DownloadsMain download site for Kamailio® releases:

The shortcut to the tarball with sources of the latest stable release:

If you want to contribute with building packages for different distributions, please send an email to:

  • <sr-dev (at) lists . kamailio . org>
Installation Notes

For various installation guidelines, see the wiki documentation portal:

Linux and Unix Distributions
– Debian Packages

Debian and Ubuntu packages are provided via APT repository. The packages are signed with our PGP key with the fingerprint

E79A CECB 87D8 DCD2 3A20  AD2F FB40 D3E6 508E A4C8


– RPM Packages

CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE, …

Fetching Kamailio from source repository

GIT download and install of latest version of release 5.3.x:

  # git clone kamailio
  # cd kamailio
  # git checkout -b 5.3 origin/5.3
  # make cfg; make all; make install

If you want to clone only the branch for 5.3.x release series:

  # git clone --branch 5.3 --single-branch \
  # cd kamailio
  # make cfg; make all; make install

If some information in this page is erroneous, please send an email at:

< sr-dev (at) lists . kamailio . org >