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 ===== Transcript of Meeting ===== ===== Transcript of Meeting =====
 +===== Transcript of Meeting =====
 +^ User ^ Message ^
 +| @miconda:​ | hello everyone! we are going to start in 2-3 min|
 +| @63:​ | 429 Too Many Requests |
 +| | No server is available to handle this request.|
 +| @miconda:​ | to allow a few more to join|
 +| @miconda:​ | ready to start ...|
 +| @miconda:​ | ok ... then first topic|
 +| @miconda:​ | major issues that need to be fixed|
 +| @miconda:​ | anyone aware of something not yet reported|
 +| @vseva:​ | nope|
 +| @miconda:​ | in the tracker I saw some problems with latest ubuntu 16.04 with security updates for libssl|
 +| @miconda:​ | fearing that there can be some backport from libssl 1.1 back to 1.0, which is the default libssl version in 16.04|
 +| @vseva:​ | no|
 +| @vseva:​ | that was caused by me/us in the repo of kamailio-deb-jenkins|
 +| @miconda:​ | I think that's another one, I am speaking about https://​​kamailio/​kamailio/​issues/​2274|
 +| @vseva:​ | builds should be using latest lib version already|
 +| @vseva:​ | ah, sorry|
 +| @henning:​ | well, ubuntu 20.04 was just released..|
 +| @henning:​ | maybe people should upgrade ;)|
 +| @fred:​ | 16.04 is still with us through at least Apr 2021|
 +| @henning:​ | don't wanted to suggest to not fix it|
 +| @miconda:​ | ok ... I will look into it, just wanted to see if any developers faced themselves the issue|
 +| @henning:​ | I did not noticed anything in this regards, my oldest ubuntu is 18.04|
 +| @miconda:​ | ok ... then the next|
 +| @miconda:​ | actually the one from V�ctor Seva related to redis reply error|
 +| @miconda:​ | need to look at it as well|
 +| @henning:​ | this looked also strange|
 +| @miconda:​ | because the example is using the same hiredis function like our code|
 +| @vseva:​ | I will take a look this week to try to find out the cause|
 +| @vseva:​ | for me not a big issue|
 +| @miconda:​ | ok, then next one that was added on tracker|
 +| @miconda:​ | about a sip client adding alias to contact parameter, conflicting with what we do for nat traversal|
 +| @miconda:​ | I haven'​t seen that so far|
 +| @miconda:​ | I will comment on the issue in the tracker, but if someone wants to add something here, let's discuss|
 +| @miconda:​ | first would be that set/​add_contact alias should not be used for register|
 +| @henning:​ | it looked to me more like a client/​interop issue|
 +| @henning:​ | not sure what we could do here better in K|
 +| @miconda:​ | that is usually for forwarded requests |
 +| @miconda:​ | I guess the person does it in an edge proxy and then registrar saves it with alias param|
 +| @miconda:​ | normally it should be Path added and Contact unchanged|
 +| @miconda:​ | ok, anything else on issues?|
 +| @miconda:​ | if not, then next on minor releases|
 +| @miconda:​ | probably next on 5.3 is next week or the one after ... |
 +| @miconda:​ | I plan to send an announcement after this meeting, based on what is concluded here in terms of major issues to be fixed|
 +| @henning:​ | this one would be nice, but it is nothing to wait for a minor update: Debian package version don't support distribution upgrades|
 +| @henning:​ |  * this one would be nice, but it is nothing to wait for a minor update: Debian package version don't support distribution upgrades|
 +| @miconda:​ | is this one what V�ctor Seva worked on?|
 +| @vseva:​ | I'm working on that|
 +| @henning:​ | thanks :)|
 +| @miconda:​ | Henning Westerholt: do you have time for a 5.2.x in the near future? If not, I will plan it in my side soon after next 5.3|
 +| @henning:​ | 5.2.7. would be also probably good to release|
 +| @henning:​ | miconda: i can do it|
 +| @miconda:​ | @henning: ok|
 +| @miconda:​ |  * @henning: ok|
 +| @vseva:​ | I have a fix for nightly builds but not yet for upgrades|
 +| @henning:​ | miconda: ok, I will plan it after 5.3 release|
 +| @miconda:​ | ok|
 +| @miconda:​ | then going to next topic|
