DownloadsMain download site for Kamailio® releases:

The shortcut to the tarball with sources of the latest stable release:

If you want to contribute with building packages for different distributions, please send an email to:

  • <sr-dev (at) lists . sip-router . org>
Installation Notes

For various installation guidelines, see the wiki documentation portal:

Linux and Unix Distributions
– Debian Packages

Debian and Ubuntu packages are provided via APT repository, see details at:

– RPM Packages

CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE, …

Fetching Kamailio from source repository

GIT download and install of latest version of release 4.4.x:

  # git clone kamailio
  # cd kamailio
  # git checkout -b 4.4 origin/4.4
  # make cfg; make all; make install

If you want to clone only the branch for 4.4.x release series:

  # git clone --branch 4.4 --single-branch \
  # cd kamailio
  # make cfg; make all; make install

If some information in this page is erroneous, please send an email at:

< sr-dev (at) lists . sip-router . org >