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Online IRC Devel Meeting - 2019-03-11

This online meeting is planned to be done via WebRTC video conferencing bridge, with IRC channel used only when some written chat is needed. Details of the video conference bridge will be posted shortly before the meeting starts.


  • Proposed: 15:00 UTC, Thursday, Nov 15, 2019
    • can attend: dcm, …
    • cannot attend:

Time of the meeting across the world:

  • 16:00 - Berlin, Germany
  • 15:00 - London, UK
  • 10:00 - New York, USA
  • 07:00 - Seattle, USA



  • Video conference bridge: TBA
  • #kamailio IRC channel on server


Participation is open to anyone, just join the Video bridge/IRC channel if you want to participate.

People adding notes in the agenda using abbreviations:

  • dcm - Daniel-Constantin Mierla
  • vseva - Victor Seva


Kamailio Development Status:

  • open issues (dcm)
  • minor releases for 5.2 and 5.3 branches (dcm)
  • end of maintenance for 5.1 branch


  • servers maintenance
  • community interaction and communication channels
  • existing mailing lists review

Kamailio 5.4 (next major release):

  • roadmap
  • features
    • anything relevant that is missing?
    • priorities
  • packaging rtpengine on and rpms ..


  • tutorials/cookbooks – wiki vs mkdocs (github markdown)

Collaborative Projects:

  • development, unit testing, documentation, etc.

Transcript of Meeting

1. Summary of development meeting so far

1.1 Kamailio release process

  • Kamailio release 5.3.1 today
  • Notes taken, future automatisation and template creation
  • Daniel will continue with 5.3.x releases, 5.2.x releases will be done from Henning

1.2 Documentation work

  • Olle and other developers investigated the current situation of documentation
  • it is sometimes confusing for new people
  • goals formulated to improve situation in the future

1.3 Architecture for future message/event passing

  • current multi-process architecture makes some operations difficult
  • to be discussed more in the future

1.4 RPM repository

  • Sergey and Giacomo investigated new RPM repository
  • if new Hardware is needed, Fred could help here
  • use an existing cloud service to build RPMs

1.5. Module status

  • discussion about module status, like commit frequency
  • separation of repositories
  • duplication of modules fine in Kamailio
  • no clear policy decided, but main problem regarding support status open

2.0 Kamailio 5.4.0 and 6.0

2.1 General topics

  • proposed date in Summer 2020 for 5.4.0
  • last maintenance for 5.1.x branch, end of life
  • release policies (long term releases) discussed - no big changes necessary
  • clarification on release policy on the web benefitial

2.2 core architecture extensions

  • discussion about future message/event passing
  • Kamailio 6.0 new architecture
  • clustering, database and network socket extensions

2.4 tools discussion

  • kamcmd vs. kamctl vs. kamcli
  • different tools for different use cases
  • unification necessary
  • deprecation warning to be added

3.0 infrastructure topics

3.1 server maintenance

  • Debian OS level fine at the moment
  • ansible/puppet experiments from Victor
  • to be decided if its ansible or puppet

Slack, Matrix etc..

  • IRC channel has less activity now after requirement of login
  • Slack channel has some activitity now, but is proprietary
  • Matrix channel discussion for kamailio
  • at the moment more than 500 people on sr-dev, over 2000 people on sr-users
  • discussion synchron vs. async communication modes
  • good quality of mailing lists, professional communication

  • current web page a bit cluttered, needs some cleanup
  • discussions for re-design on the meeting
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