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Install Kamailio (OpenSER) Debian packages from APT repository

IMPORTANT: The debian (and ubuntu) packages for latest Kamailio (OpenSER) stable version are available via APT repository hosted by kamailio.org - see details at www.kamailio.org/dokuwiki/doku.php/packages:debs

NOTE: versions v1.1.0 to v1.3.x can be found in the official Debian APT repositories. It is the version, package named openser, the build with no TLS.

NOTE: If you want to try Kamailio development packages for testing, you can find a debian repository here.

OpenSER 1.1.x to 1.3.x

Normally no changes to the debian package management configuration are necessary, if you want to use the packages it provides.


apt-get update
apt-get install openser

That's it.

To see all available packages for OpenSER do:

apt-cache search openser

To see details about OpenSER package do:

apt-cache show openser

Kamailio 3.0.0+


How about the message “WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!” How can I install the key with 'apt-key'? And where is this key? If anybody this, please include this info here and then remove this question.

To remove that you need to add the key with apt-key add. An easy way to do this using gpg is as follows: gpg –recv-keys <keyid>;gpg –armor –export <keyid> | apt-key add -

Key =

wget http://deb.kamailio.org/kamailiodebkey.gpg apt-key add kamailiodebkey.gpg Hope that help Rory @GTWCMT

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