 +| @miconda:​ | anything we need to do in our infrastructure ... new tools people would like to use?|
 +| @miconda:​ | thanks to Fred Posner we have now also this matrix server|
 +| @miconda:​ | I am still fan of mailing lists, but I am asked from time to time about web forums, etc ...|
 +| @henning:​ | I like it much more than the old IRC 🙂|
 +| @oej:​ | A big thank you to Fred Posner from all of us|
 +| @fred:​ | Thank you =)|
 +| @miconda:​ | next topic ... kamailio 5.4 - the upcoming major release|
 +| @miconda:​ | anything major we miss and should be added (as a feature of kamailio)?|
 +| @miconda:​ | we have 3 new modules now|
 +| @miconda:​ | quite some work on a couple of other modules ...|
 +| @miconda:​ | just about to commit support for permissions to load the list of addresses from a text file|
 +| @miconda:​ | not for trusted, though|
 +| @miconda:​ | maybe in the future|
 +| @miconda:​ | and eventually some work on dialog to make it a bit more independent of tm callback|
 +| @miconda:​ | it is an overhead right now, imo|
 +| @henning:​ | the module chain can get complex, indeed|
 +| @miconda:​ | tm still to be used for sending requests|
 +| @henning:​ | especially if you have tm -> dialog -> uac etc..|
 +| @96:​ | Improving dialog module this way seems very valuable (Julien ​ Chavanton)|
 +| @miconda:​ | anyone else planning any relevant new addition?|
 +| @federico:​ | to dialog module?|
 +| @miconda:​ | one in my list for long time is still making use of cnxcc (for prepaid) a bit easier to use in config, by adding support to load its parameters from database|
 +| @miconda:​ | not to have to do queries in config|
 +| @miconda:​ | Julien: anything new planned for rtp_media_server module?|
 +| @federico:​ | on dialog module I'm working to be able to set from script some dialog properties that are supposed not to change, like the routes-sets of the two legs|
 +| @miconda:​ | @96 - Julien -- see above|
 +| @miconda:​ | @federico -- ok|
 +| @miconda:​ | then, for a target date to release 5.4 ...|
 +| @miconda:​ | should we do it before mid of summer?|
 +| @henning:​ | well, summer vacation will be a bit un-usual this year ;)|
 +| @fred:​ | ;)|
 +| @fred:​ | I think before fall is probably best|
 +| @henning:​ | 5.3.0 was in middle of October |
 +| @henning:​ | so either mid of summer, or early after summer vacation|
 +| @miconda:​ | then I would set it for the mid of summer and delay if something pops up|
 +| @henning:​ | fine with me|
 +| @vseva:​ | mid of summer seems fine|
 +| @103:​ | 👋|
 +| @miconda:​ | ok ...|
 +| @miconda:​ | next topic ... documentation|
 +| @miconda:​ | we discussed for quite some time dokuwiki vs markdown/​github -- any new opinions?|
 +| @miconda:​ |  * we discussed for quite some time dokuwiki vs markdown/​github -- any new opinions?|
 +| @96:​ | For rap media server module, my attempt to use dialog module was not very productive yet.|
 +| @fred:​ | I don't think I even remember my old opinion|
 +| @miconda:​ | :-)|
 +| @vseva:​ | I think I voted for markdown|
 +| @fred:​ | I do like markdown|
 +| @96:​ | Someone tested it recently hopefully I will have more feedback ​ but there is a lot of work to do|
 +| @miconda:​ | from my point of view was more about access to contribute|
 +| @miconda:​ | now one has to make an account on our dokuwiki, which doesn'​t seem to be very attractive|
 +| @miconda:​ | while having on github will make it open for pull requests|
 +| @miconda:​ | we will still host the docs file, probably built by mkdocs (or something else) to html|
 +| @miconda:​ | the big effort will be to translated from dokuwiki format to markdown format|
 +| @miconda:​ |  * the big effort will be to translated from dokuwiki format to markdown format|
 +| @henning:​ | This is of course some work, but could be probably scripted|
 +| @fred:​ | I like the github idea|
 +| @fred:​ | anything to make contributions easier|
 +| @miconda:​ | @96 Julien: ok, thanks. Planning to test it myself, but didn't get a chance yet|
