Kamailio Modules - v4.0.x (stable)


Module L Description Status
ACC K Accounting module released
ACC_RADIUS K Accounting module for RADIUS backend released
ALIAS_DB K Database aliases module released
APP_LUA * Execute embedded Lua scripts released
APP_MONO * Execute embedded managed code (e.g., C#, VisualBasic.NET, Java, Java Script) released
APP_PERL K Embed execution of Perl functions released
APP_PYTHON * Execute embedded Python scripts released
ASYNC * Asynchronous SIP request handling functions released
AUTH * Authentication Interface module released
AUTH_IDENTITY * Identity authentication module released
AUTH_DB K Database-backend authentication module released
AUTH_DIAMETER K DIAMETER-backend authentication module released
AUTH_RADIUS * RADIUS-backend authentication module released
AVP * Collection of functions for handling AVPs from-ser
AVPOPS * AVP operations module released
BENCHMARK K Config file benchmarking released
BLST * Blacklisting API for config released
CALL_CONTROL K Conector to call_control application released
CARRIERROUTE * Routing extension suitable for carriers released
CDP * C Diameter Peer - core communication engine new
CDP_AVP * C Diameter Peer - application extensions new
CFG_DB * Load core and module parameters from database released
CFG_RPC * Update core and module parameters at runtime via RPC interface released
CFGUTILS K Different config utilities released
COREX * Core extensions via module interface new
COUNTERS * Internal counter API for config released
CPL-C K CPL interpreter module released
CTL * Control connector for RPC interface (fifo, unixsock, tcp, udp) released
DB_BERKELEY * Berkeley DB driver for DB API released
DB_CASSANDRA * Cassandra database server connector released
DB_CLUSTER K Generic database connectors clustering released
DB_FLATSTORE * Fast writting-only text-backend for database module released
DB_MYSQL * MYSQL-backend for database API module released
DB_ORACLE K Oracle driver for DB API released
DB_PERLVDB K Perl Virtual Database engine released
DB_POSTGRES * POSTGRES-backend for database API module released
DB_SQLITE * SQLITE-backend for database API module released
DB_TEXT K Text-backend for database API module released
DB_UNIXODBC K unixODBC driver module released
DB2_LDAP * DB APIv2 connector to LDAP servers from-ser
DB2_OPS * DB APIv2 config operations from-ser
DEBUGGER * Interactive config debugger released
DIALOG K Dialog support module released
DIALOG_NG * Dialog tracking NG module new
DIALPLAN * Dialplan translation module released
DISPATCHER K Dispatcher (load-balancer) module released
DIVERSION K Diversion header insertion module released
DMQ K Distributed Message Queue System using SIP released
DOMAIN K Multi-domain support module released
DOMAINPOLICY K Policies to connect federations released
DROUTING K Yet another prefix routing module released
ENUM * ENUM lookup module released
EXEC K External exec module released
GEOIP * GeoIP API to config file released
GROUP K User-groups module with DB-backend released
H350 K H350 implementation released
HTABLE K Generich Hash Table container in shared memory released
IMS_AUTH * IMS authentication module new
IMS_ICSCF * IMS ICSCF component module new
IMS_ISC * IMS ICS component module new
IMS_QOS * IMS Diameter Rx interface between PCSCF and PCRF functions new
IMS_REGISTRAR_PCSCF * IMS PCSCF registrar module new
IMS_REGISTRAR_SCSCF * IMS SCSCF registrar module new
IMS_USRLOC_PCSCF * IMS PCSCF usrloc module new
IMS_USRLOC_SCSCF * IMS SCSCF usrloc module new
IMC K Instant Messaging Conferencing module released
IPOPS * IP and DNS related operations for configuration file released
IPTRTPPROXY * NAT traversal module using kernel for media relay released
JABBER K JABBER IM and PRESENCE interconnection module obsoleted
JSON * Access to JSON document attributes released
JSONRPC-C * JSON-RPC client over netstrings protocol released
KEX K Kamailio core extensions module released
LCR * Least Cost Routing module released
LDAP K LDAP connector released
MALLOC_TEST * Functions for stress-testing memory manager from-ser
MANGLER * SIP message mangling functions from-ser
MATRIX * Matrix operations released
MAXFWD K Max-Forward processor module released
MEDIAPROXY * NAT traversal module using mediaproxy released
MEMCACHED K Memcached connector module released
MISC_RADIUS * Generic RADIUS functions, replaces avp_radius, uri_radius and group_radius released
MI_DATAGRAM K DATAGRAM (unix and network) support for Management Interface released
MI_FIFO K FIFO support for Management Interface released
MI_RPC * RPC support for Management Interface released
MI_XMLRPC K XMLRPC support for Management Interface released
MQUEUE * Message queue system for config file released
