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 +====== Migrating OpenSER v1.2.1 to v1.2.2 ======
 +This page is dedicated to the differences between versions 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 of OpenSER.
 +<hi #​ffff00>​If you do not use presence module, then you don't need to do anything. All configuration files and database tables are compatible</​hi>​.
 +===== Migrating Presence module =====
 +The table "​active_watchers"​ has a new structure. To update it, follow the next instructions:​
 +* stop openser
 +* login to your mysql server with mysql client, connect to "​openser"​ database and execute:
 +drop table active_watchers;​
 +DELETE FROM version WHERE table_name='​active_watchers';​
 +INSERT INTO version VALUES ( '​active_watchers',​ '​2'​);​
 +CREATE TABLE active_watchers (
 +  id int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment,​
 +  to_user varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 +  to_domain varchar(128) NOT NULL,
 +  from_user varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 +  from_domain varchar(128) NOT NULL,
 +  event varchar(64) NOT NULL default '​presence',​
 +  event_id varchar(64),​
 +  to_tag varchar(128) NOT NULL,
 +  from_tag varchar(128) NOT NULL,
 +  callid varchar(128) NOT NULL,
 +  local_cseq int(11) NOT NULL,
 +  remote_cseq int(11) NOT NULL,
 +  contact varchar(128) NOT NULL,
 +  record_route varchar(255),​
 +  expires int(11) NOT NULL,
 +  status varchar(32) NOT NULL default '​pending',​
 +  version int(11) default '​0',​
 +  PRIMARY KEY  (id),
 +  UNIQUE KEY tt_watchers (to_tag),
 +  KEY due_activewatchers (to_domain,​to_user,​event)
 +* start openser