 +| @henning:​ | if we move to github, we should migrate the current wiki to it. to not have another docs source|
 +| @henning:​ | at least the content that is for the current branches and is not outdated|
 +| @henning:​ | if you search right now for some modules, you get old siprouter wiki, old kamailio wiki and current wiki ;)|
 +| @henning:​ | this can be confusing, imho|
 +| @miconda:​ | searching on web was always confusing, returning old releases ... |
 +| @fred:​ | web has a very long memory|
 +| @fred:​ | =)|
 +| @miconda:​ | :-)|
 +| @henning:​ | in the end it will depends on some volunteers to do the migration, i guess|
 +| @miconda:​ | indeed :-)|
 +| @vseva:​ | maybe a job for the online devel meetings??|
 +| @75:​ | ok, we can try to do some 30-60min sessions|
 +| @vseva:​ | It would be nice|
 +| @75:​ | 1-2 per week or month :-)|
 +| @miconda:​ | 75 was me, as a guest|
 +| @miconda:​ | wrong window, left open when I tested guest access|
 +| @giavac:​ | and meanwhile we could add a link to the latest versions at the top of older versions pages? I'd like to help with the migration BTW.|
 +| @fred:​ | works for me|
 +| @vseva:​ | giavac, that's a great idea|
 +| @miconda:​ | btw, I forgot to ask, related to dmq, any module that should add support for it?|
 +| @103:​ | it would be great if presence active_watchers could use dmq much like dmq_usrloc|
 +| @103:​ | i understand there is dmq support for presentity table but IMO that implementation was flaky when i tested|
 +| @henning:​ | I never tested it as well, or saw it running in production yet (presence dmq)|
 +| @miconda:​ | to wrap up on docs wiki vs markdown -- let's try to come up with a plan on mailing list and take it further from there and see who can participate|
 +| @jsmith:​ | I've done lots of document conversion -- so if nobody else volunteers, I may jump in and help|
 +| @miconda:​ | ok, so nothing else for dmq apart of seeing what is in presence and enhance for all records, if needed|
 +| @miconda:​ | Jared Smith: thanks, any hints you may have will be appreciated |
 +| @miconda:​ | for the US folks: how is stir/shaken evolving there? I wrote the secsipid module, but not much feedback afterwards|
 +| @103:​ | have not tested it but it's on the 2020 roadmap|
 +| @fred:​ | I've not had anyone need to implement it yet... but people are very happy that it's done|
 +| @jsmith:​ | miconda: It's been mandated by July 1st 2021 by the FCC, if I remember correctly.|
 +| @miconda:​ | I got only one reporting that it is working with their implementation|
 +| @jsmith:​ | miconda: But the industry players still haven'​t figured out how they'​re going to play nicely together.|
 +| @oej:​ | At some point we need to look at the new auth|
 +| @96:​ | I asked West/​intrade why they were not considering open source for Stir/shaken sharing the recent presentation from miconda|
 +| @fred:​ | I know of people who have already added kamailio in anticipation since it's not in freeswitch or asterisk|
 +| @96:​ | At least they are aware about this option|
 +| @96:​ | Things are moving forward|
 +| @96:​ | With proprietary tech|
 +| @miconda:​ | for me is not clear who is going to issue the certificates ... be the trust authority, if any is going to be assigned for such task|
 +| @fred:​ | exactly|
 +| @oej:​ | That's a PKI that's not going to work properly for sure.|
 +| @104:​ | :)|
 +| @fred:​ | and even when implemented,​ I expect it to be as useful as dkim was in preventing spam|
 +| @miconda:​ | :-)|
 +| @jsmith:​ | It's being added to Asterisk, and we will be doing interop testing with @miconda'​s code|
 +| @jsmith:​ |  * It's being added to Asterisk, and we will be doing interop testing with @miconda'​s code|
 +| @miconda:​ | @oej: do you mean new auth mechanisms? |
 +| @oej:​ | yes|
 +| @oej:​ | We've been working on this RFC for OpenID connect and Oauth2|
 +| @miconda:​ | what is pushed from IETF these days? I am on sipcore, but don't read much of it|
 +| @oej:​ | And the replacement of MD5|
