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KAMAILIO (OPENSER) Foundation Proposal

Purpose * managing resources for the project * DNS domains * Trademarks

Servers and infrastructure * administration of the project * managing the budget: sponsorships, members fees, donations * pay for resources * take care of dedicated events for the project

Organizational structure * associate (supporting) members they have to pay a membership fee they get listed in the web page they can use the project name for their benefit: to advertise in their pages or other materials (does not mean non members cannot use the name of the project) * full (contributing/active) members they must contribute either as developers or other relevant resources they can vote the board and can be part of the board all the rights of associate members

Executive structure * board of 7 people * executive committee of 3 people chairman chairman assistant ** treasurer * 3 years term for the board, voted by full members from the full members * 1 year term for executive committee, voted by board members from the board members solving linear algebra Writing help