The Kamailio SIP Server project organizes another edition of developers’ meeting during November 7-8, 2023.

The event is hosted by at their premises in Düsseldorf – the address:

sipgate GmbH
Gladbacher Str. 74
40219 Düsseldorf

A note on a related event: on the evening of the 7th of November we plan a public RTC meetup. Anyone involved in the RTC space can join the event, even when not participating to Kamailio Developers Meeting during the day. More details soon!

Purpose of the Kamailio Developers Meeting

The purpose of the event is to support the interaction between developers and to offer a great environment to work together on relevant topics related to the Kamailio project. It is intended for participants that want to write code for Kamailio and its tools or improve the documentation. There will be no formal presentations, only open discussions, coding or documentation writing sessions.

At the moment of announcement, the following active Kamailio developers and community members plan to join the event:

  • Alexandr Dubovikov
  • Andreas Granig
  • Daniel Constantin Mierla
  • Federico Cabiddu
  • Victor Seva
  • Markus Monka

We welcome other developers or community members to join us! Please join only if you want to work on Kamailio code or documentation during this two days. It is not an event for learning how to use Kamailio. is also sponsoring the event food and drinks during the days at the venue. The costs of the trip (traveling, accommodation, health insurance, visa costs, etc.) must be covered by each participant. However, if you need some support with your travelling expenses, let us know and we will try to find a solution case by case.

How to participate

If you want to participate then please send an email to <>, providing the following details:

  • subject: Kamailio Developers Event
  • if not having already a git commit access to Kamailio Github repository and you have not participated to a past developers event, then provider your full name and country of origin as well as add a short description of what you want to work on

Important note: if you need to get a visa to come to Germany, there is no invitation letter available, you have to take care of the entire process by yourself, without any document issued by Kamailio project or the host of the event.

The notification if your application is accepted or not is going to be sent within several days, the eligible participants will be accepted in the order of retrieval.

Based on feedback of the participants, we will try to plan and publish a more detailed agenda for the two days.

Topics To Be Approached

A selection of topics intended to be addressed:

  • review the module exports interface
  • review the progress of support for long type instead of int for config operations
  • Kamailio 6.0 – when and how it should look
  • TLS implementations (using libssl and libwolftls)
  • improvements to documentation
  • exporting missing functions to KEMI framework
  • review the use of internal libraries
  • control tools: kamctl vs kamcli
  • testing framework
  • new features

The previous edition of the event was organized in 2022 – its page is available here. During it, about 10 participants succeeded to unify the module interface, adding several other improvements — the two days resulted in about 100 commits to git repository.

Looking forward to those two intensive hacking Kamailio days in Düsseldorf!