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IRC Devel Meeting - 2020-04-29

Note: because IRC service is now requiring user registration, this time the online meeting is planned to be hosted on a Matrix room where we can grant guest access and people can join via web browser. See more details below.


  • Proposed: 14:00 UTC, Wednesday, Apr 29, 2020
    • can attend: dcm, vseva, qxork, grumvalski
    • cannot attend:
  • Alternatives (add your id if you can attend)
    • Apr 28: dcm, vseva, qxork, grumvalski
    • Apr 30: dcm, vseva, qxork, grumvalski

Time of the meeting across the world:

  • 16:00 - Berlin, Germany
  • 15:00 - London, UK
  • 10:00 - New York, USA
  • 07:00 - Seattle, USA


Backup place:

  • IRC channel: #kamailio on server



Participation is open to anyone, just join the IRC channel if you want to participate.

People adding notes in the agenda using abbreviations:

  • dcm - Daniel-Constantin Mierla
  • vseva - Victor Seva
  • qxork - Fred Posner
  • grumvalski - Federico Cabiddu


Kamailio Development Status:

  • open issues (dcm)
  • minor releases for 5.2 and 5.3 branches (dcm)


  • servers maintenance
  • community interaction and communication channels
  • existing mailing lists review

Kamailio 5.4 (next major release):

  • roadmap
  • features
    • anything relevant that is missing?
    • priorities


  • tutorials/cookbooks – wiki vs mkdocs (github markdown)

Collaborative Projects:

  • unit testing, documentation, etc.
  • community announcements

Transcript of Meeting

Transcript of Meeting

User Message hello everyone! we are going to start in 2-3 min 429 Too Many Requests
No server is available to handle this request. to allow a few more to join ready to start … ok … then first topic major issues that need to be fixed anyone aware of something not yet reported nope in the tracker I saw some problems with latest ubuntu 16.04 with security updates for libssl fearing that there can be some backport from libssl 1.1 back to 1.0, which is the default libssl version in 16.04 no that was caused by me/us in the repo of kamailio-deb-jenkins I think that's another one, I am speaking about builds should be using latest lib version already ah, sorry well, ubuntu 20.04 was just released.. maybe people should upgrade ;) 16.04 is still with us through at least Apr 2021 don't wanted to suggest to not fix it ok … I will look into it, just wanted to see if any developers faced themselves the issue I did not noticed anything in this regards, my oldest ubuntu is 18.04 ok … then the next actually the one from V�ctor Seva related to redis reply error need to look at it as well this looked also strange because the example is using the same hiredis function like our code I will take a look this week to try to find out the cause for me not a big issue ok, then next one that was added on tracker about a sip client adding alias to contact parameter, conflicting with what we do for nat traversal I haven't seen that so far I will comment on the issue in the tracker, but if someone wants to add something here, let's discuss first would be that set/add_contact alias should not be used for register it looked to me more like a client/interop issue not sure what we could do here better in K that is usually for forwarded requests I guess the person does it in an edge proxy and then registrar saves it with alias param normally it should be Path added and Contact unchanged ok, anything else on issues? if not, then next on minor releases probably next on 5.3 is next week or the one after … I plan to send an announcement after this meeting, based on what is concluded here in terms of major issues to be fixed this one would be nice, but it is nothing to wait for a minor update: Debian package version don't support distribution upgrades * this one would be nice, but it is nothing to wait for a minor update: Debian package version don't support distribution upgrades is this one what V�ctor Seva worked on? I'm working on that thanks :) Henning Westerholt: do you have time for a 5.2.x in the near future? If not, I will plan it in my side soon after next 5.3 5.2.7. would be also probably good to release miconda: i can do it @henning: ok * @henning: ok I have a fix for nightly builds but not yet for upgrades miconda: ok, I will plan it after 5.3 release ok then going to next topic anything we need to do in our infrastructure … new tools people would like to use? thanks to Fred Posner we have now also this matrix server I am still fan of mailing lists, but I am asked from time to time about web forums, etc … I like it much more than the old IRC 🙂 A big thank you to Fred Posner from all of us Thank you =) next topic … kamailio 5.4 - the upcoming major release anything major we miss and should be added (as a feature of kamailio)? we have 3 new modules now quite some work on a couple of other modules … just about to commit support for permissions to load the list of addresses from a text file not for trusted, though maybe in the future and eventually some work on dialog to make it a bit more independent of tm callback it is an overhead right now, imo the module chain can get complex, indeed tm still to be used for sending requests especially if you have tm → dialog → uac etc.. Improving dialog module this way seems very valuable (Julien Chavanton) anyone else planning any relevant new addition? to dialog module? one in my list for long time is still making use of cnxcc (for prepaid) a bit easier to use in config, by adding support to load its parameters from database not to have to do queries in config Julien: anything new planned for rtp_media_server module? on dialog module I'm working to be able to set from script some dialog properties that are supposed not to change, like the routes-sets of the two legs @96 - Julien – see above @federico – ok then, for a target date to release 5.4 … should we do it before mid of summer? well, summer vacation will be a bit un-usual this year ;) ;) I think before fall is probably best 5.3.0 was in middle of October so either mid of summer, or early after summer vacation then I would set it for the mid of summer and delay if something pops up fine with me mid of summer seems fine 👋 ok … next topic … documentation we discussed for quite some time dokuwiki vs markdown/github – any new opinions? * we discussed for quite some time dokuwiki vs markdown/github – any new opinions? For rap media server module, my attempt to use dialog module was not very productive yet. I don't think I even remember my old opinion :-) I think I voted for markdown I do like markdown Someone tested it recently hopefully I will have more feedback but there is a lot of work to do from my point of view was more about access to contribute now one has to make an account on our dokuwiki, which doesn't seem to be very attractive while having on github will make it open for pull requests we will still host the docs file, probably built by mkdocs (or something else) to html the big effort will be to translated from dokuwiki format to markdown format * the big effort will be to translated from dokuwiki format to markdown format This is of course some work, but could be probably scripted I like the github idea anything to make contributions easier @96 Julien: ok, thanks. Planning to test it myself, but didn't get a chance yet if we move to github, we should migrate the current wiki to it. to not have another docs source at least the content that is for the current branches and is not outdated if you search right now for some modules, you get old siprouter wiki, old kamailio wiki and current wiki ;) this can be confusing, imho searching on web was always confusing, returning old releases … web has a very long memory =) :-) in the end it will depends on some volunteers to do the migration, i guess indeed :-) maybe a job for the online devel meetings?? ok, we can try to do some 30-60min sessions It would be nice 1-2 per week or month :-) 75 was me, as a guest wrong window, left open when I tested guest access and meanwhile we could add a link to the latest versions at the top of older versions pages? I'd like to help with the migration BTW. works for me giavac, that's a great idea btw, I forgot to ask, related to dmq, any module that should add support for it? it would be great if presence active_watchers could use dmq much like dmq_usrloc i understand there is dmq support for presentity table but IMO that implementation was flaky when i tested I never tested it as well, or saw it running in production yet (presence dmq) to wrap up on docs wiki vs markdown – let's try to come up with a plan on mailing list and take it further from there and see who can participate I've done lots of document conversion – so if nobody else volunteers, I may jump in and help ok, so nothing else for dmq apart of seeing what is in presence and enhance for all records, if needed Jared Smith: thanks, any hints you may have will be appreciated for the US folks: how is stir/shaken evolving there? I