 +| @oej:​ | I am trying to push a discussion on downgrade attacks, but people don't want to listen|
 +| @oej:​ | The 3gpp people have their problem sorted out and not enough of the rest of us is there to push back|
 +| @oej:​ | But for OpenID connect we need to handle encrypted JWT tokens and other cool stuff|
 +| @oej:​ | RFC 3261 is getting an update to deprecate TLS 1.0 and 1.1|
 +| @henning:​ | replacement on MD5 would be great, if only UAs support it|
 +| @oej:​ | The big problem is migration path|
 +| @henning:​ | but also worried about down-grade attacks|
 +| @miconda:​ | that's my question as well, when UAs will support the new auth|
 +| @96:​ | I can ask questions to West we have FCC member|
 +| @96:​ | I will let them know this is from the open source community |
 +| @fred:​ | well... from what we see with UAs... not until they absolutely have to|
 +| @miconda:​ | JWT can be added, more or less stir/shaken is JWT|
 +| @oej:​ | Yes, the passport stuff|
 +| @96:​ | In cas it does matter but I think they must be transparent in the end|
 +| @miconda:​ | and another generic question before going to next topic ... anyone seeing increase on using webrtc with sip (given the world wide situation)?​|
 +| @fred:​ | definitely|
 +| @fred:​ | especially in call centers|
 +| @henning:​ | yes|
 +| @miconda:​ | ok, good to hear!|
 +| @miconda:​ | next topic I had in list is about community announcement|
 +| @miconda:​ | this is practically about announcing related projects/​services to our community, when those are not commercial |
 +| @miconda:​ | so far we had a policy of allowing announcement about open positions (jobs)|
 +| @miconda:​ | and we also announced about siremis or other projects from time to time|
 +| @miconda:​ | but not sure if we have anything clear in this aspect|
 +| @miconda:​ | for commercial things there is business mailing list|
 +| @henning:​ | there was also the phone announcement recently|
 +| @miconda:​ | phone annoucement?​ I forgot or missed that ...|
 +| @henning:​ | saraphone?|
 +| @miconda:​ | ahh, right ...|
 +| @miconda:​ | so indeed, that is a perfect match|
 +| @miconda:​ | personally I am fine when a project is started/​launched,​ but probably not for every new release |
 +| @miconda:​ | I think is useful for community to know about such projects, but we have to set a limit not to get "​flooded"​|
 +| @henning:​ | initial announcement/​project started sounds good to me, more would be probably too much|
 +| @henning:​ | also for major/​established projects they have their own lists usually|
 +| @henning:​ |  * also for major/​established projects they have their own lists usually|
 +| @miconda:​ | ok|
 +| @miconda:​ | any topic that someone wants to discuss?|
 +| @miconda:​ | looks like we are pretty good in the features list, nothing major that we do not have and want to add ...|
 +| @henning:​ | I can give a quick update on the fuzzing project from me|
 +| @federico:​ | I have an enhancement in my whishlist but probably for the 6.0 release|
 +| @miconda:​ | Henning Westerholt: sure|
 +| @federico:​ | I'd like to overcome the limitation for which a tcp connection can only be handle by a single worker|
 +| @oej:​ | Got to go, sorry. Nice chatting with you all :-)|
 +| @henning:​ | ok, about the fuzzing: I restarted it with a new version of the fuzzer some month ago. I started two runs, one about server msg input, and one about cfg input|
 +| @henning:​ | the cfg one is on hold right now, after it found some issues (had no time to dig into it much)|
 +| @henning:​ | the main server one is running fine|
 +| @henning:​ | Summary stats|
 +| | =============|
 +| | Fuzzers alive : 3|
 +| | Total run time : 206 days, 3 hours|
 +| | Total execs : 406 million|
 +| | Cumulative speed : 67 execs/sec|
 +| | Pending paths : 2484 faves, 44094 total|
 +| | Pending per fuzzer : 828 faves, 14698 total (on average)|
 +| | Crashes found : 0 locally unique|
 +| @henning:​ | no crashes found 🙂|
 +| @miconda:​ | nice|
