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VUC: Kamailio – Asterisk

December 21st, 2009

Alex Balashov of Evariste Systems, active community member and contributer, running a VoIP consultancy business in USA, leads a VoIP User Conference about Kamailio, the role of Asterisk, the role of SER and media gateways, etc.

Among topics: relationship of Kamailio to OpenSER project history, what is Kamailio (OpenSER), SIP server (for certain purposes, such as registrar, presence user agent, etc.), common uses of Kamailio, service delivery platform engineering and Asterisk scaling using Kamailio, some discussion of initiative.

Almost 2 hours of recording, going from overview to deep technical concepts, I can even say, a great tutorial about Kamailio in some aspects.

More details and the podcast available at: