Kamailio® and SIP Express Router (SER) projects encourage companies or individuals that offer products or other kind of solutions relying on any of the two, as well as consultancy, development or support services for them, to apply to be listed in our Business Directory.

If you are using any of the projects for offering VoIP, IP Telephony or other real time communications services, then you can get listed in the Used-By Directory (that can be done directly by yourself).

There are couple of rules that must be followed in order to be accepted:

  • your web page must clearly indicate at least one product or solution you offer is using Kamailio or SER SIP servers or you offer services for them
  • your description of services or products must be related to your offerings, without comparison or references to other similar services or products
  • the public attitude of your company must be fair in regard to the other companies involved in these projects or listed in the directory, in the spirit of good competition
  • be sure your text sent to be published doesn’t infringe any trademarks or laws
  • if any condition of these requirements is not met after the application was accepted, you will be removed from the list

The directory will be structured in two categories, each category being sorted in alphabetic order:

  • first category is with companies or individuals employing or being developers, documentation writers or supporting the project with various resources such as hosting servers or dedicated events
  • second category is with other companies and individuals offering services and products based in Kamailio

How to apply and manage your entry in the directory

  • send an email to <management [at] kamailio.org> with following details
    • company or individual name
    • web address (optional if email address is provided)
    • email address (optional if web address is provided)
    • geographical location – continent, country and eventual city
    • description of your offerings – maximum 3 paragraphs, all together not exceeding 500 characters. Content must be text (no links or images), only allowed tags being italic and underline for head of subsections.
  • your application will be evaluated by project’s management team
  • you will be notified about it in case the application needs adjustments to obey our requirements
  • any time you want to update the details, send another email