MSILO K SIP message silo module released
MSRP * Embedded MSRP relay (RFC4975 and RFC4976) released
MTREE * Generic memory caching system using tree indexes released
NATHELPER K NAT traversal module - signaling functions released
NAT_TRAVERSAL K NAT traversal module released
NDB_REDIS * Connector to REDIS NoSQL Database engine released
OSP K OSP peering module released
OUTBOUND K SIP Outbound implementation new
P_USRLOC K Partitioned and distributed user location services released
PATH K Path support for SIP loadbalancer released
PDB * Number portability module released
PDT K Prefix-to-Domain translator module released
PEERING * RADIUS peering module released
PERMISSIONS K Permissions control module released
PIKE K Flood detector module released
PIPELIMIT * Traffic shaping policies released
PREFIX_ROUTE * Execute config file route blocks based on prefix released
PRESENCE K Presence server module - common API released
PRESENCE_CONFERENCE K Extension to Presence server for conference events handling released
PRESENCE_DIALOGINFO K Extension to Presence server for Dialog Info released
PRESENCE_MWI K Extension to Presence server for Message Waiting Indication released
PRESENCE_PROFILE K Presence server module - user profile extensions - RFC6080 released
PRESENCE_XML K Presence server module - presence & watcher info and XCAP released
PRESENCE_REGINFO K Extension to Presence server for registration info replication (RFC3680) released
PRINT * Basic sample of a module (devel) from-ser
PRINT_LIB * Basic sample of a module with internal lib dependency (devel) from-ser
PUA K Common API for presence user agent client released
PUA_BLA K BLA extension for PUA released
PUA_DIALOGINFO K Dialog Info extension for PUA released
PUA_MI K MI extension for PUA released
PUA_REGINFO K Extension to PUA server for registration info replication (RFC3680) released
PUA_USRLOC K USRLOC extension for PUA released
PUA_XMPP K XMPP extension for PUA (SIMPLE-XMPP presence gateway) released
PURPLE K Multi-protocol gateway using Purple library released
PV K Module holding Pseudo-Variables released
QOS K QOS control API released
RATELIMIT * Traffic shaping module released
REGEX K Regular expression matching using PCRE released
REGISTRAR K SIP Registrar implementation module released
RLS K Resource List Server implementation released
RTIMER K Execute config route blocks on timer basis released
RR K Record-Route and Route module released
RTPPROXY * NAT traversal module - rtpproxy control functions released
SANITY * SIP message formatting sanity checks released
SCA * Shared Call Appearances new
SDPOPS * SDP operations released
SEAS K Sip Express Application Server (interface module) released
SIPCAPTURE * SIP capture server module, used in Homer project released
SIPTRACE K SIP traffic tracing module released
SIPUTILS K SIP utilities released
SL * Stateless replier module released
SMS * SIP-to-SMS IM gateway module released
SNMPStats K SNMP interface for statistics module released
SPEEDDIAL K Per-user speed-dial controller module released
SQLOPS K SQL operations released
STATISTICS K Script statistics support released
SST K SIP Session Timer support released
TEXTOPS K Text operations module released
TEXTOPSX * Extra text operations released
TIMER * Execute routing blocks on core timers from-ser
TLS * TLS operations module released
TM * Transaction (stateful) module released
TMREC * Match time recurrences defined based on RFC2445 released
TMX K Transaction management extenstions module released
TOPOH * Topology hiding module released
UAC K UAC functionalies (FROM mangling and UAC auth) released
UAC_REDIRECT K UAC redirection functionality released
UID_AUTH_DB * Authentication module using unique ids from-ser
UID_AVP_DB * AVP database operations using unique ids from-ser
UID_DOMAIN * Domains management using unique ids from-ser
UID_GFLAGS * Global attributes and flags using unique ids from-ser
UID_URI_DB * Database URI operations using unique ids from-ser
URI_DB K URI operations with database support module released
USERBLACKLIST K User specific blacklists released
USRLOC K User location implementation module released
UTILS * A set of useful functions released
WEBSOCKET * WebSocket transport layer new
XCAP_CLIENT K XCAP client implementation released
XCAP_SERVER K XCAP server implementation released
XHTTP * Basic HTTP request handling server released
XHTTP_PI * Embedded provisioning interface over HTTP new
XHTTP_RPC * RPC commands handling over HTTP released
XLOG * Advanced logger module released
XMLOPS * XML operations in config file using XPATH released
XMLRPC * XMLRPC connector for RPC interface released
XMPP K SIP-to-XMPP Gateway (SIP to Jabber/Google Talk) released
XPRINT * Functions for printing messages with specifiers from-ser