Kamailio SIP Server - New Features in 5.7.x Version

📘 Previous version was 5.6.x (released on May 2022), see what was new in that release at:

📘 This is a draft of new features added in this version, manually updated, thus not always synchronized with what is new in source code repository.

New Modules





New in existing Modules


  • updated duktape interpreter


  • added modparam to control behaviour on perl_parse() code
  • new parameter to set warn flag for perl parse


  • updated squirrel interpreter


  • catch up on possible skipped slots due to slow tasks


  • added flag for not invalidating nc on auth failure
  • exported proxy_challenge() to kemi
  • exported www_challenge() to kemi
  • exported auth_get_www_authenticate() to kemi


  • exported www_authenticate_method() to kemi


  • exported cr_load_next_domain(), cr_route() and cr_nofallback_route() to kemi


  • added SCTP support


  • support for rpc commands that have execution limit with delta interval


  • added dlg_get_var(ci, ft, tt, key, dst_var) function
  • added dlg_set_var(callid, ft, tt, key, value) function
  • added modparam dlg_ctxiuid_mode to control when iuid is set
  • api function to get the status if dlg var is set or not
  • dlg_get_var() support early dialogs


  • added option to replicate socket via its name


  • wait when idle made a modparam
  • use internal workers to handle client messages
  • support for adaptive wait on idle to spare cpu when not busy
  • wait increase limit made modparam
  • if workers is 0, execute callback by evapi receiver


  • new parameter to register result id to get pv work in kemi


  • added support to modify member role
  • added db_mode support (memory or database records)
  • propagate content-type header


  • option to use dst address for tunnel search
  • option to search ipsec tunnel by new r-uri
  • option to skip use of alias for pcontact received details
  • option to skip resetting the dst uri in ipsec_forward()
  • ipsec_forward() option to use UE client port for requests over TCP
  • option for ipsec_forward() to set trasport for tcp dst uri


  • expires_grace parameter
  • implementation of db_mode DB_ONLY


  • create dns container also for dns_update_pv()


  • added jansson_pv_get(...)


  • support for rpc commands that have execution limit with delta interval
  • protocol extended to allow storing response in a file
  • support for tcp transport
  • added tcp_socket parameter


  • added function to verify with key value given as parameter


  • URI list support in LoST response (filter for sip/sips scheme)
  • additions to via path element


  • TURN support, behind_nat support, subset of range ports


  • added tls_alpn module option


  • nats:connected event_route triggered on a successful connect
  • added KEMI publish function and event_callback param
  • add a reply param to nats_publish()
  • expose nats_publish_request() to KEMI


  • added rpc command pl.rm_pipe
  • new rpc command pl.reset_pipe - reset associated values


  • added rpc command presence.presentity_show
  • added presence.watcher_list rpc command


  • added option for aggregating presentities


  • added refresh_pubruri_avps_flag parameter
  • added local_identity_dlg_var parameter


  • config function to shift xavps to left with rotation
  • added $shvinc(name) - return incremented value of $shv(inc)
  • kemi function to get $shvinc(name) value
  • added xavp_push_dst(xname) function
  • added monotonic clock to TimeVal pseudovariable


  • kemi functions to get $ulc(...) attributes
  • added lookup_xavp("ultable", "uri", "rxname", "cxname")
  • added reg_from_user(ultable, uri, mode) function


  • added receive-from option
  • allow to-tag usage for all commands
  • SDES-nonew and SDES-pad flags


  • new parameter reload_delta
  • new parameter cleanup_interval


  • support for multiple Identity headers


  • isup generic_number and generic_number_nai decoding


  • trace in-dialog ACK and dialog spirals
  • option to use socket name for hep mirroring


