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OpenSER Modules - HTML Documentation

Anything related to OpenSER modules (improvements, updates, errors) can be added here.

Please make a new section for each module, in alphabetical order.

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Module Documentation Generation

OpenSER includes from v0.9.4 Make commands to generate the documentation from SGML. This commands are:

make modules-readme - generate the README from SGML

make modules-docbook-txt - generate text file from SQML (same as README, but named 'module_name.txt' and placed in 'doc' subdirectory)

make modules-docbook-html - generate single HTML file from SGML. The file is placed in 'doc/module_name.html'

make modules-docbook-pdf - generate PDF file from SGML. The file is placed in 'doc/module_name.pdf'

To be able to use these commands you need to install 'docbook-utils'. The Makefile uses the tools 'docbook2txt', 'docbook2html' and 'docbook2pdf'.

To install the documentation in '/usr/local/share/doc/…' use:

make modules-install-docbook

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