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The purpose of this Wiki is to allow community members to easily contribute to OpenSER documentation. The gathered information in this site will be digested in stand-alone tutorials. We rely on user's fairness and allow everybody to contribute. Most important is to not alter others' postings or to introduce erroneous information.

Thank you!

NOTE: There is a lot of documentation on this site, to be easier to access, you can find links to related topics at the bottom of pages. If you do not find the information you look for in the usual place, try the 'Site Map' link in the left menu. You can help improving the navigation and the content by yourself, do not hesitate to add your comments or links to related stuff.

If you find broken links please fix them or report to 'devel (at) kamailio . org'.

The content of the dokuwiki is structured on topics, using 'namespaces '.