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   * [[install:upgrade:stable-to-devel|Upgrade Kamailio stable to devel]]   * [[install:upgrade:stable-to-devel|Upgrade Kamailio stable to devel]]
 +  * [[install:upgrade:5.4.x-to-5.5.0|Upgrade Kamailio v5.4.x to v5.5.0]]
   * [[install:upgrade:5.3.x-to-5.4.0|Upgrade Kamailio v5.3.x to v5.4.0]]   * [[install:upgrade:5.3.x-to-5.4.0|Upgrade Kamailio v5.3.x to v5.4.0]]
   * [[install:upgrade:5.2.x-to-5.3.0|Upgrade Kamailio v5.2.x to v5.3.0]]   * [[install:upgrade:5.2.x-to-5.3.0|Upgrade Kamailio v5.2.x to v5.3.0]]
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