The Kamailio® Development Workshop is an event organized for project community and targets to present how to write your own code for Kamailio SIP Server.

Note that it is not a training for VoIP administrators looking to learn how to configure and operate Kamailio-based SIP-VoIP platforms.

During the two days in the workshop, following topics will be approached:

  • internal architecture
  • SIP parser
  • memory manager
  • locking manager
  • database API
  • config file language interpreter
  • RPC interface
  • pseudo-variables and transformations framework
  • internal libraries
  • module interface – write your own extensions in C as modules
  • exported C functions and the relations with routing blocks in kamailio.cfg
  • documentation docbook format

The next edition of Kamailio Development Workshop is planned to take place again in Alicante, Spain, during February 15-16, 2016. Based on interest, a final decision about organizing the workshop or not will be made latest on February 1, 2016.

The coordinator of the workshop will be Daniel-Constantin Mierla, of Asipto, co-founder of Kamailio project.

While this workshop is not about learning how to build Kamailio configuration file, knowing better the code behind the application can improve the understanding of how Kamailio does SIP routing and allows easier writing own extensions in C that can be optimized for speed and memory.

Number of seats to the workshop is limited and access will be granted in first come first served fashion. Registrations or requests for more details must be done via email at:

registration [at]

Announce your intention to participate as soon as possible in order to make the decision faster and organize properly the event!