Kamailio® Administration Team (KAT) is managing the development and operational resources required by the project. Its members are selected from the active community of the project which volunteer to offer their time or other type of resources for the benefit of Kamailio project.

Sensitive details (e.g., access passwords to various portals and servers) may be shared among the members of KAT, therefore the trust relationship among the members has to be the foundation of the KAT. The rules to accept or exclude members must be guided by this priciple.

The rules of the group and its members will be listed on kamailio.org in order to provide transparency and let the community members who can be contacted for various needs or matters related to the project.

Membership Rules
  • active participation in the ecosystem of Kamailio project:
  • Code development (C code, test cases) and documentation
  • involvement on mailing lists or other collaboration systems (irc channel, bug tracker)
  • supporting the project to organize and/or host related events
  • use of English language
  • fair and polite behaviour within the community
  • at least one year of developer access or two years of other type of engagement in the community
  • be proposed by an existing KAT member (initial members to be selected by the management board)
  • be known in person or via video conference by at least one existing KAT member
  • after being proposed, through a vote, the majority of the existing members of KAT have to agree on becoming a member
  • the management board can overrule an accept vote and deny membership of a new person to the KAT
  • the management board cannot overrule a deny vote and force the acceptance of a new person to the KAT
  • each member is elected for a term of two years
  • if the member is active during the two years term, then its membership is prolonged for another term if none of the other members is against
Rules To Exclude Members
  • if the member starts to be active in a competing project or other type of entity
  • if the member starts to have an aggressive behaviour within the community
  • if the majority of KAT members vote to exclude a member
  • if the management board decides to exclude a member
KAT Working Groups

KAT is organized in working groups (WG) created to cover the main areas of activity
related to project operations.

Each WG should have at least two members, otherwise its activity is taken over by another WG.

A person can be member of many WGs. Even when not in a WG, a member of KAT can still be involved if she/he can help.

Email: kadmin.team [at] lists (dot) kamailio (dot) org