On July 28, 2008, OpenSER was renamed to Kamailio

The OpenSER project and the community around it have grown considerably in the past three years. Because of its extensive development and high adoption rate, conflicting interests related to the OpenSER name and similar trademarks emerged.

Consequently, we have been forced to find a new name for the project that stands on itself and represent the project in its future expression.

Starting with version 1.4, OpenSER is called Kamailio®.  Existing OpenSER users can keep on enjoying the benefits of the best open source SIP server available on the market under this new name.

All project infrastructure like the website and mailing lists are accessible under the kamailio.org domain.

The SourceForge project and SVN repository are the same:

Kamailio is a hawaiian word. Kama’ilio means talk, to converse. It was chosen for its special flavour. It is hopefully easy to remember and the meaning fits well with the project purpose. We hope you like it too!

Updates about renaming, domain names and management are available in History page .

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