wrote the secsipid module, but not much feedback afterwards have not tested it but it's on the 2020 roadmap I've not had anyone need to implement it yet… but people are very happy that it's done miconda: It's been mandated by July 1st 2021 by the FCC, if I remember correctly. I got only one reporting that it is working with their implementation miconda: But the industry players still haven't figured out how they're going to play nicely together. At some point we need to look at the new auth I asked West/intrade why they were not considering open source for Stir/shaken sharing the recent presentation from miconda I know of people who have already added kamailio in anticipation since it's not in freeswitch or asterisk At least they are aware about this option Things are moving forward With proprietary tech for me is not clear who is going to issue the certificates … be the trust authority, if any is going to be assigned for such task exactly That's a PKI that's not going to work properly for sure. :) and even when implemented, I expect it to be as useful as dkim was in preventing spam :-) It's being added to Asterisk, and we will be doing interop testing with @miconda's code * It's being added to Asterisk, and we will be doing interop testing with @miconda's code @oej: do you mean new auth mechanisms? yes We've been working on this RFC for OpenID connect and Oauth2 what is pushed from IETF these days? I am on sipcore, but don't read much of it And the replacement of MD5 I am trying to push a discussion on downgrade attacks, but people don't want to listen The 3gpp people have their problem sorted out and not enough of the rest of us is there to push back But for OpenID connect we need to handle encrypted JWT tokens and other cool stuff RFC 3261 is getting an update to deprecate TLS 1.0 and 1.1 replacement on MD5 would be great, if only UAs support it The big problem is migration path but also worried about down-grade attacks that's my question as well, when UAs will support the new auth I can ask questions to West we have FCC member I will let them know this is from the open source community well… from what we see with UAs… not until they absolutely have to JWT can be added, more or less stir/shaken is JWT Yes, the passport stuff In cas it does matter but I think they must be transparent in the end and another generic question before going to next topic … anyone seeing increase on using webrtc with sip (given the world wide situation)? definitely especially in call centers yes ok, good to hear! next topic I had in list is about community announcement this is practically about announcing related projects/services to our community, when those are not commercial so far we had a policy of allowing announcement about open positions (jobs) and we also announced about siremis or other projects from time to time but not sure if we have anything clear in this aspect for commercial things there is business mailing list there was also the phone announcement recently phone annoucement? I forgot or missed that … saraphone? ahh, right … so indeed, that is a perfect match personally I am fine when a project is started/launched, but probably not for every new release I think is useful for community to know about such projects, but we have to set a limit not to get “flooded” initial announcement/project started sounds good to me, more would be probably too much also for major/established projects they have their own lists usually * also for major/established projects they have their own lists usually ok any topic that someone wants to discuss? looks like we are pretty good in the features list, nothing major that we do not have and want to add … I can give a quick update on the fuzzing project from me I have an enhancement in my whishlist but probably for the 6.0 release Henning Westerholt: sure I'd like to overcome the limitation for which a tcp connection can only be handle by a single worker Got to go, sorry. Nice chatting with you all :-) ok, about the fuzzing: I restarted it with a new version of the fuzzer some month ago. I started two runs, one about server msg input, and one about cfg input the cfg one is on hold right now, after it found some issues (had no time to dig into it much) the main server one is running fine Summary stats
Fuzzers alive : 3
Total run time : 206 days, 3 hours
Total execs : 406 million
Cumulative speed : 67 execs/sec
Pending paths : 2484 faves, 44094 total
Pending per fuzzer : 828 faves, 14698 total (on average)
Crashes found : 0 locally unique no crashes found 🙂 nice the one for cfg is about syntax, need to sort grammar there yes, it mainly tries to crash the cfg parser, which is rather easy comparing to the sip one looked a bit, but then diverged to other projects, because it is a start up issue with unusual syntax sure, it is nothing that normally is used in cfgs federico: you are working on it, or just wanting to have it starting to looking at it and giving some thoughts nothing concrete, tough topic :) right now probably you can dispatch it using send*() functions … we discussed at last kamailio devel meeting in dusseldorf that an architectural change might be needed for v6 yes :) so maybe after kamailio 5.4 we should plan the v6 jump anything else? or should we conclude here … I think for the 6.0 topic we should have a developer meeting again Nothing else from me… would love feedback on how this experience (matrix) was vs. IRC. to better discuss and plan/architecture etc.. * Nothing else from me… would love feedback on how this experience (matrix) was vs. IRC. if its possible again, of course Fred Posner: I liked it Fred Posner: I liked it too Henning Westerholt: if traveling restrictions will be lifted :-) sure we can plan for another face to face devel meeting and code most of 6.0 stuff :-)) @fre Fred Posner: good experience, thanks again (apart the wrong Enter I just did :) ) 👍 giavac: you can edit the message ok … we can consider the devel meeting finished we will have a summary on the wiki page (hopefully, or just this transcript) happy to see we do not lack anything critical at this moment > <> giavac: you can edit the message
no, I can't… or I need to understand how :) I'll volunteer for the transcript again and happy to see people look for improved architecture for future versions/v6 giavac: depends on the client youre using > <> no, I can't… or I need to understand how :)
The pencil, of course! :) 😁 now free discussion … if you know interesting news or funny stories from the industry :-) Thanks to all! Thank you all, as well! thank you! Missing everyone this week. Bye everyone take care, stay safe and healthy! I have to go (not too far…just the ground floor) thanks and bye all bye all! stay safe! i tried to sign up for an official matrix account on here but it's not letting me login. anything special i need to do? maybe just contact Fred Posner The homeserver isn't open for account creation; but the Matrix platform is federated… so for example, my Matrix account is on a homeserver we have at LOD. Others may have matrix accounts from or their own deployments. @103 - if you are a registered developer (have git commit access) and need a matrix account, we will try to find a solution, just let us know. Otherwise, this matrix server is intended to be only the host for chat rooms needed by Kamailio project, it is not intended to public user registrations besides, there are other public matrix servers that allow user registration, I found this page collecting some of them:
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