– Kamailio SIP Server –

Report An Issue

Guidelines about how to report issues about functionality of Kamailio (OpenSER).

For stable versions

* send email to <users [at] lists.kamailio.org> * use Bug Tracker at: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=139143

For development version

* send email to <sr-dev [at] lists.sip-router.org> * use Bug Tracker at: http://sip-router.org/tracker/

What to include in the message

This is very important part!

* a proper description of the issue

  • note that nobody can help if you only write “the server does not work” or similar.

* parts of the syslog messages relevant for issue

  • do not send your full 3 months running log, saying that at some point it time something went wrong. Spot that part and send it. Keep the full log, so in case something else is needed you are able to provide

* parts of the configuration file relevant for issue

  • make sure you obfuscate any private info you may have (e.g., passwords)
  • note that if someone is asking your config in order to FIX your problem, he DOES NOT want to take your config and use. It is impossible to help otherwise. People on the list able to help have enough knowledge to build configs for their needs. If you are not confident, then the solution is to go for paid consultancy where you can enforce privacy, not the public mailing list and free support.

* network trace of SIP traffic relevant for issue, when appropriate (e.g., the issue happens when some SIP message is processed)

  • use ngrep to generate plain/text output or save pcap file using tcpdump, wireshark, etc.

Helping tools, hints and guidelines

* check the mail archives, same issue may have been discussed and fixed * xlog module is a great tool to troubleshoot the config file * network sniffer to watch the traffic

  • ngrep
  • wireshark
  • tcpdump