  • added e164_max_len modparam


  • use unsigned long long (J) for printing timestamp to rpc result


  • handle intermediary/chain certificates when caching certificates


  • new function to check if a character in a list is found in string


  • support serial numbers that exceed uint64
  • add timestamp and sni info for a session
  • support for configuration option TLSv1.3 and TLSv1.3+
  • option to wrap memory management operations within pthread lock
  • new init_mode parameter
  • option to use openssl api for fork prepare


  • modparam to control header masking
  • added inter-module api function for masking call-id
  • added module parameter use_mode to allow library-style use


  • skip adding contact header for BYE, CANCEL, PRACK
  • added methods_nocontact parameter
  • skip inserting contact header for 4xx replies
  • new parameter to allow specifying initial request methods to skip topos
  • option to disable multiple comma separated values in One Single Via, Record-Route or Route header
  • detect known headers provided with variable for $hfl(...) and $hflc(...)
  • handle initial dialog UPDATE requests from downstream
  • option to mask call-id via topoh


  • use tag based on direction for early dialog transaction record loading
  • new param to control the verbosity of some log messages


  • new param to specify reply codes for dns srv failover
  • new function t_exists()


  • check new callid value for setting $uac_req() field


  • added RPC commands


  • support for rpc commands that have execution limit with delta interval

New in Core

  • xavp - helper function to shift xavps to left with rotation
  • add an option to trigger also an RST on tcp connection close
  • function to get socket info by listen or advertise
  • new socket global parameter to set listen attributes with a structure style
  • stop at the first config error on startup
  • added domain and auto_domains as variants for alias and auto_aliases
  • pv buffers made available for cli params
  • support SHA-512/256 for RFCs 8760/7616
  • set pmtu_discovery core parameter for IPv6
  • add pmtu_discovery=2 for IPv4 and IPv6 - set IP_PMTUDISC_WANT/IPV6_PMTUDISC_WANT
  • aliased dns_use_cache to use_dns_cache
  • aliased dns_use_failover to use_dns_failover
  • aliased dns_rev_via to rev_dns
  • added parser mode check
  • support for loadmodule("path") and loadmodules("path")
  • support to specify options for load module
  • define KAMAILIO_VERSION with VERSION number value
  • define OS_NAME at startup
  • added simple expression evaluations with strings and numbers
  • added preprocessor directive #!ifexp stm
  • print address family for rpc core.sockets_list
  • added #!defexp ID STM preprocessor directive
  • added #!defexps preprocessor directive
  • pv - field for int value switched to long
  • new global parameter return_mode
  • kemi - function to get/set pv with long value
  • kemi - added generic function to execute a kemi export with any kind of parameters
  • added CodeQL workflow for GitHub code scanning
  • rpc - support for executing commands with a delta interval limit
  • new parameter rpc_exec_delta to set rpc command delta interval execution
  • new rpc command core.echo_delta


  • use of htable guarded by own ifdef



  • allow the definition of a specific startup file
  • option to set store path for rpc commands


  • support for tcp transport for RPC commands
  • cmd_pipelimit: command to reset the pipe
  • cmd_pstrap: option to print ps line for each pid
  • cmd_trap: option to print system ps for each pid from rpc ps result
  • cmd_trap: option to skip rpc command to get the list of processes
  • cmd_jsonrpc: use shorter alias command in help message
  • cli option to set store path for rpc commands
  • cmd_srv: reimplemented cmd runinfo to execute rpc core.runinfo
  • cmd_htable: added commands for rpc setxs and setxi
  • aliased acl to command group
  • cmd_speedial: added cli options to set fname and lname
  • kamcli.ini: added mt command alias to mtree
  • cmd_acc: no limit condition for cdrs list
  • cmd_acc: list prints all acc records if --limit=0
  • cmd_acc: added rates-generate command
  • cmd_acc: added rates-proc-create command
  • cmd_acc: added rates-rm command
  • cmd_acc: added rates-add command
  • cmd_acc: added cdrs-list command
  • cmd_acc: added cdrs-generate command
  • cmd_db: added create-table-like command
  • cmd_db: updates to grant and revoke commands