kamailio-3rd-partyProjects related to Kamailio (OpenSER), helpers to build and maintain SIP platforms, developed by members of the project team. Email us at sr-dev@lists.sip-router.org if you want to add new projects in this page.

SIREMIS Web Management Interface

SIREMIS open source project is an easy to install cross platform web management interface for admins of VoIP platforms based on Kamailio (OpenSER) or SIP-Router.org project. Details about installation as well as screenshots and a demo are available on the project web page at:

sip:provider CE

sip:provider CE is an open source out-of-the-box VoIP servicing platform for IP telephony operators targeting residential or SME customers. It uses Kamailio as its core of SIP routing, bundling it with a web interface for administration, user portal, billing engine, a.s.o. Installation is straightforward via deb packages or using provided images for VirtualBox or VMWare.


Inner project, located in utils/sercmd/ installs allong with SIP server, allowing to connect at runtime and interact with running instance (see online users, reload data, update parameters, …) – blog post about it.


Lightweight SIP media server (conferencing, IVR, SIP UA registration, transcoding), SBC and back-to-back user agent.


Web management and user interface for SIP Express Router (SER).


SIP Swiss Army Knife – command line tool handy to use to perform various SIP operations, from SIP UA registration to troubleshooting and stress testing.

Java SIP Servlet Application Server

WeSIP is a SIP and HTTP Converged Application Server built on top of KAMAILIO (OpenSER).

WeSIP adds a J2EE layer to Kamailio (OpenSER) so you can benefit from the existing Kamailio (OpenSER) modules and features, which already implement nice functionality like registrar,nat traversal, diameter authentication or radius accounting at blazing speeds,while at the same time enjoying the ability to develop and deploy new converged SIP and HTTP applications in an J2EE environment.

See project’s page:


IMS core prototype and reference implementation, built on top of SIP Router Project:


RTP relay server used for NAT traversal together with SIP Router instances:

Kamailio (OpenSER) Administrator

The mission is to provide a simple interface to Kamailio (OpenSER) that can be quickly and easily modified and upgraded. It is not designed to provide an interface for the customer, but is to be used only for administration duties. Ruby on Rails was chosen because it allows for rapid development and easy database abstraction.

See project’s page:

Kamailio (OpenSER) Config Generator

This is a web-based application that allows you to generate KAMAILIO (OpenSER) configuration file by choosing from a set of available templates. It is very good for those wanting a common scenario or a starting point to build own config.

See project’s page:

CPL Editor

CPLed is a cross platform editor for CPL (Call Processing Language – RFC3880) scripts. Kamailio (OpenSER) is an Open Source SIP server having full support for CPL – a language that enhance SIP server with programmable call routing features that can be managed by subscribers.

It can be used as a standalone application or embedded in a web page as applet. It also provide CPL script transport functionalities via SIP and HTTP protocols.

See project’s page:

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