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 UPDATE version SET table_version=1 WHERE table_name="rls_presentity"; UPDATE version SET table_version=1 WHERE table_name="rls_presentity";
 ALTER TABLE rls_presentity MODIFY content_type VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL; ALTER TABLE rls_presentity MODIFY content_type VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;
-ALTER TABLE rls_presentity MODIFY callid VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL; +ALTER TABLE rls_watchers MODIFY callid VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL; 
-ALTER TABLE rls_presentity MODIFY contact VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL;+ALTER TABLE rls_watchers MODIFY contact VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL;
 UPDATE version SET table_version=3 WHERE table_name="sip_trace"; UPDATE version SET table_version=3 WHERE table_name="sip_trace";
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