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Roadmap to the 1.4 release

Note: This roadmap is really incomplete and don't mirror the actual progress.

  1. cleanup of db module
    • rename modules to be prefixed by db_
    • common functions to be moved in core
    • status: done (henning)
  2. cleanup of fixup functions used by modules
    • the functions that are duplicated in several modules must be migrated to core in mod_fix.{c,h}
    • the naming format of fixup functions must have a suggestive pattern
    • status: work in progress (miconda)
  3. cleanup of PV handler functions
    • add helper functions to be used by PV handlers for better consistency and duplicates removal
    • status: work in progress (miconda)
  4. docbook documentation migrated from SGML to XML format
    • status: done (miconda)
  5. new PV class: shared variables
    • $shv(name) class exported by cfgutils module
    • status: done (anomarme)