 +| @miconda:​ | the one for cfg is about syntax, need to sort grammar there|
 +| @henning:​ | yes, it mainly tries to crash the cfg parser, which is rather easy comparing to the sip one|
 +| @miconda:​ | looked a bit, but then diverged to other projects, because it is a start up issue with unusual syntax|
 +| @henning:​ | sure, it is nothing that normally is used in cfgs|
 +| @miconda:​ | federico: you are working on it, or just wanting to have it|
 +| @federico:​ | starting to looking at it and giving some thoughts|
 +| @federico:​ | nothing concrete, tough topic :)|
 +| @miconda:​ | right now probably you can dispatch it using send*() functions ...|
 +| @miconda:​ | we discussed at last kamailio devel meeting in dusseldorf that an architectural change might be needed for v6|
 +| @federico:​ | yes :)|
 +| @miconda:​ | so maybe after kamailio 5.4 we should plan the v6 jump|
 +| @miconda:​ | anything else?|
 +| @miconda:​ | or should we conclude here ...|
 +| @henning:​ | I think for the 6.0 topic we should have a developer meeting again|
 +| @fred:​ | Nothing else from me... would love feedback on how this experience (matrix) was vs. IRC.|
 +| @henning:​ | to better discuss and plan/​architecture etc..|
 +| @fred:​ |  * Nothing else from me... would love feedback on how this experience (matrix) was vs. IRC.|
 +| @henning:​ | if its possible again, of course|
 +| @henning:​ | Fred Posner: I liked it|
 +| @federico:​ | Fred Posner: I liked it too|
 +| @miconda:​ | Henning Westerholt: if traveling restrictions will be lifted :-)|
 +| @miconda:​ | sure we can plan for another face to face devel meeting and code most of 6.0 stuff :-))|
 +| @giavac:​ | @fre|
 +| @giavac:​ | Fred Posner: good experience, thanks again (apart the wrong Enter I just did :) )|
 +| @johann8384:​ | 👍|
 +| @miconda:​ | giavac: you can edit the message|
 +| @miconda:​ | ok ... we can consider the devel meeting finished|
 +| @miconda:​ | we will have a summary on the wiki page (hopefully, or just this transcript)|
 +| @miconda:​ | happy to see we do not lack anything critical at this moment|
 +| @giavac:​ | > <​@miconda:​>​ giavac: you can edit the message|
 +| | no, I can'​t... or I need to understand how :) |
 +| @fred:​ | I'll volunteer for the transcript again|
 +| @miconda:​ | and happy to see people look for improved architecture for future versions/​v6|
 +| @fred:​ | giavac: depends on the client youre using|
 +| @giavac:​ | > <​@giavac:​>​ no, I can'​t... or I need to understand how :)|
 +| | The pencil, of course! :) |
 +| @miconda:​ | 😁|
 +| @miconda:​ | now free discussion ...|
 +| @miconda:​ | if you know interesting news or funny stories from the industry :-)|
 +| @henning:​ | Thanks to all!|
 +| @miconda:​ | Thank you all, as well!|
 +| @fred:​ | thank you! Missing everyone this week.|
 +| @giavac:​ | Bye|
 +| @miconda:​ | everyone take care, stay safe and healthy!|
 +| @federico:​ | I have to go (not too far...just the ground floor)|
 +| @federico:​ | thanks and bye all |
 +| @lucianb:​ | bye all!|
 +| @federico:​ | stay safe!|
 +| @103:​ | i tried to sign up for an official matrix account on here but it's not letting me login. anything special i need to do?|
 +| @henning:​ | maybe just contact Fred Posner |
 +| @fred:​ | The homeserver isn't open for account creation; but the Matrix platform is federated... so for example, my Matrix account is on a homeserver we have at LOD. Others may have matrix accounts from or their own deployments.|
 +| @miconda:​ | @103 - if you are a registered developer (have git commit access) and need a matrix account, we will try to find a solution, just let us know. Otherwise, this matrix server is intended to be only the host for chat rooms needed by Kamailio project, it is not intended to public user registrations|
 +| @miconda:​ | besides, there are other public matrix servers that allow user registration,​ I found this page collecting some of them: https://​​matrix-publiclist/​|
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