of main c file for a module (dcm)
 +  * rename sercmd to kamcmd in the source code (dcm)
 Kamailio Logo: Kamailio Logo:
Line 49: Line 54:
   * unit tests (dcm)   * unit tests (dcm)
   * GitHub workflow - anything to tune or improve (dcm)   * GitHub workflow - anything to tune or improve (dcm)
 +    * a rebased pull-request looses all their comments? (vseva)
 +  * GitHub admin repo - admin/release scripts (vseva)
 +  * Security vulnerability handling (proposal below) oej
 +    * consider [[|RITR]]? (fisp) 
 +==== Security Vulnerability Policy (PROPOSAL) ====
 + *
 +=== Definition ===
 +A security vulnerability is when a user of Kamailio can cause Kamailio to crash or lock up by
 +sending messages to the server process. 
 +=== Reporting a security Vulnerability ===
 +If you believe there's a security vulnerability, please don't use the public forums.
 +Send e-mail to and the issue will be handled properly. 
 +  - Send an e-mail to and include the following information
 +     * A summary
 +     * A detailed explanation of how this issue can be exploited and/or reproduced
 +  - A member of the Kamailio Security Team will respond
 +  - The kamailio developer team will work to solve the issue. When there is a patch for the issue, it should NOT be committed directly. It should be coordinated with the release of a security release as well as the publication of a Kamailio project security vulnerability report.
 +=== Publishing security vulnerabilities ===
 +Kamailio will publish security vulnerabilities, including an CVE ID, on the
 +kamailio-announce mailing list, sr-users as well as related lists. The advisories will
 +also be published on the web site.
 +=== Kamailio Security Team ===
 +A Kamailio Security team should be appointed with core developers of the project. These individuals will be part of the security process and review patches and text for the vulnerability report. Two persons should take the role of Kamailio Security Officers. One of these should manage each security incident - which does not mean solving the code issue, but managing the process from report to publication and patch release.
 +=== ===
 +This address should have a PGP key associated, used by the security officers.
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