– Kamailio SIP Server –

Build service

OpenSER wants to be available for many different distributions and operations systems. For now this means only Linux and other Unix-like OSs, there is no windows port planned at the moment. OpenSER is mainly developed on Debian or Debian-like distributions, so for any other packages we need the support of the development community.

Current packager

  • Debian
    • Julien Blache, jblache at debian dot org
  • FreeBSD
    • Jesus Rodriguez, jesusr at voztele dot com
  • RHEL and CentOS RPMs
    • Robert Navarro, rnavarro at efirehost dot com
    • build packages for the release 1.2.0, unknown if he wants to work further on this

Help offered

  • Sun Solaris x86 architecture
    • Adam Linford, adam dot linford at oralnet dot co dot uk
    • one zone on a Solaris 10 XFire 2200 series Sun box, available on a semi permenant basis
    • further access to other sun hardware possible if needed, with at least one month notice in advance
  • RPM based distributions
    • Christopher Bergström, cbergstrom at netsyncro dot com
    • will work with Peter Nixon

Help needed

  • packager for Sun Solaris sparc architecture
  • build service for other architectures as x86 and x86_64
  • packager for OpenBSD and NetBSD