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Online IRC Devel Meeting - 2019-03-11

This online meeting is planned to be done via WebRTC video conferencing bridge, with IRC channel used only when some written chat is needed. Details of the video conference bridge will be posted shortly before the meeting starts.


  • Proposed: 15:00 UTC, Thursday, Nov 15, 2019
    • can attend: dcm, …
    • cannot attend:

Time of the meeting across the world:

  • 16:00 - Berlin, Germany
  • 15:00 - London, UK
  • 10:00 - New York, USA
  • 07:00 - Seattle, USA



  • Video conference bridge: TBA
  • #kamailio IRC channel on server


Participation is open to anyone, just join the Video bridge/IRC channel if you want to participate.

People adding notes in the agenda using abbreviations:

  • dcm - Daniel-Constantin Mierla


Kamailio Development Status:

  • open issues (dcm)
  • minor releases for 5.2 and 5.3 branches (dcm)
  • end of maintenance for 5.1 branch


  • servers maintenance
  • community interaction and communication channels
  • existing mailing lists review

Kamailio 5.4 (next major release):

  • roadmap
  • features
    • anything relevant that is missing?
    • priorities
  • packaging rtpengine on and rpms ..


  • tutorials/cookbooks – wiki vs mkdocs (github markdown)

Collaborative Projects:

  • development, unit testing, documentation, etc.

Transcript of Meeting

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