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Large VoIP?telephony provider in Norway and couple of other European countries.

Core Network Dynamics

Solutions to access, control and services for mobile networks – EPC, IMS.

Core Network Dynamics


PRIVISIP is a free (as in beer) TLS/SIP service for your endpoint, pbx, or other sip device. Powered by Kamailio.



Global MVNO and VoIP service, one SIM with multiple telephone numbers from different countries.


Spanish telephony and unified communications provider.


SIP and Kamailio consultancy, trainings, support and development.

Asipto, Germany

Greenfield Technologies

Real time communications solutions and services.

Greenfield Technologies


World wide DID market place.

DID eXchange


Free SIP service since early 2000 with option to host personal domain.


One of the largest IP telephony providers in Germany.


Second biggest telephony operator in Germany.


Free SIP and WebRTC service – voice, video, instant messaging and presence.


Enswitch is a full-featured multi-tenant softswitch for commercial telephony services such as hosted PBX, residential ITSP, SIP trunking, calling cards and more. It scales to tens of thousands of concurrent calls and hundreds of thousands of users on a full redundant cluster. It includes extensive hosted PBX features, prepaid and postpaid billing, invoicing, a web interface for system administrators, resellers, and customers, and a complete JSON API. It’s in production with carriers around the world, from single machine systems running tens of users to systems with several hundred thousand users. It’s also used by enterprises as a corporate PBX where high scalability and redundancy are required, especially across multiple sites.


Telecom services and systems.

Nimvelo Phone

Internet phone service tailored for small businesses and start-ups, also having full REST API for integration with other services.

Nimvelo (Sipcentric Ltd)

FhG Fokus

Open communications research and prototyping.

FhG Fokus Research Insititute


Kamailio lies at the call processing core of CSRP, a high-performance SIP call routing, accounting, rating and LCR solution for SIP trunking providers, hosted PBX…

Evariste Systems LLC


Free SIP service with iNum and UK inbound numbers.

VoIP User Forum


IP telephony operator and MVNO in Germany.


Consultancy, development and trainings for Kamailio, Kazoo and FreeSwitch projects.

Xtra Telecom

Spanish telephony provider focused on enterprise market, offering SIP trunking services along with hosted PBX’s

Elastix – MT

Open source Linux distribution focused on VoIP and unified communications.

PaloSanto Solutions

Thirdlane Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX platform.


A mobile communications service – voice, chat, sharing, …

Orange Vallee


Commercial Kamailio support, consultancy, and hosting.

LOD Communications, Inc.


SBC products and SIP consultancy services.

Beneffy Telecom

US Based VoIP Phone Service Provider focused on Small Business and Enterprise Market, offering SIP trunking services along with hosted PBX solutions.


KAZOO is an open-source, highly scalable software platform designed to provide carrier-grade VoIP switch functions and features. Developers, system administrators, and telecom engineers can build flexible, reliable telecom services using the extensive KAZOO APIs.

Open IMS Core

Open source IMS core prototype implementation.

Smile Telecoms

Smile provides 4G LTE mobile broadband services.

Smile Telecoms

SIP:Provider CE

Open source platform targeting IP telephony operators, embedding Kamailio, SEMS and Asterisk, packaged with billing system, web interfaces for administrators and subscribers.

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