During the afternoon of the day before UC Expo in London took place the Present and Future of SIP Routing, event including talks about Kamailio (OpenSER) and SIP Router projects along with presentations of services and products based on these projects.

The event started March 9, at 14:30 and it was hosted at Sun Microsystems, 55 King William St, London EC4. The focus was to present updates about latest stable and development versions, along with use cases from business entities:

  • co-founders of Kamailio (OpenSER), members of Kamailio Management Board, to share updates about version 3.0 and future development
  • representatives of other open source SIP projects with latest news
  • companies using SIP or Kamailio (OpenSER)-based solutions to provide services or products, such as Truphone, VoIPUser.org, Gradwell, Voxygen, Asipto, Rebtel and Entanet.

Among participants from project community: Daniel-Constantin Mierla, Elena-Ramona Modroiu, James Body, Giacomo Vacca, Stefan Broddesson, Stanislaw Pitucha and Jon Farmer.

Draft of agenda:

  • Welcome!
  • The SIP Router Project session
    • From version 1.5.0 to 3.0.0
    • What is new in 3.0
    • New features in development version
    • New CLI and Web interface: sercmd and siremis
  • Business session – latest services, products and solutions
  • Open discussion
    • present and future roles of SIP routing
    • SIP and Social Networking
  • Ending remarks

After Event Remarks

We filled completely the 3 hours, continuing afterwards to an around-the-corner pub. Apologizes to those that sent registration emails during the day of the event, not succeeding to attend because we were not able to respond in time due to traveling. Next time we should plan such event much longer before it takes place.

The first part was about SIP Router Project, what is new in Kamailio 3.0 and development version (upcoming 3.1). Then Asipto, Gradwell, EntaNet, Rebtel and Truphone talked about their servicing platforms and latest offerings from their companies. Presentations will be available as we receive at:

Demos and discussions about latest trends in communications were nicely blended with English specialties once we moved out of Sun Microsystems premises.

Many thanks to Sun Microsystems and all participants for making this event possible.

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