– Kamailio SIP Server –

This page is intended to outline the basic operations of the interface.

Execution Steps

  1. Incoming data from user
  2. Front Controller takes over in index.php, begins processing
  3. Application Controller loads settings, connects to the database, and loads the Control Map
    1. The Context Resolver is given the incoming data to form a Context with. The Application Controller stores this context
    2. The Command Resolver is passed a Context by the Application Controller to determine what command or view to execute
  4. Application Controller passes the Context and Executes the Command
    1. Command gets DB connection handle from Context if needed
    2. Command creates and loads Domain Objects as needed
    3. Command does something with objects
    4. Command stores results of data actions back in context, returns simple status flag
  5. Application Controller passes returned flag to Command Resolver, determines next step
    • If command again, return to Command Execution
  6. Pass context to displayed view
    1. Smarty Templates build view based on data contained in Context
  7. Destruction
    1. Identity Map / Unit of Work starts on all database and session operations
  8. End Program