Upgrade Kamailio from v5.5.x to v5.6.0 (pre)

The page contains the details about the changes that were made to old components during the development of v5.6.0 compared with what existed in v5.5.x. It does not include the brand new modules, focusing on how to upgrade database and configuration file from v5.5.x to run with Kamailio 5.6.0.

Previous Stable Release

If you look for the guidelines to upgrade to previous stable release, see:


Following tokens are used to mark the changes:

  • INF - the change doesn't really have any direct impact - no action required in old config
  • CPM - the change was used with the new value via explicit parameter in default config file from old releases
  • RCM - the change is recommended to be done if you had an explicit different or lower value for this parameter in old config
  • UPG - the change has to be done, older config does not work any longer


Upgraded Modules


  • rpc command to add a record updated to set priority


  • return 200 instead of 202 for SUBSCRIBE by default (RFC6665)


  • removed ring_insert_callid() function (see: https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/issues/2989)


  • acc_function mod param has to be set to empty string to disable binding to acc module

Removed Modules

  • none

Renamed Modules

  • malloc_test - replaced by misctest (UPG)

Internal Libraries


  • intensive C code fuzzing and static analysis were performed which resulted in adding stricker checks for input values. That can cause change in behaviour for some variables or transformations. For example, {s.int} checks that the value is in between INT_MIN and INT_MAX.


Dst Blocklist Parameters


All global parameters related to dst blocking are now using blocklist instead of blacklist in the name, see:

For example, use_dst_blacklist used in older versions has to be replaced by use_dst_blocklist.



MySQL Database Structure

The following changes were done to the database tables existing in v5.5.x:

  • (INF, RCM) index was created on column connection_id for table location of usrloc module
  • (UPG) type of column protocol for table location of ims_usrloc_pcscf module was changed from char(5) to int(10) (used only for IMS deployments)

Run following SQL statements in MySQL client to upgrade database structure from v5.5 to v5.6:

-- add index on connection_id for usrloc module location table
CREATE INDEX tcpcon_idx ON location (`connection_id`);