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Migrating OpenSER v1.2.1 to v1.2.2

This page is dedicated to the differences between versions 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 of OpenSER.

If you do not use presence module, then you don't need to do anything. All configuration files and database tables are compatible.

Migrating Presence module

The table “active_watchers” has a new structure. To update it, follow the next instructions:

* stop openser * login to your mysql server with mysql client, connect to “openser” database and execute:

drop table active_watchers;
DELETE FROM version WHERE table_name='active_watchers';
INSERT INTO version VALUES ( 'active_watchers', '2');
CREATE TABLE active_watchers (
  id int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  to_user varchar(64) NOT NULL,
  to_domain varchar(128) NOT NULL,
  from_user varchar(64) NOT NULL,
  from_domain varchar(128) NOT NULL,
  event varchar(64) NOT NULL default 'presence',
  event_id varchar(64),
  to_tag varchar(128) NOT NULL,
  from_tag varchar(128) NOT NULL,
  callid varchar(128) NOT NULL,
  local_cseq int(11) NOT NULL,
  remote_cseq int(11) NOT NULL,
  contact varchar(128) NOT NULL,
  record_route varchar(255),
  expires int(11) NOT NULL,
  status varchar(32) NOT NULL default 'pending',
  version int(11) default '0',
  PRIMARY KEY  (id),
  UNIQUE KEY tt_watchers (to_tag),
  KEY due_activewatchers (to_domain,to_user,event)

* start openser