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-===== Download ===== 
-DokuWiki is available at 
-===== Read More ===== 
-All documentation and additional information besides the [[syntax|syntax description]] is maintained in the DokuWiki at [[doku>|]]. 
-**About DokuWiki** 
-  * [[doku>features|A feature list]] :!: 
-  * [[doku>users|Happy Users]] 
-  * [[doku>press|Who wrote about it]] 
-  * [[doku>blogroll|What Bloggers think]] 
-  * [[|Compare it with other wiki software]] 
-**Installing DokuWiki** 
-  * [[doku>requirements|System Requirements]] 
-  * [[|Download DokuWiki]] :!: 
-  * [[doku>changes|Change Log]] 
-  * [[doku>Install|How to install or upgrade]] :!: 
-  * [[doku>config|Configuration]] 
-**Using DokuWiki** 
-  * [[doku>syntax|Wiki Syntax]] 
-  * [[doku>manual|The manual]] :!: 
-  * [[doku>FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)]] 
-  * [[doku>glossary|Glossary]] 
-  * [[|Search for DokuWiki help and documentation]] 
-**Customizing DokuWiki** 
-  * [[doku>tips|Tips and Tricks]] 
-  * [[doku>Template|How to create and use templates]] 
-  * [[doku>plugins|Installing plugins]] 
-  * [[doku>development|Development Resources]] 
-**DokuWiki Feedback and Community** 
-  * [[doku>newsletter|Subscribe to the newsletter]] :!: 
-  * [[doku>mailinglist|Join the mailing list]] 
-  * [[|Check out the user forum]] 
-  * [[doku>irc|Talk to other users in the IRC channel]] 
-  * [[|Submit bugs and feature wishes]] 
-  * [[|Share your experiences in the WikiMatrix forum]] 
-  * [[doku>thanks|Some humble thanks]] 
-===== Copyright ===== 
-2004-2015 (c) Andreas Gohr <>((Please do not contact me for help and support -- use the [[doku>mailinglist]] or [[|forum]] instead)) and the DokuWiki Community 
-The DokuWiki engine is licensed under [[|GNU General Public License]] Version 2. If you use DokuWiki in your company, consider [[doku>donate|donating]] a few bucks ;-). 
-Not sure what this means? See the [[doku>faq:license|FAQ on the Licenses]]. 
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